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1895 Earthquake NJ, NY, PA and DE. - TMalmay - condition.- con- brother- ferry- a nm- Bam-this...
condition.- con- brother- ferry- a nm- Bam-this Rlv- twen- luua uiaiiuo uiii iatiL.ii Earthquake Causss FriIit, but no Damnr. r FIRST FELT : IN JERSEY Then It GiTe t Shaidrj to: 'Ner-- 'Ner-- 'Ner-- Ycrk.PeassjlTatii, kri Dclafirj. PEOPLE TOSSED FEOH ' TE02 1 EEC In Thia City Few , Knew : that tha Shaking "Was Not Caused by Heavy Trmckv f MOTELS IN BROOKLYN TREMBLED . . 1" .... . . ;.!;!:. Wlndaws Brakes ass Crockery? ; Hmrletl trmm fthelves -A -A CI tl sea's Report ' tha Pollee. i1 1 - ' Thrice; the earth trembled and Ntw-YorK. Ntw-YorK. Ntw-YorK. ' slept - on, - A Sunday morning' i earthauaka ... - , ; , could not aronse It a quake that first shook . Jersey, caused ectlona of Pennsylvania, t quiver and. going over j to Long Island. Jarred Brooklyn's : tall j buildings on the Heights, and, ruthlessly j tumbled i country: folks out of bed at ft o'clock yesterday . morning. : j j . Few persons In New-York New-York New-York can tell arty, thing about the seismic disturbance, because because here It was not powerful enough ta poll a day of rest f. : ; . Mr. 8mlth, who presides In thej weathee eyrie when Air. Dunn Is taking" rest, however, tell all about it. and he says thai a rumble and a shook disturbed New Jersey, Jersey, repeated Its performance on Manhattaa " Island, and travelled across Long Island to tha sea.:.- sea.:.- " M. i I . , . .j -I -I - -; -; Although there are several buildings within within the city limits which have been recently reported unsafe by the Building Department and have required shoring up to prevent them from failing, no damage of any kind ' . .. i j. , was reported by the police, r- r- i i, !-" !-" !-" 7 . The only rellabie'testmio'njras to; the pres. enca of the earthquake here at all was given by a man living inj West Thirty-seventh Thirty-seventh Thirty-seventh 8treet who called alt Police Headquarters In the early morning, before the: news of the -damage -damage In Jersey reached this city,- city,- and mentioned casually; to the. police officials officials that ha had been awakeaed about o'clock ! and had fancied he ! had felt a slight shaking of hia house. He' was un- un- I ' ' : j ii 1 . - certain,! however, whether he had really - I ... i . s j. i : noticed anything or had merely dreamed of a shock, and the matter was thought of no i ' - T : more - until the news of the affects of the I earth,ia'" In Jersey and Long Island filtered ra during the-course the-course the-course oE the day. J i 1 i ' ;' 1 1 Very, few people la Harlem noticed the ... I s .. earthquake. Only one man could be found ' 1 . ': s a : 1 who had felt the shock. He- He- was 'a Call-- Call-- Call-- ! . v 1 - - r i : lorn Ian., used to tha rumbling and shaking of Mother Earth, and he:UvesJln boe'Hun- boe'Hun- : i : i j ! - dred " and Twenty-ninth Twenty-ninth Twenty-ninth Street. between 1 i 1 I - j ; Lenox and Seventh Avenue! He said b had faiwtha shock about 6 o'clock 'whUe dosing.; v - , j . ; j j - ! " " ' '. i i f" : ! When he wens to various friends ta com .. j i ; pare notes he waa laughed at for: his pains. HEW-JERIEri HEW-JERIEri HEW-JERIEri HARD jSHAKIXG. ! 1 Houses Swayed afore than an Iaeh 1st - 'm Height of Fifteen Feet, j ENGLEWOOD, N. jj SeptiL-lThe SeptiL-lThe SeptiL-lThe sels-'' sels-'' sels-'' mio phenomena in New-Jersy':were New-Jersy':were New-Jersy':were not violent violent or alarming, though -well -well marked as to time, duration, direction, and oscillatory power, j The 'quake came when ' the ! early morning was of crystalline purity and ideal temperature., The sky was cloudless, the atmosphere clear and serene, and -the -the storm had brought a coolness that hadlAutumnal suggesUona.. - ". ;f . , ' ; ' : ! . j . 1 While the percentage of those Who uoted that mother earth bad asserted herself and cried " Memento! " to a ripple jot energy was small, it should be remembered thai the demonstration waa at a tima when all aleep soundly," especially on Sunday and that the sleep-wake sleep-wake sleep-wake In neighborhoods where there Is road traffic, railroad service, and lasting does not differentiate nolie. or 1 ImmiKU - a.- a.- t . I bi ,ulf Vh the calendar., : Many Interesting observations were, how ever, made at Englewood, especially- especially- by villa rest del ta on the1 low sand spur which runs . from the William Walter Phelps estate estate along the Tenafiy Road to Tenafly. ' The spur ht a ridge a little more elevated than the line of the Northern Railroad and is considered of peculiar geological formation, formation, because it does not seem to be keyed up to the trap rock of the Palisades. where foundations are excavated for houses, and because of isothermal discoveries made la sinking weOs at different points of the spur or ridge. ; ; j ' ; . The moat complete details of the convulsion convulsion were observed by Dr. Isaac W. Lyon, who Uvea on the Tenafiy Road, near Palisade Palisade 'Avenue. Dr. Lyon slept on the second floor of his villa tn a bed with Its head to the west Ha became accustomed to earthquakes earthquakes In California and was natu'aljy alert to note all Important features. J I was awake at the time of the shocx. he said, and therefore better able to note

Clipped from The New York Times02 Sep 1895, MonPage 1

The New York Times (New York, New York)02 Sep 1895, MonPage 1
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  • 1895 Earthquake NJ, NY, PA and DE. - TMalmay

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