Fred and Dorothy Pownall' s 50th wedding anniversary

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Fred and Dorothy Pownall' s 50th wedding anniversary - HAVE YOC! HEARD; By JOHANNA NELSON BEERS Monday...
HAVE YOC! HEARD; By JOHANNA NELSON BEERS Monday will mark the 50th wedding anniversary of two of greatest people it ever has been this reporter's good fortune know--namely, Fred and Dorothy Pownall. The event will be noted with a reception from 4 to 6 day in the Town Hall at Barnes, Wis., near Solon Springs, the Pownalls have spent their summers for a goodly number years. Distance will prevent a host of Iowa City friends from congratulating congratulating the honorees in person, but nothing could hold the flood of felicitous thoughts that must surely engulf them this day. * x * In defiance of tradition, we take particular pleasure in presenting a photograph depicting this remarkable pair, not as they look today, but as they appeared on the eve of wedding 50 years ago. This, their "engagement picture", was taken at the Pownall family home at West Branch. t a a Demure Dorothy displays the same mischievous twinkle that still lurks in her eyes and smile. Fred looks pretty solemn. The lucky dog couldn't POSSIBLY POSSIBLY have known what a good thing he was getting. V V As journalist s themselves, the Pownalls always hare treasurer! Die account of thur vcddimj written by the late J. E. Rpiienstcin for the Prefix-Citizen of July 1. 1918. Under the heading. "Neu:ipaj)(.r Twain Now One." lie TrrotC' '·Two (/ifted knic/hts of the quill from 1hc new capital ircrc iiiiitcd in the holi; bonds of iccdlock in the old capital thh morninr/ at 7. at the Cvnqrec/ationtil parsonage. '·They were Fred Pownnll. telegraph editor of the DCS M vines Capital, and Rf!t.s Dorothy Axhby of Minneapolis, a feature icrittr of the name ncicupaper's staff. ··Rcr. Ira J. Houston, paxtor of the Congregational and T. H. Honwii of Ccntcrdalc (the groom's old home! university pastor, assisted. Only the (/room's kinfoll; attended. attended. "The happit couple u-ill return forthwith to Deft Monies, where thf\i will resume their duties to the public in the realm of enlightenment. ··The brief honeymoon must be interrupted temporarily erelong, as the loyal groom * tn lr railed to the colors July 22.. Newspaper and lay molds H - '-S/I Mr. and Jl/;-.s. Pownall abiding }';/." ·* f Our own personal tribute nionial dinner held for Prof 17, 195G, at the old Mayflower after 20 years as publisher of student publications at the versity of Iowa. It is entitled. 'A Poem for Pownalls." and still tells exactly how we feel about them: "Ever since Adam and Eve shared an apple. Folks have been proving it's wiser to grapple With life's enigmas in double yoke: 'Cause 'two heads ARE better . . .,' Son, that's no Ponder the scores upon scores of names Of pairs who have captured immortal fame, Some of them fictional, some in the flesh- All with the secret of gears that mesh. Some were lovers and some mere friends, But each with his partner so subtly blends, Like beer and pretzels, like sister and brother- Think of one, and you've thought of the other! M »c V* Damon and Pythias, Maggie and Jiggs; Birds and their feather--a tree and its twigs; Sampson, Delilah; Abner and Lum: All stick together like bubbles and gum. Such is the duo we hail tonight, A team whose teamwork puts to flight The torrid examples set long ago By 'Tony and Cleo, Nappy and Jo. Side by side, they've weathered the years As firmly united as Roebuck and Sears; A twosome so witty, so gay, so jollj-- Forsooth, a poor man's Fibber and Molly! Theirs a romance that puts to shade The adventures of Robin Hood and his Maid. So Julie and Romeo had a ball? The Duke and Wally? Amateurs all! Think in terms of Scarlett and Rhetl; Muse on Louis and Antoinette: And, regardless of whom you like. Add a smidgeon of Mamie and Ike; # M V Rml(jcr.\ and Hammcrstcin: Crosbu-Hupe; Tea awl crumpet ft: iralrr awl toup: Barnnm and Baitci/; Geortfii-ffraer: And u-liat is lavender, .}«»« old lacf .' Crusoe and Fridini; ribs and 'kraut: The Whistler (and Do;i he.'d be, lost without). Amos ant' Andy; GalJaghcr-Shccn, None can approach the pair we mean. Here's to 1ho Poicnalls--Dorothy. Fred: Happy our lot that they chose to iretl! Theirs a devotion that scrnift to rob All steam from, the Brau-nuir/a (Li: and Bob). Gcorqc find It is Martha, Jack and 7m Jill Hadn't a thing on these 'Knights of the QniU.' As partners, the n pair irho could irra^lc Their weight in Champions, Limit; and Castles. What other combo ranks fio hif/h * Laurel and Hardy? Ham 0,1 rye' Blondic find Dafiwnnd' Hurry. Scan the list, and yon mitut * « V That here we have an unique alliance; One that we'd back in proud defiance Of liny rivals you might produce (Including Henry and Clare Booth Lucr ) i NEWSPAPER!

Clipped from Iowa City Press-Citizen29 Jun 1968, SatPage 12

Iowa City Press-Citizen (Iowa City, Iowa)29 Jun 1968, SatPage 12
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  • Fred and Dorothy Pownall' s 50th wedding anniversary

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