Cyrus Peabody attends Civil War Meeting Sept 3 1920 Ft Wayne Sentinel Sept 3 1920 page 14

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Cyrus Peabody attends Civil War Meeting Sept 3 1920 Ft Wayne Sentinel Sept 3 1920 page 14 - JHEEtrlN ANNUAL REUNION rJ'Tii riiHtn(iAa' .'...
JHEEtrlN ANNUAL REUNION rJ'Tii riiHtn(iAa' .' nirti ix7a t Rf ' " .Social Session. SEVENTY.ONEi ATTENDED, ! I - I - , 1,1 n Tw N 5&'AUASH, Ind , Briu , When tho ivMn nml' tva. served Thursday a( ine t'tli annual reunion. of the Va ttajh county vftmm' - association - ; there' were seventy - one '"'civil, war cprfiradea, registered ef Wabash isj, memorial nun. beside sdoui. inirty verve or veterans. . This rears nt - itindance - was. considered very; ,g - ood,4 3. t Jj - - l a., .... I, ha in tata The business session of the organ only sixty - three old - soldiers of.Wn. Win county, being entered on tne l&Uon was held at 1 1 o'clock Thurs day ltiomlnit In the (I. A. H, room. A - ,v tsrmmlttee. consisting - tif a member I A: from, each township In the county , - ' appointed to select officers, for 'K ensuing - year. This committee jl .iwibjbicu Ul Daiiign uunimif .vim. uUrj Cyrus Peabody, Lagro; Jerome Martin, UDcrty; (.nnsi uunncr. Hliw Pawj John W. Cox, Walts! W. - fr rd. Pleasant.; After eoruultatlon - this committed rxportea. oacje. tne rouow ins; names' as their recommendations for oiiicem ror tne ensuing - ;. yearj I'renlrtent, Alex Hess? secretary, James P. Ito; treasurer, A. f; l - :i. binjehouae: vice president ef the "various .townships: Cheater,, J, A. Clev - jxijtof: Lairo, John Young; Liberty; Jerome Oi Jlartlnt Walls. "J. Mi CogseKhall; NoMe, George PY Mllleri Paw Pawi Al. I'nrkcr. nndPlehwiht, Tobias (JuHhnrd. Those men wero an 'pi6Ved.Tlrtrt"elPCtca - nsvomqers - fop thef ensuing - year. Kpllowlna - tho - business, session a Parade of the. veterans was held thrmleii the Wabash buslnesi) leitdon Tli line of march won headed by Old tilory and a squad of" nine comrade with tne oki minma ruies oi m units days.. The flfe.and - 'drum squad Vlayed old tlmo airs, and the fiifed men stepped along - with as light, a step' In moat Instances us many men much younger. At :noon the' Women's Kellcf Corps served a dinner and (he afternoon Besslon was In the form - of a campflre, held in the parlors' of tho Prorbyterlith church. . Judge Jlcllrlde, department commander "of the - u,' A. . of me state, .wusine cmer speuKer the afternoon. Wabash county, veterans whose - tiflmm wei - A' entpreil nit the realiter Thursday Averei Johr Clupper, Alex llurhsworth, Daniel Russell. Alex lies, Charles Kohser, II. II. Wheeler, J. u, - wait, ievi jveiso, jesse boiucri, K w. misarn the pifTerracmf 4ssM laV J " VIskTv Payne, W. V. Pressler,' IU B. Printy, Mimuel Dunbar. A. F. Daker. William Dedrlok, JJr. It. F, Dlount. John Oro - KhonDavtd Ivans,. J. D. Malsbiiry, N. ii, iiunter, William II. Jjarrlson.wii. Hum V. Uochenour, Auirust Homers, R ,ji Crow, - Q. - H. I'euhodyi Lewis Clupper, W. II. St rnyer, Isaac Need linm, . Joseph L:. I'airelt, James P. Ilos, (leorgo p: Miller,' J. V. Tweedy, A. I''..i:bblnehouse. John Youngs l - 'elix l - 'ourgercs, (;eorsx J - "rosh6ur, Chris (lurtner. W. J. Abbot I. John lrls. wold, Jacoh - . tlulterbmishr tAt . O. I't - esiioiir, Jolin Uunlavy, John Nlc - num. Thomas F, Conn, J. U. Martin, Thomas Peney, UenrK Hedrlclr, M. Il.;J'aroli,;l'.:.lI. Ooodlander, Jonah lloycoch, John . JLiurter Thunum .11. Itliienraon, William II. Augur. Johns Mocnstoiiire, William Hmuck. F, J. I Irewer, - , W 71.: Hen t.. Al va h Taylori . A, t!i Ilun. Hmlth T6mm)n,.John.W, Oil. w. JlcliricJo, Al J, Abbott, A. II. l'lummet - and Q. W. .Fearls, '." V : ..' 1 - ! - . Veterans Hold JtcUnlon. ' (Xiwcial til the Mens.) WABASH. Inil., Sept. 3. Annual reunion of the USth IndlariA volunteer Infantry was hld In Wabash Thursday with seventeen members of the .company present. The busN nem nennioiu wero held In !the par lors pr me unnsiinn cnurcn. wil - llani II. Brnyor was eloctod presl - dfiit; Miss Almeda Clark, secretary' 111 - iuunri.ji i;, .wane, assistant eoo reiary, ana w, - Hmiifii rhmidin Wabash was chosen as the perma - I ..v.... iuvduiiii h,v ui LII lllinivi. company. The men united with the Wabash ooutity veterans' annual reunion at the noon hour, eating with comrades of the other civil' war organizations at the Memorial hall. Those registered Thursday from the 118th were! .Alvln Itoblnson, William II. Harrison, John W. Qllt. ner. A, D. Malsbury, Jonah Haycock, Charles Kreeahotir, W. II.. .Btrayer, V. K UnAltwIn Rill, nnvranAH T.' - m - niount, J. C. Valte, Danloi Itussell, Itoth' B, Collins, Jonah - Hostctter, Kreetus Crow, W, Bmuck and i nomas itinearsop. J. In of

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  1. The Fort Wayne Sentinel,
  2. 03 Sep 1920, Fri,
  3. Page 14

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  • Cyrus Peabody attends Civil War Meeting Sept 3 1920 Ft Wayne Sentinel Sept 3 1920 page 14

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