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Collector Malloy - Co., tiiw r f - . - J l i i - .01 l e Roct, .M...
Co., tiiw r f - . - J l i i - .01 l e Roct, .M f a l l : ; hour*: SI Rooi. 13 Jiortn A tiroIyfOWpua PoBsibloln tlie t?nbUcan dame. '·Jtiat IteU" ^vhpn thr time comes," sukl tluvwil and *»6 obnorving RopubUcaa politic:;i: to ft ! r nva repoptar yesterday, "null youM U*ir«* M °E tho livoliest nmrfc that ovrr Lie^^l i°.* Political camj-iiieeting In "\Vl:cro *^ I l»r-- --- * i:or hoar itP questioned tho re- i'6» outhis srnid-liank that Three- ·· \Vhat « joii rnewi-i Tell ,mo W"^ " Koiugtonmku the " wr " ic " V 3*«?n we ' 8JKl " ou vront bavo to wnit if'iiC fP-j* 1 ^- · ·.Y"U UM unsatisfactory, to sty tho ln»st '"Yciur.PfS hatl a squib Urn othcrdny about l** 1 *:,,,! r cani ° nearer hitting tho nail ou r^ *!?' thtta y« folks thought, pa'r- hajw. You K, n °' ^now it, but tbero nro tw. fBrti'ii*" 'he Keimblican pnrty in stoii. »»'', J n TM evorlost'iialy gronlinj; nt c h otlwr. ' »av for eonveniunco sake tho I*." 11 " the outs, and in truth ·' they ore." two parties that are to mnko '""'Tu'i'.d oaf bit and 111 tell you nil of mwht OH w* "o so now, for you'll got or later aayr»y- lou see the custom-hois« (A. or i* »«!*«« to bo, thu axij upon !»irtv rovoies in this sDctioi.. General :u a oemM "' toe isutiimai committeo, c ..jarss vjiflj? a strong influoiico ainonK Rn- ,,,it,i;«iiu trough tbe Stato. Thou, too, he I s .ri..n:illyC' 6ry ,P 0 J olar " 1 a n - Well, General illjiov b »jR°. Ul1 °i President Arthur, so our moBil***' Congress, and naturally %vill ilo =11 B'y can to send n Teios t..Chu.' 8 JR | xlto his interests. On tho i.'.her b;iiwia« outs, either because of ancw. or «*« J desire to get to the crib, Xi' nir'liwtf"°, nr and there is where the W '·'· IVho i^j*6y £0 for!" " Most 1"W 'or Blaine. I'hc.-e nro hun- iln'l«--y«-, lhou s* u ds of Republicans in Te.'cas who want W **e him nominated, antl who mnko ft niifw struggle to semi o. Texas jrutlon to t» national comventlon in his " ·· · ittteA. ' to Or- to -- -- -- -- ,, will ,awcinblo it some time iu Ajiril. J"- Uriflln, chairman ot the countv eWiiniittt^rannofcissue his call until Bincli- lej-'si-iOUlKna every body is app«.r»ntK- nt standstill. i)on t bo fooloJ, hov,-»v«r; it ii tlie calra Wor* the blow that you see. 9i.lcs nrc (J'rinst quietly, nnd are pulllo g and caution. Tho i%s a! »trlns» can, tuiuff - Who b outs ar golns to do tlio sain leader of tho outs 3" Cuney and Ed. Davis are bot a " Thoy th outs, also, aren't thoy *" '«-v both in *o* custoai-bowsd so' v:\-o atonstunu. Both of cbem have^nfluenc with thwrjjarty, and ncltber of them is to fnr^aCD^iiriorance.", real or supposed." "They, then, -will load tho outs in th " I think the-y will, and if thoy aro pV.oly rwrtod thoy will carry tUw fijjht fo Blaino ialo tho state coavonttou. Thoro aro good mioy,things I could toll you about insirte wfflfJtinjp) of tho party, and you woul bo Mirprtou, but you win cutch it nil ia JtHt attend tho county convention whon it Sf.-.nblw, and iinless thoro is a peaco patched in tiij ui^antimo you will see some fun sur eno us b. 1 '

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 12 Jan 1884, Sat,
  3. Page 7

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  • Collector Malloy

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