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 - Goldstone Resembles GOLDSTONE, Calif. (UPI)-...
Goldstone Resembles GOLDSTONE, Calif. (UPI)- mong the' unsung heroes of America's spaceflights are 700 nen who sit out on California's ojave Desert in a terrain that ould be the surface of the icon with a couple of man- ade roads. They operate the 68-square- nile Goldstone Tracking Corn: ex, which is centered/on a ark white, 210-foot wide dish ntenna that' resembles a dwin Aldrin Jr. took their rst steps on the moon it was oldstone that picked up the olor television. When the two Tanner craft went swirling round Mars it was Goldstone hat intercepted the informa- Complex Of Moon tion on which scientists may decide whether there'is life on the Red Planet. In aSi «T surrounding space achieve ments, Harold Olsen and Tom Potter rank pretty low on the totem pole. They are two of the top executives at Goldstone and when the champagne and cigars were broken out at the -, •.-•-™:_i.t Manned Houston, Flight Olsen .Center . at and Potter JlCllild UlCHi i\rt«*i* »**"•»•• - — , otball stadium hoisted on a j settled for Deer. edestal. When Neil. Armstrong and NASA has 'tracking stations around the world but it times its shots so that Goldstone and its antennae are pointed toward the target when the critical moments occur. Last week Goldstone was tracking the flights .of six U.S. satellites, O _ -- „. j ,4.1,-. t-ttin four Pioneer craft and the two Mariners going into orbit around the sun 127 million miles away. Precision vs. Elements The clock at Goldstone is so accurate that if it had been started before Christ was born it would now be less than one second off. The giant dish at. Goldstone weighs 6 million pounds and floats on ,a layer of oil the thickness of two sheets! of paper. Its greatest threat is the desert wind and when the gusts reach a velocity of more than 50 miles the antenna has to be lowered to a horizontal position because it acts like the world's biggest sail. One of the producers of the TV series "Batman" became almost frenzied at the idea of DOG SHOW - Handlers give their dogs one last brushing before being called before the judge. The dogs were among 1,082 that par- ticipated In the annual Logansport Dog Show held at the 4-H fair grounds Saturday. (Staff Photo) Damage Suits To Be having the Masked Marvel climb through the girders of the great antenna bowl in a filmed fight with a villain. He told Potter he intended to put the pressure on NASA for such a spectacle but he has not been heard from since that time. So far, Goldstone has picked up signals from Mariner 4 from a distance of 216 million miles. It has the capabilty of of recording impulses from any planet in the entire solar system. Getting personnel to work on the complex 125 miles northeast of Los Angeles is the greatest problem. The temperature goes up into the 100 degree area and the biggest excitement outside the job is killing a rattlesnake. The town of Barstow is 50 miles away but it is not exactly a cultural center. One man drove halfway from Barstow to Goldstone, turned around and was never seen again. Beautiful Reception There are four other 85-foot •dishes" at Goldstone which under certain circumstances are more practical than the 210- foot bowl. But the farther away the satellite gets, the more effective is the giant antenna. For one thing, it can pick up the most complicated and numerous impulses that the smaller antennae cannot. The farther away the sending object gets, the more difficult it is to pick up fast impulses. Olsen, who has been at the Goldstone complex since Cal Tech's Jet Propulsion Laboratory signed a contract with NASA in 195S, explains it this way: "If you are way down the road and you yell hello to a friend you have to do it slowly. If you yell hello there Charlie! real fast he can't understand you. But if you yell hello there Charlie!, he can make it out." Plans are now underway for construction of two other 210- foot dishes in Australia and in Spain. Meantime, there is one big problem to overcome at Goldstone. The site is located so that ridges.of mountains cut off interference across the horizon. As a consequence, with the most sensitive antennae in the world, Olsea and Potter can't even pick up the commercial TV signal from Los Angeles and watch "Laugh-In." Rt Wednesday, be semester

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  2. 14 Sep 1969, Sun,
  3. Page 18

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