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Delightful article about the unexpected visit of Greer Garson and Buddy Fogelson to Lubbock TX in Aug. 1950 as they drove from Dallas to their ranch in New Mexico. Page 1 with 'jump' to Page 10.

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Page Two cont'd Greer Garson visits Lubbock - Mom. Avaiancne, Trl, Aug. II, 1950 Greer Garson...
Mom. Avaiancne, Trl, Aug. II, 1950 Greer Garson Visits (Continued From Page One) she fell into conversation and proved to be even more charming than ever. As she posed with this reporter she began half-heartedly complaining about the fact that she "didn't look her best" after the long day's ride and proved to be the typical woman as she quickly primped before allowing the photographer to snap her picture. After one pose she remarked, "Well, he (the cameraman) is an old professional, I see he is going to take two shots to make sure. Maybe he should be in Hollywood." As the interview progressed the extremely likeable personality which motion picture goers know so well became more and more evident. Miss Garson, who has just returned from England where she recently completed filming of a sequel to "Mrs. Miniver" entitled "The Miniver Story," joked about the fact that while she was a native Scotsman she had fallen in love with Texas. "The Miniver Story" which is scheduled for release sometime in October co-stars Miss Garson again with Walter Pidgeon and two other members of the original "Miniver" cast. Reginald Owen and Henry Wilcoxen. "Of course there are several of those Britishers in the picture also," she added. The broad "A" and the trilling Scotch thistle which is very evident in Miss Carson's speech brings to mind kilts and bagpipes. When asked about ranch life, Miss Garson immediately perked up and for the remainder of the interview she chatted very enthusiastically about the Forked Lightning and its colorful history. Likes Western Life "I have really learned to like this western life," she stated. "Since last year when Buddy and I were married and I first came to the ranch it has been nothing but the most pleasant sort of fun to live there. "I really am quite mad about the place," she added, and went on to tell of how she-had helped with the harvest when she first arrived. Familiar Wilh Texas One of the most interesting aspects about the beautiful star was her knowledge of Texas and of ranch life in general. She recently purchased some purebred Scotch shorthorn cattle in Perth, Scotland and is bringing them to the Forked Lightning. "I hope to be able to start a herd right there on the ranch and continue the breed for show purposes," she said. Her husband, who then joined the group mentioned the fact that some of the finest cattle in the world came from West Texas, In connection with her comments on her plans for breeding stock, she inquired if there were any large fairs held around here. She was told the the annual Panhandle-South Plains fair is held each fall here. The topic turned again to Hollywood and to the glamorous screen life which she led and Miss Garson laughingly confided that she seldom thought about Hollywood while not actually making a picture, "I'm afraid the public wouldn't be very conscious of me if it weren't for the fact that Metro- oldwyn-Meyer studio keeps a stable full of publicity agents," she said. Then she revealed that in spite of the fact that most big lame stars have their own publicity agents, she didn't even have one. At present she is on a six-months leave of absence from her studio. Moviei Made Faster Miss Garson expressed -her de- ight that movies were being made ;o much faster these days. Her riain interest, as was evident :hroughout the interview, was spending more time on the ranch and she felt that faster filming of pictures would give her more time 'where I really belong." As the reporters continued the chat Miss Garson rapidly became 'just an ordinary person" whose delightful manner and quick smile added to the pleasant conve^sa- t'on. When asked if this was her first visit to Lubbock she replied that t was and said however, that her •Risband has mentioned it many imes. She noted that he had told her just before they came into :o\vn that she would like it. Has Compliment For City "He impressed on me that this vould be a good town for a young man to get a start in, and it really does seem nice. I only wish we could stay longer and get better acquainted." Her husband has extensive oil nterests in Scurry and Midland counties. She remarked that al- hough she was fast becoming acquainted with names like Mid- and and Snyder and other oil centers, her maid still was rather confused. "Just recently on the ranch she came in hnd rather incredulously nnounced that a Mr. Midland from Texas was calling on the phone," she laughed. As the interview closed Miss Garson was asked about her next oicfure and she immediately relied, "Oh by all means I must do western, i hope they called it Trieeer Garson in Smoking Barrels'" was her merry comment bout future film olans. She held her hands up as though loldins twn euns. Hnx New Car Nothing would do but the re- orters then come and look at ier new "Christmas" nresent •> Tand new 1950 custom built Oldsmobile with a special gold inish. As the gracious lady who has opeared in such films as "That ''orysthe Woman." "Julia Misbe- aves," and "The Valley of Decision," as well as the long remem- ered "Mrs. Miniver" for which h* won the Motion Picture] ionnratulatioiis Mr. anrt Mn. Harold D. Vincent. Id* lou, on btrtb of & son veltUnr • pound* ounces at 5:40 a. m. Thursday to flt. M»rj'» bouriUL The tathtr li a carpal tei. Mr. and U». X. B. PuUa>. 