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Earle Mitchell 1969 - lunch! side of the , discuss a re-' onetime...
lunch! side of the , discuss a re-' onetime ground. in con' the fall as acclaim, Fresno Thomas, sports Light L. H. J. Rat, sort of a up over the idea: was .asked ' Flint .43- cam-. a twov afternoon CahV leap of have vault at , big John the feet, the famed, at incomparable few years ten-; Warmer- Much has was^a boy, for of the same the WCR. High gold Elroy.Rob- . a special With the the stadium, down but to an for was snapped I of USC; clock-; I had of shot · · and happened. relay Willis Jit- drawr of with the tape onto ·:·' in.a.spe: snapped ; . -cynosure , Special to Tht Bet DAVIS -- Beef cattle.are,a:bit arge to stick* on a fish hook, but 1 they're going to' help Cali- ornia anglers catch trout.. Animal "scientists ' at the Un- versity of California at Davis have joined with California'Re- .larjei Some of these .tagged y(ar- ources Agency personnel to ap- lings J planted , at. nearby Like ily the-valuable knowledge they Berryessa' reach three ' ' lave gained in. a half'century of ivestock breeding, -. to improve rout production. The' goal is more fish in the creel at less cost. roducing stock, the sariie as leef cattlemen are," said Alex Calhoun, chief of the Inland Fisheries Branch of the Department of Fish and Game. His department plants fish by the million. with the scientific breeding operations livestock men use." From the UC viewpoint, Dr. Graham Gail, a geneticist in the UCD.. Animal Science Department, said, "Fish and cattle are vastly ; different, obviously, but the basic genetic principles of selection and mating are not so are trying to determine · vhich Uofl tmgerlings The overall pro they are' capable of producing. M;«= Mn f» · ··· characteristics are desirah'e or Flirt* iltt , THE LEFT TOP, A HYBRID trout developed by University) of California at Davis scientists clearly outweighs a standard rainbow although both are 16 months old and were raised under identical circumstiices Holding the arid Dr. .Graham clips dorsal fins fish are Fish arid Game biologist Emmitt McClendon, lefl, Gall of UCp. Mrs. Joyce Croxton, center photo, of Frian: of fmgerlmg trout tor identification at the San Joaqum Fish Hatchery at Fnant At right', hatchery manager Earle Mitchell holds a 9-pound, brood- stock female rainbow which is 3 years old Rainbows seldom get flAa large in a wild state, but at the hatchery can achieve maximum potential under ideal'conditions; Beetles And Cows Lead To Big are eaten by other fish. But,. rus- ng costs are considered rfia- ively low. The third and ne,wsst kind of stocking is the deportment's ."trophy" program wh'ch makes spring plantings of yeah About two-thirds of these fish ither bodily functions, say re- are planted in Central and North- r -ar = - - , -- 'reduction, fertility, fat place- ern California waters where ings, of eight inches or .lar^r ment or enzyme activities. With most fishing is in, the spring n lakes. -- about: 18.inches in length 0 months. This.kind of a varied program, e pointed out, calls for pant- ng fish throughout the ^ar. We're in the business of mass This, in turn, requires an jail fear egg supply. To achieve this he mangement program ha:|de- ireloped trout that spawn in'dif- erent seasons in place of jthe native rainbow trout's string pawning. Production adjust- Now we're trying to^atch up ments also are made by rasing ..·ii. i,.: _-,._i;«.-- L_AJ: ertain trout lines in specific latcheries where water tenper- atures and feeding methoiJsjcan be used to control growth:As the university's director on he project, Gall's first stepiwas o make'a computer analysis of different." Since the campus has no facilities for fish breeding, animal scientists will use fish in the state's hatcheries, but draw on scientific talent and research laboratories at Davis. One of the first joint efforts -a:sample crossing of two of the state's four rainbow,trout breed ing lines--has produced a hybrid that achieves catchable size of .about seven inches in 10 months, 30 days ahead of either jarent line. This means thai nore fish can be produced in less time, saving considerable costs of feeding arid handling -^costs 'which mount toward the end of the raising period as fish get larger. Quick growth is only one goal. Studies are being made of brood- stock fish to find individuals which produce: Large amounts of highly fertile eggs .so less weeding stock is needed; eggs )f larger size, which presiim