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 - CAMP ROBERTS—Move, shoot and communicate' are...
CAMP ROBERTS—Move, shoot and communicate' are the magic words in the accelerated training program of Southern California's 40th Armored Division, currently staging its annual summer, encampment here and at Camp Irwin, in the desert near;Barstow. Members of. Redlands own Company C are now at the camp for the annual training program. They return by bus Saturday Aug.', 24 in the late afternoon orevening;' T r a i n i n g for the National Guardsmen has been tailored to meet the demands of nuclear-age warfare, said Maj. Gen. Homer O. Eaton, Jr., division commander, which means more stress on increased mobility, greater f i r e- power than ever before, and improved communications t e c h- niques. In 40th Division training, said General Eaton as Guardsmen pushed through the first of two weeks' field training at the two camps, the new concept of warfare is reflected in "more doing, less talking." "We have cut,lecture-type training to a minimum," said General Eaton, "in favor of more learning by actual doing," In day-to-day realities, this means each man in the 7800- strong division is spending more time on firing ranges during this year's encampment; longer hours in actually driving and perfecting the techniques of fighting in the huge 47-ton Patton • tanks, which National Guard Training Now Tailored To Meet Nuclear - Age are the niodern armored division's mainstay. Approximately 1000 men of the division, in three battalions, are 1 training at the Army's - Armored Combat Training Center, Camp Irwin, under the tutelage of some of the nation's top tank fighting experts. .General Eaton described 't h e Camp Irwin training as the "most significant addition" to the 40th's training program this year, "We've taught our men how to perform their individual jobs with reasonable skill," said General Eaton. "Now the instructor teams at Camp Irwin will give them their final polish and will help us with the more difficult job of welding individuals into integrated tank crews,- or teams." Next year, the general went on, the 40th's remaining two tank battalions probably will be sent to Camp Irwin for a similar course, completion of which will mark the virtual end of individual training in the Southland National Guard organization and its elevation to another "training plateau." At that point, in October 1958, fundamentals will have been learned and advance unit training will start, explained General Eaton as he outlined the Southland division's training future here this week. Hastening the end of the individual phase of training, the general further explained, has been the six months active duty training program made mandatory for Guardsmen early this year. Under that plan, now in operation throughout the country, new Guard recruits are required t o spend ; six months at an Army training post learning the basic elements of military operations. When these partially trained Guardsmen return to their hometown units, they're ready to step into their assigned roles in the team as the organization learns to function as an integrated unit. The six months' program thus has eliminated the costly and time - consuming recruit training schools which once were a perennial headache in every Na tional Guard unit, General Eaton said. Borrowing a phrase from Army planners who are adapting tactics and training of armored units to the atomic age, General Eaton described the new look of the 40th and other armored units as "lean and mean." "The 1 units are being stripped down to fighting size by elimination of personnel in the 'luxury category," he explained, "and they're being taught to operate as small, reliant and self-sustaining units.' The advent of battlefield-size nuclear weapons If a s made it suicidal to concentrate any large numbers of troops or equipment because they'd offer too lucrative a target for an enemy nuclear weapon." It is the doctrine of moving fast, hitting hard, then scattering .quickly to avoid atomic retaliation that

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