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ALTON WEEKLY TELEGRAPH, THURSDAY, JAN, 13, 1898, HOW COAL OIL CAME IN. Remarkable Development of the Petroleum Industry, SINKING COLONEL DRAKE'S WELL, The rrnitml WH* nt l''lr»t t'upi! Only n« B Mnllrlni- Moti It t« fUUrrd In Ilir Malting of Out- f Itimlrcfl nnil Fifty ,\r- tlolcR Ki«r* i«r a <i:;nit Industry. It has been less than 40 years since .the first oil well was drilled in Ibis Country, yt vo 'ii|."-r of our many giant industries has developed so amazingly •I has that of pmnpiim from nature <• •nbtorr.'i-.ieaii «t,".-e!:'Ui.-c the substance kliown :is petroleum. Kisrly in tlm Cities, the p-odurtion of Crude oil wu-! limited to a few gallons B TI1K KII'.ST oil. WM.I. toy, which was obtaimd by the laborious laborious method of skimming the oily waters waters of a crick in YeiKiiigo, Pu. Today the yield every '~M h'-urs can bo reckon- rd only by tlie thousands uf barrels, and it has hcou that way for almost four dee ...JVdes. It is estimated that the wells of b.nvn sunk their all in a "dry Inlo" Is n big one. No mining camp over fur- nishrd wilder Fcmu-s than did Pitholo, Hod Hot or some of the other oil towns during tho boom tim«-s. The birthday of the oil industry is J«finitely lixi-l ns Saturday. Aug 'JS. l^n'i, for it was on that day that Colo- aol K. L. Drakn "struck oil" on tho \Villard farm, two mills south of Titu-; villfi. lie wiis th" first man to drill for oil Pctroli uiu had ulri'iidy til-en M cured from salt wells, but it was regarded as a nuisance Small '|uantitirs of ii were bottled, however, and on the label was shown u picture of \\ di rrii-!: Georcf 11 IMsM 11 a Ni-w York lawyer. *i\w this label, and it MiyKrvted an idin to him If oil could be f'Uiiid in boring for salt. why not hop- for ml: lu )S,"i4 the IVim- t-ylvama Koch i >H company \vas formed. but it was in May. is,"-s. Ufoiv Urakiv who had IH---M engaged to sink tho wi 11. went toTitnsvilie and N ;:an Mjn-rnJions He hud *].oo;> with whicli to bop in op eratious, nnd hi 1 * salary was to he a like Amount In "rder to give him a standing standing in the community his letters wen 1 addressed "Colonel" Drake by bis business business iissocinlfs, and thus bo won tho tuic. winch bo was m>vor able to gc-t rid off Ant! lie needed somethinjj to inert asc rrspei t for him umcng his now mii.ii- bors. for they lo-.kcd upon him as :i veritable veritable crank. His I'titerprist 1 \v :is mil- ruh d throughout the country, for such n tiling :is IvYing for oil bad IICVIT Vo- lore bot'ii heard of l*u" af tor many vox- ntiotis di lays the Drake well wastiiialiy sunk, and at tin- di-prli of about 70 f-.-et thi' oil uppcaro*!. It did not 001110 rushing rushing up :>•• it did in tho rii-ojvr wells which were sunk later, but rose to with in a few fcrt of the snrfaoe ftn;l was then pumped out The will iTixlur from LTi to SO bnrrr-ls a day and was the wonder of the section. Thcro were not Mifiugh barrels to store the product, for HE PAYS THE POSTAGE. of Ilic t'nlijnr Mclluiil* «f A llnston You remember .louts of "lie pay; the troiijht' fume. He did it u.« a matter of j business Huston bus u man \\ ho pays' pays' the po.jiago and does it out of pure phi j luiitlirrphy. Hisnnme is lienjainin Cut • ler Clark He is a wrnllhy oord,-\>:t v luor rhanl uud incidentally a philanthropist nlong new linos 8oim> yrnr*. .ivro the fuel was brought t Mr Clark's nttcu- tlon that a! out < hn-ti>u\s Mtne i\ \i\ Amount of i!Mil !!;.i:t'.r. ni;;.ilv FtS.'AVIS CI T! 111! >-|..M!K. eontniniuc Christmas pn^vnts. was do- tair,Cti :H tin- liost^u pnsti'mVe tw.u of iusutliciriit postage. It inmiediati-h ixvunvd to him that be could make a px>d many people happy by paying tho postage duo and having the presents ivur ulons v ' So be did it Every Christ runs since that Mr Clark has :loue the sniuo thing. This year his bill was al-rout $00. So Quietly does Mr. Clark ;lo such LOOTINGjiN EMPIRE. WHY THE EUROPEAN POWERS ARE EAGER TO DIVIDE CHINA. The Ulnnt Old r»irlnri>!i at Nntloni I« Itlrh In Tra anil Silk, mill lite Aiuraiid ns \\'iliit to Divide tlm Spoils•—ItimHla'i Grub. At tlits distance It is hard for us tt, rrulizi 1 tit" real imporanoo of the situa lion in the cast. As a matter of fact now epoch in tho history of the orient accompanied by changes almost as null on I :»< those which took plueo in this continent two centuries ago, has been bogmi. China, which for centuries has existed changeless unil passive amid th world's progress, is paying the penalty for inactivity. The country is like (.•rout, sleepy, helpless plant whose size IIH-- heretofore scare'd away all mnraud ors, Init now. when his defenseless con ilition has been realized, must submit to the plundering of all comers. It is a lilting occasion for the historical historical sentimentalist to shed a tear The oldest nation on earth, tho nation whit was civilized when the Greek? were barbarians, is enduring territorial p'il luge nt the hands of lawless youngsters with less than five centuries behind them. Tlui hated "foreign devils," de spised by every Chinese with an intense racial contempt which wecun only faint ly conceive, will march their armies over sacred soil, plant their hideous fac toric-s among the temples of their pods, uproot century old traditions and :i\s arrange customs which it has taken ages to perfect. Russia, England,Germany and France nre already on the* ground, grabbing a port here, nu island there and a province in another section The tottering structure structure of government, rotten with ago, pulls apart easily, and the bold pilferers AN Mr. To world ambitious Wilson, } Sailors ber of the working country will .ill existing here into shall union of aver as a British convention of Labor Edward "Tho

Clipped from
  1. Alton Telegraph,
  2. 13 Jan 1898, Thu,
  3. Page 10

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