New type of US Submarine

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New type of US Submarine - S. WITH 77 SHIPS, REVEALED BY NEW OCEAN -...
S. WITH 77 SHIPS, REVEALED BY NEW OCEAN - CROSSING SUBMARINE NEW YORK July 14 Tha United States navy has seventy seven tub - marines Eight of them can go across In I the Atlantic ocean at the rate of eight (knots sn hoar without a single stop of to replenish fuel We have ten un - aer construction mac can uo mm voy age at eleven knots an hour Four of these are nearly ready to launch It will take a lot of pondering to bring home to tne ordinary citisen In de le - the be are and of of I It may be the stated tint Just what that means. Perpend means that we have right now at this very moment enough submarines to go abroad and raise Cain with any one who deserves It We shall have actually In commission and ploughing the salty seas within a few weeks a much bigger fleet of undersea boats, capable of prostrating the navy of any enemy But this is only half the story - We soon shall have three giant submarines of the Admiral Ben ley type, 260 to 200 feet long of 1 100 tons dis placement, able to ran from three to four thousand miles without replenish lng fuef'at the rate of fourteen knots an hour" They will carry forty - officers and men as against the eighteen found on the ordinary submarines These big fellows will travel with the fleet asking no oddi up of speed to let them catch up They will be right there all the time where - eer the battleships may be and when action begins they will close the hatches that have filled them with sweetness and light and fresh air while on their way fill their ballast tanks droo down part way into Day Jones locker and proceed to send the enemy ail the waj there with torpedoes Th s the Day of the Homely Waspish SuDmanne ne to look the declaration 1 that the day of the battle The homely and waspisn It is til the face ship i ulte linor ii nighty s l Illy i ind the they 11 n II hereafter get in battle ys both when the nlm flkhtlna: I UillPHM The big fell wh thut I ncia Sam ii is buildii g are n alctilate i to go Into the the strafe 1 unities and biltche: dreds of innocent men women and ugh hlldren Thev will hae speed nd law the oysterman rowing for shore where he set out at a wonderful Blmon Lake dldn t go ashore until next day He found a store at out a mile Inland and when he told how he came down from liiltlmore the store keeper said "Lucky for j ou you dldn t follow Jim Faulkner ashore last evenln He aid he waa tongln when he see a blck buoy goln past swlmmln against the tide Thought he must he sick or somethin and then he smelt brlmstun Thought the old Hoy must bo round somewhere, so he Jumps In the skiff and lets out all speed didnt climb out the hatch and halt him Say Jim had half a dozen of the neighbors at the turn of the road with shotguns and rifles hunttn the Devil and If you d come ashore you d a sure - But those ancient days are long past The submarine Is now one of the most practical works of man The eighteen submarines authorised by congress to be built this year at a cost of $660 000 each will have everything that the ingenuity of man has been able to con trlve to make the craft a perfect de stroyer The new big world girdling submarines of the Admiral Schley type authorized by the last congress will cost II 500 000 each Htds on them will be - called for within two months or so With the putting of these In vVASHIVGTON July 24 The best of the submarines in the Lnlted Btales navy have a theoretical steaming ra dlus of 4 000 to 6 000 miles This means that these delicate underwater boats In aji emergency woull be expected to take on board an extra s ippb f fuel and equal the known ut earning per formances of any submarine No American aut marine haa f er been subjected to a test requiring it to make its full steaming radius 1 he reason for this is that there hus not at am time been occasion for hi ply ing so severe a test In actual steam lng New I the dents later on i f to serif shi the naval they have They wall of time nled their j' fiom Not the made r Is 1 i are that have being latter German vel and Amcr Kr i one for si 1 our ithe I that I navy rlnes h A ti that

Clipped from
  1. The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette,
  2. 25 Jul 1915, Sun,
  3. Page 39

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