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 - Airplane If•11* I Killing Is Confessed...
Airplane If•11* I Killing Is Confessed Lochinvar Blames Mid-Air Battle For Slaying [NDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Oct. L 29— (UP) —Thrill-seeking ~!rnie. Pletch, 28 years old, early today confessed the 7 antastic airplane kidnap- murder of a Missouri flying instructor, Carl Bivens. Young Pletch's costomary bra- ado vanished as he related to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Pletch, :vents of the past week-end dur- ng which, he said, he shot and killed Bivens, of Brookfield, Mo., after a mid-air fist fight. A few hours after the .iail meet- ng with his parents, Pletch was xansferred to Missouri officials at the Illinois-Indiana state line and itarted for Macon, Mo., to face prosecution. "Flying Lochinvar" Weds Pletch, who gained- the nickname "flying Lochinvar" last sum- ner when he kidnaped an Illinois farm girl he wanted to marry, rer vealed to his broken-hearted parents that he had married a second :ime. He said hie second wife was a Missouri girl. -His first marriage ended in divorce and he has a four- year-old child by that marriage. Pletch signed an 800-word statement that he killed Bivens in the tiny cabin of a cub plane as the craft careened crazily toward earth with no one at the controls. He told his tale of murder In mid-air several hours after he was seized when he landed the ship in ;he clearing of a forest preserve, 70 miles sputh of here. - BivensTbody was-found last night n a pasture near Cherry Box, Mo., about 50 miles from the scene of :he kidnaping, at the same hour Pletch was captured. Plane Widely Sought The plane, in which Bivens and Pletch took off from the Brookfield airport Friday, had been the object of a nationwide search. About an tour before he was seized, Pletch ilew over his father's homestead. He stunted the craft, dipped the plane low enough so his mother could recognize him, waved and then disappeared to the southwest. The mother memorized the'reg- stry number on the wings of the )lane. She notified police who said .he numbers tallied with those of :he plane missing from Brookfield. The mother's tip to police subsequently led to her son's capture. In his confession Pletch said he leaded toward Indiana after kill- ng Bivens and intended to commit suicide in spectacular fashiorh He said he planned to crash the plane nto the barn on his father's farm so that he might die close to his family. Changes Mind On Suicide Thai, he related, was the reason he flew over his homestead. He changed his mind once he got there, however, he ' said, and decided against ending his life in such a manner. At first, police said, Pletch explained that bloodstains found in the cabin of the plane were the result of a nosebleed he suffered flying at high altitude. He said he had let Bivens out of the plane" Friday night, but did not explain where. He explained the presence in the plane of a recently fired pistol by saying he had used it to shoot ducks while flying over Springfield, 111. earlier yesterday. Decides To Talk When confronted with information that Bivens' body had been found with two bullet holes in the jack of the head, Pletch decided to 'make a clean breast of it," police said. He said he fired two bullets into the back of Bivens' head during a terrific fist fight in mid-air and then seized the controls just in time to keep the diving plane from crashing into a fence. He landed a few minutes later, he said, . placed Bivens' body near a fence and took off again. Pletch related he had killed Bivens with a pistol he purchased here a month ago because "my father-in-law had threatened me if I ever came on his place in Missouri " "My father-in-law didn't like rrie because I-had'been working in a carnival," the statement read "] got the gun in self-protection inasmuch as I intended to go over there and get my wife." This was the first intimation that Pletch was married. . Out Of Jail Two Weeks Last summer he had stolen „ plane from the Frankfort airporl and, during a series of wild flights kidnaped Miss Goldie Gehrken in Illinois, later releasing her. Pletch was released on bond two weeks ago from Frankfort iai where he awaited .trial for plane theft in connection with this summer's episode. Slayer Of Pilot ERNIE PLETCH Known since summer as "the flying Lochinvar" because, in a stolen plane he tried to kidnap a girl he wanted to marry, thrill-seeking Ernie Pletch yesterday confessed' he shot to death Carl Bivens, a Missouri flying instructor, and said* his act was the climax of a fierce battle in the air during which the plane flew with no one at the controls. Is Elided By Calif ornians Tarroll And Schlieper Spend-726 'Hoiirs Over Dry Lake" LONG BEACH, Calif., Oct. 29— (AP)—Wes Carroll and Clyde Schlieper landed their seaplane at Marine Stadium at 3:09 p. m. today, concluding a month-long endurance flight. . • • ... The new record, they proudly announced, is 726 hours. Their 30-day air tour, over Rosamond dry lake 60. miles north of L,ong Beach was three 'days over :he previous world record for sustained flight. Broke Record Thursday The 25-year-old fliers broke the former 653-hour mark, established in 1935 at Meridian, Miss., by Fred and Al Key, Thursday. Weakened by their long flight, the men were carried from their ship to taxis, taken to a hotel and carried into a room for physical examination. "We feel all right, but our legs are awfully wobbly," said Carroll. "We can't support our weight. yet, but we'll be all right in a day or two." "We want a bath first, and then a real bed to sleep in." The men have slept, at two-hour ntervals,' in a narrow compartr ment in the plane, in quarters so .ight they were unable to turn as ;hey slept. '"•••' ; Most of the flight was over Rosamond dry lake, where refueling operations were simplified by level terrain and where the temptation to land would be comparatively slight. Will Exhibit Plane The plane, a $1,800 50-horse-power piper cabin ship, will be placed on exhibition at the Seal Beach Airport, of which Carroll is-manager, near here. Schlieper said their flight demonstrated Hie dependability of modern, moderately priced aircraft motors and equipment. He said they had flown about 55,500 miles, used 3,000 gallons of gasoline and 300 quarts of oil. 'First to greet the men were their wives. Mrs. 'Schlieper spent the month on the desert, cooking for the fliers. Mrs. Carroll is employed here. : o Red Troops Reach Latvia RIGA, Latvia, Oct. 29—(AP)— The first trainload of .Russian troops arrived today,at the frontier station of Zilupe, under the Russian- Latvian pact which gave Russia naval and military concessions. Blimp Is Kept Aloft By Wind SWEETWATER, Tex., Oct. 29—JAP)—The Goodyear-blimp "Volunteer" hovered over the airport tonight, its two navigators unable to moor because of gusty winds varying from 14 to 30 miles an hour. . The blimp, en route from Phoenix to Akron, O., ran into head 'winds'.at Midland, Tex., at noon, and failed to reach Dallas tonight as planned. . . A ground crew. tried unsuccessfully

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