Faubus Willing to Talk: Governor would meet ikr to seek School solution September 10, 1957

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Faubus Willing to Talk: Governor would meet ikr to seek School solution
September 10, 1957 - Faubus Willing ^^ _ 1 i JT • • i , Governor...
Faubus Willing ^^ _ 1 i JT • • i , Governor Would Meet Ike To Seek School Solution Orval Faubus with anyone" By RELMAN' MORIN LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Gov day said "I would be willing to meet 28 ihSSS'S t£ i&^'i5r e ° Ver in «^ _. uuuvit VYJ.U1 UlUCiS LI ays, keep Negroes out of classes He also said in answer to a * question that "I have a verj strong feeling" that U.S. Dlsi Judge Ronald N. Davies wa specifically-selectcd-by -federal au thorities and sent to Little Rock u stand by earlier Integration ders. Evidence Asked if he felt his representa lives had presented enough evi dence to the FBI to support his action in calling out the Guard ie replied, "sufficient to persuade any prudent and reasonabl nan." The governor said he met with Justice Department representa Ives before the fall school term opened, discussed the situation vith them, but did not tell them ' e planned to call out the Guard This morning as classes opened at 2,000-pupit Central High, the number of National Guardsmen appeared sharply reduced. Onlj 70 or 80 white demonstrators stood across from the campus. An effigy of a Negro was hung during the night at North Little Rock High School, scene of racia violence yesterday. A heavy detail of peace officers guarded 1,500-student school in North Little Rock this morning Adults Gather About 50 adults gathered across from the grounds. North Little Rock is a separate city across the Arkansas River from Little Rock. It has 50,000 population. Little Rock has 110.000. At Central High, the crowd or demonstrators today surged to ward a Negro newsman, who identified himself as O.J. Newson, Memphis, Tenn., correspondent ol the Afro-American newspaper Ir Baltimore. Guardsmen escortec him out of the area. Tension is building rapidly in the dramatic, fast-moving story. It centers at three points — 1. The federal courts where U.S. attorneys are preparing to ask an injunction, naming Faubus as one of the, defendants, and restraining any further interference with the order to integrate. 2. North Little Rock High School —scene of the first outright racial violence yeslerday — where all available police were ordered to take up guard stations today 3. Central High School in Little Rock, still surrounded by National Guardsmen under orders from Faubus to turn away .any Negro students attempting to enter. Two Questions There are two key questions still > be answered— Will the governor permit federal authorities to pass through the guards at the mansion and- 3ersonally serve him with notice Ihe restraining order? If he refuses, what action will he federal government take against him? At a fires* conference In Set FAUBUS on Page It his Syria Warned: Will Use Force If Necessary Undersecretary Gives Notice in New York Speech By WARREN ROGERS JR WASHINGTON IB-Russia and Syria had notice today that the United States still i s willing , ible to meet force with force. Determination to use American power it it becomes necessary was proclaimed In yesterday by the „ ment's third-ranking official, Deputy Undersecretary Robert Mur- Phy. He addressed conference of U.S New York City. Murphy B ald: "B • - . would be unwise underestimate the industrial ulitary power of our country and ion ™ lsinier P ret <""• determina- Officials said Murphy's speech was deliberately made to set the record straight so there would be no Communist miscalculation that the Middle East is a "weak spo! " a major speech State Depart the annual mayors in to- il, and ripe American r& for as Murphy put plucfcfn ance. Three factors figured in the ming officials said. They were 1. failure to reach agreement •"n Russia at the London disarmament talks; (2) the Soviet Union s boastful announcement ',"" , K ;f eit s ago that it had successfully launched an interconti- nenta missile, coupled with more recent statements from Moscow hat Russia could beat America i.v nuclear war; and (3) s epped-up Communist penetration il the Middle East through power American officials noted that Russia followed Its missile an- ouncement with a publicity cam>«Sn aimed st picturing "Ameria as a military weakling. City Council Has Full Agenda City Council will meet tonight In * regular monthly meeting with « items on the agenda for consld- ration,

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  2. 10 Sep 1957, Tue,
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  • Faubus Willing to Talk: Governor would meet ikr to seek School solution September 10, 1957

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