1630 ATI. 0 on birth of a daughter welchlnc 9 pounds 5% ounces at 7:02 *. m. Thursday In Lub bock Memorial bofipltaj. Trie lather Is IJneroan. Mr. aBd Mrs. W. H. Bro»ch. Jr., IfW Ave. O. on blrtb of a SOD welEblnz pounds 8 ounc«s at 4:33 a. en. Thursday tn Lubbock Memorial hospital The father Is a carpenter. Mr. and Mrs. Klrby Green Pa»e, 3303 Twenty-tint, on bath of a ion velxhln 7 pounds g ounces at 8:04 p. m. Wednei day In Abell clinic-hospital. The fathe: Is at Reese ATS. Mr. and Mri. W. J. Cochran. 803 Are nue X. on the birth of a baby clrl, pounds 9 ounces, at 2:25 a. m. Thursday In West Texas hospital. The father wortj for the West Texas Gas company. Mr. and Mn. Waldo Cox. Abernathy. on blrtb of a son. t pounds 13 ounces at 5:20 a. a,. Thursday In Porter cIlnlc-hosplUL The father world for the Southwestern Public Service company. Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Vincent, Malou on birth of a son Telihlni t pounds 2 ounces at S;4Q a. m. today In St. Mary's hospital. The lather Is a carpenter, Safe Burglars (Continued From Page One) Twentieth, are in Europe on vacation. They left July 15. In charge of the office were three employes: J. G. Wadsworth, a real estate salesman of 2511 Twenty-fifth; L. M. Pastor, salesman of 2323 Thirteenth, and Mrs. C. D. Boyd, bookkeeper of 322 Ave. W. Mrs. Boyd told Boling she "definitely locked the safe" before leaving the office about 5 p. m. Wednesday. She said she was the only one in the office who could open the safe—"even with the combination." • "Not even Mr. Wilbanks car open it," she said. Safe, Office Locktd Wadsworth recalled that Mrs. Boyd closed the safe and "flipped" the catch on the door leading to the corridor when she left. "It was a habit of hers—just lo be sure that anyone leaving later wouldn't forget and leave the office open," he said. Wadsworth said he left at 5:30 p. m., after pulling down a win- low, turning off a light and pulling shut the door to the corridor. The two other doors, opening into adjoining offices, were locked when the officers investigated. One has a catch lock inside Wil- 3anks' office, the other a key hanging on the wall near it. The key was in plai:e. Door Jam Damaged Wadsworth fitted his key into the door opening on the corridor at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, he told the detective and the patrolmen. "I realized then that the door was not locked. I could see light through a place in the door jam, so just pushed the door open and could see immediately that the safe was open and papers scattered on the floor in front of it." The place in the door jam, officers found, had been made by an instrument such as a crowbar or a screwdriver. But the instrument did not damage—apparently did not touch — he door beyond, McCurry said. ,And it was two inches higher han the door's lock. Contonti Rifled The money and at least one iheck were taken from personal japer files and from the daily cash eceipts box, Envelopes containing notes and layments credited to them had reen systematically rifled, Mrs. Boyd said. The notes reflect Wilbanks' trading in used automobiles, loans made through his Hub Finance company, and renting of 40 apartments he owns here, office em- ployes said. Checking was being continued to determine whether all notes were in place, and whether any other checks and accounts were missing. No fingerprints apparently were left on the safe or office furnishings. Blast furnaces of Luxembourg now require more than half-agate as much iron ore as its domestic mines can supply. tinued ranch. Academy of Arts and Sciences annual "Oscar" award for being the most outstanding actress in 1943, walked to her car she con- to chat gaily about her Aiks About Hail Her husband asked reporters the direction to Clovis as Miss Garson continued to talk away. "Oh yes," she said, "there is one thing I do want to find out about. Buddy told me once that he had seen hailstones as large as tennis balls near a place called Muleshoe. I believe that's some more of this Texas tall talk," she laughed. When assured that such a thing had been known to happen she hastened to apologize to .her husband in a joking manner and then he said "come on Rusty, you'll stand there talking all night," she turned and got into the new car and the trio drove out of Lubbock on their way to the Forked Light- nine ranch. Back in the hotel, waitress Laverne Crisp who had served the narty said she was very surprised to find the star at her table. "Why she acted just like any normal person," she said. Miss Garson dined on a filet mignon and the two men ate KC steaks* Ralph Lacy, the host at the hotel dining room, said Fogelson had come into the dininp room about five minutes before his wife and Baren to make the reservation. The first indication of the star's presence here came from an unknown male caller to the Avalanche. He reported someone who 'looked very much like Miss Garson" was dining at tiie hotel and upon investigation his tip proved correct. The man, dining with bis wife, stepped to the phone and called the Morning Avalanche to ask if Miss Garson wai in town. The man, who said he was a Lubbock resident, refused to identify himself: because at first he wasn't sure by budget set hearing ask the or during is to the also mileage (One of of of (320 day acre city largest flow expected than protect a or any 21st East avenue to to addition; S to to 26th Knoxville, this preparation and will laid surfacing will now loud first lease well will for rental area tract following south west and repair who on A

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  • Page Two cont'd Greer Garson visits Lubbock — Delightful article about the unexpected visit of Greer Garson and Buddy Fogelson to Lubbock TX in Aug. 1950 as they drove from Dallas to their ranch in New Mexico. Page 1 with 'jump' to Page 10.

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