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 - P«9t C.l?-tNDgafl)ENT . *"· Television Log...
P«9t C.l?-tNDgafl)ENT . *"· Television Log KMXTI KAICtMMtf TUESDAY, JANUARY 16,1962 '·i-- PAID ADVERTISEMENT 5:45 2-- Farm Report; News . fcOOAJrt. 2-- College of Air. "New Biology -- Review" 4-- (Color) Contin. Classr'm: Contemp. Math (repeat) 630 2-- USC "Family in Money World." Prof. Feldman 4-- {Color) Contin. Classr'm: "American Government" (bicameralism- majorities) . 7:00 AJM. 2-- Captain Kangaroo 4 -- Today, John Chancellor 7:45 9-- Cartoonsville-- A-M. 8:00 AJ«. 2-- Panorama -Pacific. Red Rowe: Judy Canova, Charles Watts, Atilla Galumb 5-- AM-LA, Stan Chambers 7-- Chucko the Clown 30 5-- Morning Cartoons 11-- Susie, Ann Sothern 13-Cuidepost: Science (9-12) 9:00 AJM. 2-- Calendar, Harry Reas- oner.MaryFickett 4-- North Pole Revue 5-- The Jack LaLanne Show 7 -- I Married Joan. J. Davis 9-- Movie: "Hitler's Children." Children." Tun Holt. Bonita Granville ('43) 11-- The Princess. Pat Ulake 13 -- Public service Film 9:15 13-- G'depost: Soc. Studies (3) 930 2--1 Love Lucy. Lucille Ball 4 -- Highway Holidays: "Nat'l Orange Show" 5 -- Romper Room 7-- The Pioneers: "15 Paces to Fame" 11-- Yoga for Health 9:45 13-- G'depost: Soc. Studies (8) 10:00 AJM. 220 2-- The Verdict Is Yours 4-- Here's Hollywood. Jack Linkletten John Ireland, Helen Rose 7-- Seven Keys. Jack Narz 11-- Movie: "Personal Prop- Top Viewing Today 10 PJU.--ALCOA PREMIERE on channel 7. Robert Robert Fuller stars as an American agricultural college graduate trying to bring progress to the farmers of a Vietnamese village. Barbara Luna co-stars. AC rvAC KM KM»C KBIO ·n* i by TERIT/ VERNOH erty," Jean Harlow. Robert Taylor ("36) 250 5-- Telecopier News 2-- Chas. Collingwood (235) 4-- Sander Vanocur (£55) 3:00 PJ\I. 2-- The Brighter .Day 4-- Say When. Art James 5-- Dorothy Gardiner Show 7-- Queen for Day. J. Bailey 13-- Felix the Cat's Cartoons 3:15 2-- The Secret Storm 3:30 2-- Trie Edge o! Night 4 -- (Color) Play Your Hunch Guest: Albert Dekker 5-- Skipper Frank's Cartoons 7-- Who Do You Trust? 4:00 PJU. 2-- Amos 'n' Andy 4 DONALD O'CONNOR kr ANN BLYTH In "CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK" 7-- American Bandstand 9-- Cartoonsville-- P.M. 11-- Happy Patches 4:30 2-- Life of Riley. Wm. Bendix 9 -- Movie: "Young Stranger," James MacArthur. MacArthur. Kim Hunter. James Daly ('57) 11--3 Stooges, Don Lamond 4:50 7 -- American Newsstand 5:00 PJVI. 2-- Movie: "Winged Victory," Victory," Lon McCallister (part 2) 5-- Popeye, Tom Hatten . 7-- Abbott and Costcllo 11-- Superman, Geo. Reaves 13-- Flash Gordon, S. Holland 5:30 7-- The Soupy Sales Show 1 1-- Casper the Ghost rjt KMX-wond KFOX-Jaa KFk-Jtt IN KA9C-Nrw MOTHER-DAUGHTER TEAM ON TV Mrs. Jean (left) and Jena Engstrom A mother-daughter team daughter, appear on "The match TV emotions tonight The pair, Jean, the mother, and Jena Engstrom, the 11--Divorce Court, B. Welsh 13--Ski Show, Tom Maione 930 2--Ichabod and Me, George Chandler. Robert Sterling with Joanna Barnes 7--Yours for a Song. Bert Parks 10:00 PJM. 2--The Garry Moore Show with Alan King, Denise Lor, Miss America 4--Cain's Hundred, Mark Richman. Neville Brand, Marsha Hunt, Robert Vaughn 5--Clete Roberts Reports 7--Alcoa Premiere, Fred Astaire: "Hour of the Bath," Robert Fuller, Barbara Luna, Kara Tong, James Hong; New Breed" at 8:30 pjn, channel 7. Mrs. Engstrom portrays a wealthy woman who has adopted ababy. Jena, 19,plays KI the natural mother who is determined to get back her child. KABC-- NX-Be« KFI-- KABC-- KH-- KNX-- KGER-- KrU-RoMrt KNX-Boa KABC-- KFi-Andy KABC-- KABC-- KHJ-- KNX-- KNX-- KGER-Jom Mrs. Engstrom has been an actress since 1951 and appeared appeared in 52 plays. Jena, a professional actress for only a year, has appeared in 22 television roles, generally generally lead parts. The pair hope they eventually eventually will appear in a play, movie or on television in roles where they portray mother and daughter. "We've done so in our own home-filmed plays," said Mrs. Engstrom, "but they're hardly professional."' a * KNX-ftwi; (NNtwu KFI--Pat

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