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 - DISPATCH Monday, July 16,1973 Winners ard Unit...
DISPATCH Monday, July 16,1973 Winners ard Unit Returns from Mojave unit o* the with the objective to see if a units. This year the 1st Bn., Sgt. Heinte said temperatures _„_,_, .Gttardtsiwme battalion training independent issth Field ArtiHety, of the reached 130 degrees during the 6«Bii»e!I2etol3(Wegr«eheat d the rest of the brigade can California National Guard training exercises "but it was so of €*li£arala's Mojave desert, outperform other battalions competed against the Arizona dry, the heat didn't seem to anaisinpossessieaof the prized training sn lockstep fashion. battalion, challenging last bother us. it was a very sue Sgt. Heinle said results of this year's results, test won't be known for months. The second and third days but that he believes the bat- included simulated gas attacks taliort ranked high. and fire missions. , First 4&y of the test involved Throughout both days, the convoying out of Fort Irwin, howitzers blazed away on fire setting up of the battalion and missions while evaluators from firing the 155's. Fort Carson, Colo., watched the "Five miles away across the performance, blistering dunes, giant A tactical night move of M mushrooms of dust rose miles on July- 11 concluded the periodically followed by the major portion of the test, rumble of thunder signifying the iropact of rounds five miles away," according to Sp 4 Dick LeMoine of Mesa who described the exercise. "Each round, weighing about 100 pounds, exploded close to Three persons were injured, target In spite of sweltering none seriously, as me result of a desert conditions, the 180th rear-end collision at Five Points zeroed in successfully on day intersection about noon Friday, one," he said. P° !ice ***<*Last year the 180th competed , A southbound car driven by successfully against California Eleanzar Cornet of Coolidge • struck the rear of an auto driven , "LHtte Brown 3ug" trophy Dignifying > an outstanding • perliriBance at summer camp. lite Casa Grande unit, Bat- testf BafthetstBn., 180th Field Artillery, returned home over ite weekend after two weeks of traiuing at Ft Irwin, Calif. - Four officers and 64 enlisted meamadeupthe battery which moved into desert action with the, three oth«r batteries making up Ihe battalion, in- cttidiiiig Headquarters and Hea*puu1firs Battery of Mesa; A Battery of Chandler and C Battery of Tempt'. AB informal but hotly contested trophy over the years has . bewtb* 'IJttle Brown Jug" for the most outstanding performance each year at summer camp among die four batteries. "It came home to Casa . Grande this year strapped on the bood of the CO's Jeep/' said S 143 Lewis Heinle, administrative and supply technician, the only full-time Guardsman with the local unit. He said ihe batteries have been passing it around ;n competition every year since the«arly 1960's. "We're pretty proud. It's -quite a deal for our unit. B Battery has had it four or five times, but A Battery in Chandler' won ft test year," Sgt. Heinle said. The Battery's trucks and other wheeled vehicles were driven in motor convoy to Fort Irwin, but the 455 mm howitzers remained at the Armory in Casa Grande. Instead, Hie unit was issued six Army howitzers for training purposes, a full complement, as compared to the three with which the battery trains here. , A major part of the summer training program for the bat- Auto Collision Injures Three cessful two weeks, with no injuries, and we were very pleased with the training." Battery B's commanding officer is Capt. Manuel Davila of Phoenix.- Other officers are 1st Lt, Dpwey Powell, Casa Grande, the executive officer 1st Lt, Robert Sedillo. Phoenix and formerly of Casa Grande, assistant executive officer; and 1st Lt. Robert Sedillo, Phoenix; Casa Grande, forward observer. Dennis Linley of Casa Grande is Battery first sergeant. Courts Continued B, without . required William speeding. fair Trials Said Unlikely NEW YORK f AP) — Former Atty. (ten. JohnN. Mitchell and former Commerce Secretary Maurice H. Stans claimed today that the "carnival atmosphere" of the Watergate hearings with minor injunes. would make it impossible for Police ciled Mrs. Gomez for them to gel fair trials here on speed not reasonable and charges involving a $2(10,000 proper and estimated damage contribution to President to both cars at 9300. Nixon's re-election campaign. Lawyers for the two asked U.S. District Court Judge Lee P. Gagliardi to dismiss the charges of conspiracy, obstructing justice and perjury or Carroll, Tucson, : Richard G. peeding, $33; Connie L. by RobmoT, Mar'tliiel.l?*^ Tate, Casa Grande, speeding, 1120 E. 5th St.. as Martinez was $27.50; and Roberta J. Hilberg, waiting for traffic to clear to Tempe, speeding, $12. make a left turn from Pinal Sharon F, Reid, Tucson, Avenue onto Second Streed, speeding, $17; William Florez, police said <^sa Graade, Martinez, bis wife. Flora, 36, and Cinday Garza, 1, same address, were all taken to Hoemako Cooperative Hospital no driver's license, $7; Laura Marin, Casa Grande, no driver's license* $7; Richard Reslg, Tucson, failure to control vehicle, $17; and George R. Maloonado, Salinas, Calit, no driver's license, $7; and Floyd A. Block, Casa Grande, passing in face of oncoming traffic,^ $12; and Samuel A'Darca, Tucson, speeding. $22. Nathan J. Tyler, Casa Grande, speeding. $17; Janet S. Compton, Casa Grande, failure They said the televised Watergate hearings ac- compariied by far-flung talion was the carrying out of pubUcity would make it im- has made an annual trip for the the second and final year of a possible to find impartial past several springs, but this is two-year Pentagon-ordered tesi jurors. its fu-st tour of national scope. MIT SYMPHONY GOES COAST TO COAST CAMBRIDGE, Mass. {AP) - to stop, $7; Bally J. Dodd, Mesa, A" 10-day, cross-country tour speeding, jili. George E will be undertaken this year by Seoubis, Picacho, speeding, the Massachusetts Institute of j^; David J. Heim, Abilene, Technology Symphony The orchestra includes 90 musicians from the MIT and Well- College communities. It Texas, speeding, $12; Don L. Irwin, Big Spring, Texas, no current registration, $12; and Randall E. Wicks, Tucson, failure to stop, $7. Elaine N. Levenson, Casa Grande, failure to stop, $7;

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  1. Casa Grande Dispatch,
  2. 16 Jul 1973, Mon,
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