Sandusky wine used to launch the S-DN NY, covered in Sandusky, OH

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Sandusky wine used to launch the S-DN NY, covered in Sandusky, OH - FIRST DIP ·DAUGHTERS OF TWO CONGRESSMEN FIGURE...
FIRST DIP ·DAUGHTERS OF TWO CONGRESSMEN FIGURE IN LAUNCHING OF DREADNAUGHT NEW Hommel Wine Company Representative Representative In New York Attends Ceremony. FIGHTING MACHINE IS MOST POWERFUL BUILT With Sister Ship Texas She Soon Be Ready For Commission, SANDUSKY WiNE USED ; * When the great dreacjnaugnt j * New York was launched Wednes- j * day, American wine was used for I * the first time, it is c.'-aimed. in the j "- christening. Not only this, but it I * was Sandusky champagne, the * product of the M. H o m m e l W i n e * Co. The silver bott'e ho'der suit- * * ably engrsved, was made by tne * * Henry Dear's' Co., of Sanuusk^. * * Miss Elsie Calder. d a u g h t e r .1 * * Congressman Wil'iam H. Calder, * ' of Brooklyn, was spo"sor and to * * her the bottle-holder was present- * * ed bv the Hommel company. Miss * . , * Kathleen Fitzgerald, daughter of * m S«; heavy frost: Thursday uir * Congressman Fitzgerald, was flow- * * er girl. * The Hommel company officials * Miss Elsie Calde' and Miss THE W E A T H E R Forecast Fair and colder to- a. m. 4 _ , one j * received from Captain A'bert * i * Cleaves, commandant of the * ' " Brooklyn navy yard, a handsome- * J "* engraved invitation to attend the * i * launching, and was represented by * * its New Yo r k agent. * j * * * * - l . * * * * * * * * 1 Temperature at } ear ago 53 Sun nes Thursday at 6 01 a. m . and sets at 4.JS p, m., (standard (standard time) * * * * * * * * * * TQ! NEW YORK. Oct. 30.--The newest! ' and greatest fighting machine of the j United States navy, the dreadnauglit' Xew York, was today successfully j launched at the Brooklyn navy 3aid, j splashed with a bottle of champagne ^ of Anieiiran make, in keeping with the » POLLS ,' fact that SQ e was built in an American j 'navy yard under government supei-' vision I The launching di ew to the navy yard I a notable gathering of distinguished ' persons Among those on the launch- ! James Schoolcraft 1 Sherman · Not Expected To Rally From His Illness. I L. t *i P *!*· I rOUnu ulllliy ID I I R A F M I A I A Y Q U R A E M I A L A Y S the New i. Pn||pt T n f l m / S UOUrl -- 10 Uafry H A N D UPON SUFFERER Case Higher. 3. L Grimes, found guilty Wednes- ing platform w e i e Secretars Meyer | day morning in mayor's court of vio- and other high officials of the navy t jating the health board resolution pro- department, a congressional Jelega- hibituig the sale of ice cream from tion, Governor Di\ of Xe\ York and wagons m anything except a closed his staft. Mayor Gaynor and m a n y , receptacle, v-as siveu the limit mso-i other invited guests , far as a fine ^ ag COIlcerned . wnen The gigantic battlehip slid down the i Mayor Lehrer assessed him $100 and! tallow-greased ways with the liehtness' costs- Attorney H. L. Pecke repre-! of a frail lifeboat As the hig flasr-, senting Qrimes, filed a motion for a bedecked h u l l started tmva.ds the w a t - , new tml alld a ffloti0n .,, arrest of er, MISS Elsie Calder, diu^htcr of Rep- judgment. The motion for lesentati^e William H. Calder, of Brooklyn, lwol\e a gayly beribboned bottle of American w me against the a new | trial nas e\erruied but the attorney' gave notice of appeal, and the case j will be carried to the higher court, i steel piow and spoke *ords that ga\e Grinles bond and re i eas ed. , the vessel its name Mi?s Calder was 'attended bj Miss Kt'tUeen Fit/.gerald. I daughter of Representative John J. is? of the giant ship )f the East rive- was 1 aters Attoiney Peeke, at the start of t h e ' , hearing, stated that at the time the · health board amended the ice cream; I resolution, he told Grimes to stop j i selling ice cream the day before the' resolution went into effect. He sa Hyperdermic Medication Used Today To Ease Pain Of Dying Official, UT1CA, N. Y.. Oct. 