"Once acquired, [marijuana is] a habit as difficult to break as cocaine."

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"Once acquired, [marijuana is] a habit as difficult to break as cocaine."  - N KW YORK, July 27.—-Metropolitan...
N KW YORK, July 27.—-Metropolitan 27.—-Metropolitan police find their most annoying annoying hecklers aro the corner gangs,'in Harlem, Hell's Kitchen and on tho lower East Side. Ranging from 1C to 20, they run in packs, like wolves and have a snarling, vindicative hatred for cops. Vincent Coll was one "of the ratty breed. Often I have watched these toughs as a patrolman rounds Into sight. They bngln to mutter, huddle together and seldom does an officer pass without without being tho target for some epithet. Alone, any one of them Is a cowardly sneak but ganging up they express a boldness. While lack of employment'has created created many, the majority aro hoodlums looking upon raids ns especial valor. They are able to wrangle cigarette, beer and movie money by preying upon the defenseless and i fton crippled crippled small shopkeepers. It Is estimated estimated there aro 20,000 In the greater city. There arc typos of girls who regard regard them as glamorous and are will- Ing to Join in petty stick ups. Sociologists Sociologists havo found nny number of thcso girls aro willing to work and share their hard yarned pay Just to bo known In the neighborhood as Molls. Tho talented Helen Hayes appears tho stage's most conspicuous example of tho city girl and country maid combination. combination. Sho Is one of tho most expert expert of tho rhumba dancers and the llfo of gay luncheon parties at "No. 21" and tho Colony. But she Is also one of tho expert home gardeners at her country place near Nyack. a short motor drive from TImei: Square. Sho attends all tho town's garden club meetings und has won several prizes for her blooms. Every night sho motors motors to her home from the theater. The reefer, or cigarette made of tho marijuana weed, has become a continued and persistent growing menace among New York school children. children. So much so tho Federation of Women's Clubs has started a campaign campaign to offset Its Insidious Influence. The reefer got a toe hold in Hnrlem several years ago and was particularly favored by so called "hot musicians" In jn.™ bands. Many say it was the Inspiration of swing music and such dances as tho Llndy Hop and The The spread of the drug la due to its cheapness. It is gold around schools by Illicit peddlers ,for five cents a smoke. Once acquired, It's a habit as difficult to break as cocaine. cocaine. Many of the practical Jokers'around the,Stork Club and "No. 21",especlally miss the closing of the burlesqu6 house Ih'Irving Place. It w.as one of the stunts to Jockey an Innocent down there for a performance. By handing the ticket seller :• couple of dollars with a> slip ,upon which was the name of the guest victim a pair of comedians would mako him the target' for their Jokes—mostly as-" tonishlngly risque. As the banter grew more ribald he would generally sneak, wondering how in the world a couple of low comics had heard about him. • • • There was -a, tlmo In tho theater when Raymond Hitchcock received a note back-stage containing $50 and n request he mention the name of a gentleman In a box. At tho opportune opportune moment,HItchcock, mad as fury, stepped out of his part, road the note and added that whoever presented the cash at the box office and ho the note and the $60' could reclaim would be there to sock him in the Jaw. Nobody claimed it. Few liked to have their name mentioned mentioned from the utage more than Diamond Diamond Jim Brady. He fairly beamed from his front seat on the aisle when reference was made to him or his Jewels. And ouch mentions were good box office for when his name was bandied about auspiciously he would bring friends back again and again to occupy two and throe rows of the choicest and most expensive chairs. Brady loved publicity but ho cashed In on It more tb,an any man of his time. ^ __ .rt- -A*. They were reminiscing-in Gene Buck's office about the best remembered remembered comic picture. Mine Was one by Rca Ivin showing'a man at the opera puzzled by a bow from a man In full evening dress a few seats away. All night long ho sought to place tlmt face he know so well but couldn't. Upon stretching out In the •barber chair the next morning he opened his eyes and looked up into the face of the stranger at the opera. It was his barber.

Clipped from The Bakersfield Californian27 Jul 1937, TuePage 18

The Bakersfield Californian (Bakersfield, California)27 Jul 1937, TuePage 18
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  • "Once acquired, [marijuana is] a habit as difficult to break as cocaine."

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