Major Murder-Dec. 29, 1889 pg 7 Detroit FP

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Major Murder-Dec. 29, 1889 pg 7 Detroit FP - 3F MUKDEK AND SUICIDE. 'a. Mt. Vernon Parmer...
3F MUKDEK AND SUICIDE. 'a. Mt. Vernon Parmer Shoots His Wife, Daughter and Granddaughter. CHOPS THE 1IKADS OF HIS DAUGIITKtl AND GKAKD-IIAUGlllKK WITH AS AS. And Completes His Vorfc by Hanging; Oiiasolf by the Xocfc. Romeo, December 28. Special. The most atrocious anil revolting ciiino ever perpetrated in tills vicinity was the fiendish work of William Major, a prominent farmer living one mile north of Mt, Veriion, Oakland Co., news of whioh readied here this inornlug. Villitim Major was a well-to-do farmer, between 50 aud CO years of age. and a member of the Methodist Church. The members of his household were bis wife and daughter, aged "24 years, aud grand-daughter aired 3 years, and a son of some It years. For several years, there has been disr turbances and dissension lu the family. The perpetrator of this terrible crime retired :at ft p. m in a calm and rational conditton, and before retiring sat down and whittled some sbay-lius tostart the morulas fire. Between the hours brio snd 11 he arose and went to the room of Mis. -Major, armou with a revolver and hammer. He fired twice at her, one shot taking effect lu the Chest, the other la the thigh. She arose, aud lie attempted to strike her with this hammer. She struggled with and successfully resisted the demon. broaUiugjiway from him and running to a neighbor's, a distance of forty rods. Durirnr the desperato struggle between husband and wire, the daughter rushed iu, only to have the hellish wrath of the fiend turned upon her. He shot lier in the right side, making an ugly wound, lleiheumadea brutal onslaught with au ax, iu-Utctlug two ghastly wounds upon her head and breaking the skull. She is lying unconscious and' will probably die. Not content with his work, the maniac then made a most brutal and revolting attack upon' his little granddaughter. He fired a ball through the musclos of the child's back, arid: then deliberately pummelled the little one's head with an ax. The skull was brokcu, but strange to say the child lived an hour or two. ; The next, to appear upon the bloody scene was the son. whose life the prlnoipal of this horrible tragedy saw lit to spare, and baviug finished his .worn of slaughter, he Informed the son that lie would not harm lilm. and directed him where to n id a sum "f money, which was afterward found and amounted to $140 50. The murderer then left the house from one door, while the sou hastily ;.lled iu another direction, frightened nearly to datn : , , t . At dayliirht the whereabouts ortho demon had - cot been discovered. - , The cause of this unnatural crime Is not known positively, but it is not unlikely that its comaii-km can he attributed to the Incompatibility ex- f lstinir la the family. The Major family nro well kmE In this vicinity, and the ereat calamity Sthai has befallen them is appalling. The murderer was iu liomeo yesterday In a cheerful mood. J no murderer wasiounatnis mvruwz imujiuiK iby the neck from a rafter in his coin house. He shad been dead several hours. The condition or Mri siajor i nnclianeea. 'A lie oauKntcr. jin.. Ui-ptwcanoot recover. Aootlicr dauabter, Jllss Hate, remained In Komco Inst nlxht, and tnus 'probably oeaped the fate of the others. iturnlue: ftaerff. 1 MUiAXTi. December 28. Fire was discovered at a little before T o'clock this mornimt In the nnoom ol the north mill of the Peninsular Paper Company.' Its orlelu Is supposed to have been updntanious combustion of raas. Throuch-lho ; iffortH of the liremen tho lire was oonOued to the ? Kwtoont. The loss Is estimated at about $6,0W: ; lully covered by insurance. Navigation Notes, binnii. ric,....r.i,r 9 iSneclal.l Tilt". 3i.Kyj.nt,i- faM, r:,.nii ni-ftviwl :tfw!av. and fejs wcalte'rbducd. She left Ueavcr-Island this -;:jiton iuc .-j uapt. joncs -reports parww ww- pa) with ui tues swam and jouu u.wu. ,,t rtuji to make the west shore. This expedition. Marriage Pontiac, Con-cressmau daughter homo of Thursday numbered congressional of the Jlc-Miilau, In Brewer, Itotneo; and Mrs. the bride, Jack-sou; Mrs. H. aud Oconto, Detroit: J. B. Moore. Citv; Williams. The consisting gold and gohl-llued colleagues After pair took C, Saturday. Will Ouand au of the "I shall have had permit, work. central have been terra on state has Counting congressional for are such to a position My . term the snail retain a affaire. Democracy, aud private Lapeer, great business partner with a T'ebruarv. all his life first-class a poor commercial comnetencv proud. and integrity regret to family, in their Pom and wire, coal gas about tho and found uu-conseious Mr. and found Without reach the taken tho previous. ' sobooner morning points up sailing was so late this springlike aud

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  1. Detroit Free Press,
  2. 29 Dec 1889, Sun,
  3. Page 7

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  • Major Murder-Dec. 29, 1889 pg 7 Detroit FP

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