30--Vico President Sherman this afternoon lapsed into a condition of coma, and his death may occur at any moment. This was announced in a formal bulletin from the bedside bedside of the stricken man. The last hope that the vice president might improve at least slightly was shattered when the involved condition of his kidneys failed to respond to remedial measures, and and it was announced uraemia laid deadly hold on the patient. Hvnerderinic medication has been city and employed throughout the day to the signal for a deafening roar, from h y£ad'no dou"bt but tharGrlmes sold thc vlce President's suffering and this, factciy and ship whistles, intermingled , ce cream contrarv to the terms of the together with the ravages of Bright's lastic cheers from the . resolutlon d u nug"the publication per- dls ease. has produced a condition of after that, Grimes obeyed, coiuplcte unconsciousness. i Dr Peck said Sherman was gradual- Taylor and Moltz, wit- i . I y failln S and death would come to- with isth and gradually towed to her mooring near Cob dock. The battleship New York and her ready ' sister ship the Texas, now neann o e «lei M ^ L i U f l til. i N e ^ ' t U l l . ^ N L ' V . - ? , \\ j Con-ilarse-r and more powerful than m he warships now afloat. It was deemed at Conneaut c question -.. , -- - - - - - - - - was of ' M the highest skill of the shipwright .-esiand naval desig'.er should bear the ,-lans ! names of t**«o warships w h i c h covered {themselves v.ith doiy during the Span- and ' ish-Ameiitan war. "Bull . The Xew York when in commission get I-" 1 ' 1 W 1 " h a i o a rip 1 -, nesses for the prosecution, testified n i ? n t or tomorrow. that they both saw Grimes selling! Dr. Peck is constantly at the bed- vhat appeared to them to be ice Slde of t:ie patient and the ruembeis the resolution became effective Rifhaitl and Thomas. zVs in the Sber- Grimes m his testimony, denied sell- man home awaiting for the summons . r n n r ,,. t h _ j t v , p , ~ * ,, _ Q , p-n,,].,.-, I «J-nuts ui nib u-oiimon,y, ueuiea sen- ; : r - · - · - · - = -·"""- --~-appropriate tnai tnese two exempiais /. r pnm mntrirv tn th P r»= to th e si k chamber which they so ."f t h p -nsr-ipst Rk-iii nf thm ciiimvrivi.f 5n s all ' / lce cream contrary to tne res- - ·;' .=·* olntion since it went imo effect. He ( l l f a d ' ltu u h i c h the reahze 1S m ' Snnday t w o weeks n n i t a u l e Xo "-ISHOSS are received be- will be manned bv smv-three offirr-s ·'"'« ^'» b a ^ o a c^v/of more tiinn ' p p p t ' t o r - i 1000 men Sh 1 is "if!." feet long, l) | on that he met Grimes SPTH i. According to his t^at ^ 2 "5 S in.'Lcv beam, so that sne'ttil! \ tcs . t , 1 . m ?," 1 - G rlm , rs s aicl ideals in |ha*-e almost 15 feet to ^-pare in passing in through the Pang ma mal locks AVith their l l ! ncr stores aboard t h e Xew Yoik " e11 - ve w h v out clon l tnnp. or · ' w i l l dJs] laoe about JS.Oofl - 11000 tons more t'-an tin k'r^e?' battleship battleship now fly;n~ the Amen an flac i One of the featiue.s w h i c h a t t i a i t e d ' t h e a t t e n t i o n of the spertatois at the I launching was the peculiarly shaped intend to keep . Gnmos. tcsrSfym ron- ' yon arrest ~mz" ice cream all ov- gomg out aea'n nnd rigtit on selling it." Sherman and her three sons. Tr Jane-nay, of Xew York, and Dr. Elsnei. of Syiacuse, both of whom luxvo been called into consultation z the ten days, confirm Dr. no doubt that reply, said he. Rpeder and that the e a-te-ie« ind th. th. '!'.{.« aU%eri- neaft are a " Se " (Continued on page sr.) HP said all the ire cream he so'rl a f t n r that, w a s disposed of in the countrv. ouslv y complicated situation would or after election. , It w a s suggjfed by prominent

Clipped from The Sandusky Star-Journal30 Oct 1912, WedPage 1

The Sandusky Star-Journal (Sandusky, Ohio)30 Oct 1912, WedPage 1
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  • Sandusky wine used to launch the S-DN NY, covered in Sandusky, OH

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