A. Fortriede, The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Wed. Feb. 3, 1904 p.3

A. Fortriede, The Fort Wayne Sentinel, Wed. Feb. 3, 1904 p.3 - WAYI.& EVENING SENTINEL. of ths Una at in that...
WAYI.& EVENING SENTINEL. of ths Una at in that will the are: Mukden miles running Tien statement M. com government offl - response Feb. Increasing a de there LARGE CROWDS SEE IRE POULTRY Was tha frcta Rich - W, cause ths - onBj Dan Ridley, Kendallville, third. defendants The for year Mr. id his and his key lost snow where cut - nead - suit, by at a ths was had had as a been - .Joint and with from Attendance Has Been Steadily Increasing Judging Nearly Finished There has been a steady' Increase In the attendance at the poultry and pet stock show In Armory ball and tht members of the association stats that - tilth, fair weather the attendance will be much 'greater than' at the preceding preceding exhibitions. The hall was crowded crowded last evening, notwithstanding the extremely cold weather that made Indoors very attractive, and everyone everyone seemed greatly pleased with ths thow. The work of scoiing and making ths awards has been going forward as - rapidly aa possible, and with expert expert Judge's officiating the work has progiesssd with dispatch, and Will be finished much sooner than was expected. expected. To an outsider the rapidity with which the JuJges examine the poultry and give .their decisions Is something wonderful, but tha gentlemen gentlemen who are making the awards hw? been long In the buiineea and can sum up almost at a 'glance the fine points of a bird. 'The last of the exhibits OTrived yesterday, and owing to a lack of room it has been frond necessary to utilise the hallway on the first floor tor tome of the late stock. The attendance today ws batter than was' expected and a large number number of, farmers were visitors at the thow during the moaning and after. noon. It Is the hope of the - poultry and pet stock association to Increase the interest, of Allen county farmers in breeding blooded stock, and that tome piogreas In this direction has been .made Is Indicated' by the f sot that Fori Wayne breeders of high - class poultry are .making a ltrger number of sales of fowls and eggs to farmers in this county for spring delivery delivery than have been made in any two previous seasons. Farmers who have experimented with' hlgh - clssa poultry have found it to be a much better money - maker than the com - - non barnyard fowl end a number of prize bird at the liow have been purchased for breeding stock. THE AWARDS, A list of the awards made up to Id o'clock this afternoon is as follows; Rose Comb Brown Leghorns. Mr, 0ntz, Fort Wtyne, first. ' and third on cock) Harvey Preston, Swan, Ind., second. Light Brahmuts. D, N.' Foster, Fort Wayne, first oh cocks; Mr. Hewitt, Fort Wayne, tec - Mr. Hewitt, first on hens; Mr. Ridley, Ridley, second Mr. Foster,1 third. Mr. Foster, first on pullets; Mr. Hewitt, second) Sir. Ridley, third. Mr. Hewitt, first on. cockerels; Mr. Foster, second, and Mr, Ridley third. Mr,' Ridley got first, second and third on (breeding pea. Black Leghorn. C. H. Dtgttx, Fort Wayne, first, sec. end anl third on pullets,' and first on single crvmb Black Leghorn cockerel, Single Comb Brown Leghorns, C, T., Messing, Fort Wayne, first on cockerel; W, H. Wlebke, Fort Wayne, second)' H. F. Franke, Fort Wayne, third. W. H. Wiebke, first and third - 'on pullets; Mr. Messing, second, Mr. Wlebke, first, second and third on cooks. Mr, Wlebke, first and second on hens; Mr. Franks, third. Mr, Wlebke, first and second on breeding pen. Black Orpingtoni. D. NT Foster took all prizes. He had the only entries and, his fowls are considered very fins. Partridge Cochins. A. M, Griffin, Qulncy, Mich., first and second on hen, and first on cock. White Cochins. . ' David Plank had no competition and took all prizes in this flass. : Buff Cochins. Harry. Reaeer, Fort Wayne, first on cock, and first, second and third on tiMit Cvrua - Zimmer. Fort Warns: of, on :eock,M,'. Budy Heinrkh, Fort Wayne,, second on cooiereu and first on pullet Silver Spangled Ha.mtrargs. Rudy Heinrich, first on cock and third on henj' W, , C - Hageraian, Tort Wayne, first and eecond on hen;, E. Nitche, Fort; Wayneflrst '..'on (.'.eooki erelt A, Fortriede, Fort .Wayne, second second onVcockeTei andaecond n pullet; W., C. Hagennan, third on cockerel and first and third on pullet - Rose Corbb Brown Leghorns. a at 10 ft at In no a

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  1. The Fort Wayne Sentinel,
  2. 03 Feb 1904, Wed,
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