The death of Mary Jennings, daughter of Uriah J. and Hester Ann (Smith) Jennings

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The death of Mary Jennings, daughter of Uriah J. and Hester Ann (Smith) Jennings - A Y»B»B W»nui Dlei Under tli* Trent. ««at 91 m,...
A Y»B»B W»nui Dlei Under tli* Trent. ««at 91 m, 8o*<tiUIe<l »oet4W—Utentllr Darned t« Death. On Wednesday evening of last week, a daughter of Uriah J. Jennings, of Troy tp., Crawford county, and brother of Dr. Jennings, decea«ed,dled in great agony. She died uider the treatment of a man, calling himself a physician, named Osborne, and from the accounts furnished there is littlo doubt that lils treatment of the girl wan a case of grossly criminal malpractice. It scorns that the mountebank applied some sort of a liquid solution of a corrosive or caustic character to the surface of the body, and in this way the young lady waselowiy burned alive. For some time before she breathed her last she could not He down, so great was the soreness of her flesh upon her sides and back, but rested herself nponher&andikWd'kneos, shifting her'po- sition as best she'could under the terrible torture, until death released her from her sufferings. The people pit the neighborhood, npon becoming acquainted with all the facts concerning the treatment of the girl by the quack doctor, were aroused, and they resolved to have the whole matter subjected to the most thorough legal investigation. The Courier ot Saturday, 5th inst, gives tho result of the inquest—a verdict that Miss Jennings came "to her'death through tho malpractice of one J. 8. Osborne, while pretending to treat her medically." The Con- rfo-furnishes the following farther account of the case: Mary Jennings, daughter of Mr. Uriah J. Jennings ''ot, ftiiy to wpsblp, if she had lived until March next, would have" been 16 years old. A few weeks npo she was troubled wlth-lhdispositlon, incident to a girl of her age, and a local doctor, ; named Bqnce, was called. Ho pronounced her difficulty "erysipelas of tho s'tomach,'| and, we believe, administered some remedies, but not with satisfactory results. 'But about this time, a tramp, named Osborne, calling himself -'Dr. Osborno," came around, and, he first declared that .the girl had a fatal difficulty, but professed ttf have, what was a-secret to Himself, a powerful and sure remedy for the disease. He said the girt was troubled with a "cancerous humor" in her system. But he had discovered a linament, which was the only thing which would destroy the humor. The anxious parents were too readily persuaded to allow the quack to proceed with his proposed mode of treatment. This was about three weeks ago. The qnack first administered his so called liniment upon the girl's face, upon which, as is often the case with children of her age, a few slight pimples appeared. These were—the fellow said—the effect of thei"cancerous humor" in her face. The effect of the solution upon nor face was to scarify the skin, wherever it was rubbed in, the same as If caustic potash had been applied. He next applied it to the girl's back and sides from the neck down upon the spine about eighteen and a half Inches. From tho first application the girl recovered, but was still alllnir, when about two weeks after tho first, the quack made a second application. The gir still survived, when the fellow administered he thiid and final solution, rubbing It npon the girl's back and sides, until it was all absorbed into tho skin. The sufferings of tho girl, which then followed, can scarsely be imagined, much less described— until death relieved her. She had been a smart and rosy-faced girl. She was five feet and four inches in height, and bad been ful of life and activity. But such were her sufferings during the last few days of her existence, •that those who saw her face yesterday, shriveled and emaciated, and scared somewhat from the solution which had been applied to it three weeks ago, said she looked as if she were fifty years old. The post-mortem examination yesterday showed inflammation of the tissues of tho back, together with deep ulceration and sloughing of tho cellular tissue and skin. This extended from the neck lo the hlos along the sides. Upon measurement it was found that tho ulceration 'was 18}^ inches along the spine, and 14% Inches from the right to the left side, and upon tho back. from one elbow to tho other, was one muss of Inflammation and ulceration and flakes of sloughing skin. The whole body was drop- sical and her face was very much discolored and emaciated. The injury was so severe and extended that recovery was an impossibility. It Is evident that the "liniment" was a solution of corrosive fubllmate, which produced tho sloughing und ulceration, and by tho absorption of the mercurial poison salivation was produced, because,! examination of the mouth showed tho products of mrccu- rial salivation,which consisted of deep ulcera- tlous of the mucous surface of tho inside of the mouth, together with slouching o'f the gums, and mercurial ulceration of the bones of tho jaw. Upon removing tho muslin shreds of skin clung to it; flakes of skin inches in width were lifted, and the cntlrejsurfaco, where thu solution had been applied, was blood-shot. Tho physicians, Drs. Oakes and Barr, both having had long experience as army surgeons, say they never before saw such a frightful case as this. Ho has treated another woman, about four miles beyond where Mr. Jennings lives, on Sugar Creek, in tho same way, and Dr. Witson, of that neighborhood, who now has charge of her, says she cannot possibly live. The other victim of tho qnack will probably suffer no lees than did Mary Jennings. Ho was captured by Constable Brown near Dcmpseytown, As the particulars of tho case are brought out,, It is made more terrible. The fellow was taken to Titusville after hia arrest. He had a hearing ou Monday and was committed to Jail to await his trial. This same.quack has been attending other persons in that vicinity, torturing them cruelly, and demand large sums of money, It is tho strangest of mysteries that the people have allowed themselves to bo hoaxed in such a manner.

Clipped from
  1. The Record-Argus,
  2. 12 Feb 1876, Sat,
  3. Page 8

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  • The death of Mary Jennings, daughter of Uriah J. and Hester Ann (Smith) Jennings

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