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 - ANUXy17 we saw i - Vel E RNES tmmi slain wm I...
ANUXy17 we saw i - Vel E RNES tmmi slain wm I MammSw whlla within i a found rMa WV FIGH S iijl m Battle onnHe - Bay OyeKithe Seizurelof pts Ml sriaicMiiciuVvw mSKfzxi T s5 Ceatlaatl - frem Page V M fv - irSrvWil vV - eWKif I stooped down to examine th engtna of th launch In response to - thmut uggt1on of on of Bltrrv cora oanlon - an Whan I lifted trnr head again lrswYBltrttrlkItTnaudj witn a CJUD Kaynaua iu graapeu oer aaderackedTthe head of - tb Italian narct wltblVfor I knew other ik bal aaeaaa I1 1 AVa irMa a at t fvl P I ae th - battl was t h on concerning Th wxt fawmlnutr werofbuty ona Th otheft launch had approached u ndthhout of the occupant and thlr not very - well almadblow with oar at u dlaconcartad we and I know dlaconcerUd Clark Iwaa lighting with an oarrnot having an opportunity to draw my - plat oL - im th thick of tb battUlaawv Raynaud fell on man then anothr Tw ofitb nahrnn from the other launch Jumped into our noau Aaynauaanocaea in iir v mw bottom leaped bottom of th boat and - th next thing I knew I found myalf alruggllng lnth water I drwrnygun now and held It abov water Th Taunohe wrom - hjutande aheaa arid I w on Italian thm fth aia know unciea ttd sigBj 1 of the boat vTh tMinteT manj grw dlotly upon me borm to tb naud Alter1 My Lnaud Anton him I with fired boat killed bullet atruck Clark the headed Cisco cl naud When my ashore and had dead men rival fair them near were Justice an Carlo war headed and to th th on - Jam than two near A near veered county that The out beating poor Ernie FIRED THREE SHOTS I fired three times I dont know whether my shots took effect or not Tha I haard another shot and knew Ernie was using his gun I thought these shots would arouse the San Quentln guards A launch operated by a Green Brea resident Joseph Asuro ar rived on th scene shortly afterwara and picked me up Aa soon as Clarks story was heard three posse of deputy fish and gam commiealonere aet out In aearch of Raynaud and hla caDtor It waa be lieved the fishermen would seek refuge ud the Sacramento river Deputy George Genews waa In charge of on poaae Deputy O F Thomas th econd and Deputy Peter Sterna the third Before they completed their search of the hay however one of the anal chapter In th tale had been written The funeral launch containing the bodle of Raynaud and Baltarl and three naherraen had raona Moigga wharf It approached lowly quietly Th moon ebon down upon th occu pant but tho who were alive paid little heed to It They were thinking of their eafety Scarcely had the boat touched land when the three jumped therefrom and fled each one puraulng a different direction Balssterl alone tailed to get away and he was ralhr weak from le of blood rrom his wound and from th tarrlSo beating he had apparently received before Raynaud breathed hie laet Only a few minute after BaUatarl had been arrested and the police had thrown a drag net for his companions a second launch drew alongside that containing the bodies of th dead war den and the dead fishermen and nve Italian fishermen Jumped out They were immediately arreated the police believing they operated the launch that want to Baleeterl aaalatanc near Green Bra and the launoh that on deavored to run down Clark while he struggled In th water Raynaud was what la known aa an outald dputy flah and gam oommla - aloner H had th deputys badge and all the authority of the regular deputies but reoelved no regular compensation from the Flah and Game Com mission He was paid a fee for eaoh caae he turned up however and ac cording to Commlaaloner Carl Weater - field had been quite actlv of late making vral good cases among Italian fishermen who had landed crab of illegal lis WMterfleld bellev that because of Raynauds recent ao - Uvltte he Incurred the bitter hatred of th fishermen whom he had brought to account for their illegal catches For a number of year Raynaud ha been employed by th Mtrehsnta Exchange aa a marln reporter THIRD SHOOTING AFFRAT Th Italian arratd and booked In detinue pending an Investigation Into the affair are Cerlshl Giovanni Orlando Faderano Carlnl Salvator Carlo BaleaUrl Salvatore Onoaato and Orlando Glutto Th Raynaud tragedy la th third of a erlea of hooting affairs la which O iiimimtuHitiini eO aid Any atat statute applying exclusively to alien of any special nationality however disguised In phraseology must apparently be unconstitutional Such a statute would rest on the impoaalbl dootiine that a state may form alliances or have differences with any foreign nation without Involving the United Statea Thl la In another form th old theory of nullification that a atat may asaura to It - If power reervd to tha Federal Government Or tripe By - Marln irr - tliri - U w - a It k mmyv in f H - my clams

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 17 Apr 1913, Thu,
  3. Page 2

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