ably will produce larger, stronger fingerlings; and fish, particularly fingerlings,. which will iave high surivial after planting- 'Gains in these objectives' also lave been achieved with the first hybrid crosses, Gall reported. Calhoun sSid. the Inland Fisheries conducts' three, kinds .0 stocking..There.js a "catchable program in which fish are planted in heavily fished streams am lakes; catches run 60 to 90 per cent. within days or "weeks ol planting because of heavy .angler pressure. There is a fingerling program, using fish up to three inches, for planting -- usually by. air drops -- of high altitude lakes. Survival is "low," only up to about 10 per cent since many most important. What w« ooking for in intial. stage: variabilities between fish; i geneticist needs differences to work with, riot similarities." One approach being used is to ompare various protein 1 -., 1 ;vels in the (blood) serum of dif jreni Ventura Coaches Vow To Quit If Funds Are Cut VENTURA (AP)-Cutting ath "In a selection program, say duction , and. planting cost last or size," Gall said, "breeders year was 87. cents a pound' in have'not always looked at what the creel, electing for that trait does to eetles we can begin to see in through fall, weeks the. kinds of things that lappen to these systems. To get ifornia waters get one third of the kind of information'by rais-the production and are fished ng cattle or even fish could take principally in winter, and spring fears. Again, it is the knowledge months. However, heavier fish- of the system that is important, not. its direct · application to a iarticular species." ig business in California. Statistics from the Department fish for recreation, if Fish and Game, Inland Fish- Today's 2 million licensed Cal- eries Branch, -show that about ifornia anglers ar expected to in- dents, buy angling licenses, half lion by 1980 and. the angler days, ill recent breeding recordsil'We million catchables about seven ment spokesmen point out that nches or longer; 1.5 million sub all the state's natural waters atchables; and, 28 to 30 mil- are producing as many trout as trout, much like comparinj fin gerprints. Serum sampli drawn regularly from hi fish by Emmitt McCle Fish and Game biologist' ^sign- id to the project and nowb at UCD. By comparing.je and occurrences of within the serum the ers can determine how ijosely certain fish are related # see if · their use would r more inbreeding. The b ,,-of which might be picled up and worked into'the b|eding program. ' j Another unique researchtool ii the flour beetle. These/jjpy insects play an important part in Gall's genetic studies; d beef cattle, and quickly provjd* many family generations in wiich to study heritability 'ofjgentic characteristics. One pnise of iis- work has involved'fselect- mg out beetles for size.-'Differences of as much as th'rie times lave been obtained. ing pressures there are relieved by availability of trout fishing in certain utility and water dis- 0 per cent of the state's resi- if.them for trout. operated entirely out of licensing ees, annually hatch .more than 50 million trout eggs ; to produce Future fishing needs-'vlll have o be met by an expanded 5 trout ilanting program,' they say. The more limited Southern Cal- Trout breeding and fishing are trict reservoirs and private lakes which plant commerically raised crease in number to 3 mil- which last year numbered 8.9 To meet demands for this kind million, are expected to go to 15 if fishing, the state's hatcheries, million by 1980. To purists who beliye wild or native trout are the only "legit- mate" trout to catch, depart- Mr. Business Man.. FISHING FOR A MATERIAL HANDLING PROBLEM SOLVER? Check the: ·'··: LIFT TRUCK Electric-Gas or LP Gas with Hydrostatic Drill A must for Narrow Aisle Operation! MANEUVERABLE - POWERFUL"- EFFICIENT - ODORLESS '7/ie Compact of f/ie Lift "ruck Industry" Thrives on-congestion, goes where otfccir lift trucks are,prohibited; Front load wheel drive, retaining full traction even at maximum load capacity. Full operator visibility-tor maximum safety. Rear protection shield and overhead guard are standard equipment. Infinitely variable speed control, from precise inching to fast travel. ' · · , Please Call for Demonstration and Information ASSOCIATED LIFT TRUCKS, INC. PINEDALE - FRESNO - LINDSAY 439-3721 237-3161 562-5294 ALLIS-CHALMERS lametnirig Is Going On In High Performance Corner! You must ' them. 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Clipped from
  1. The Fresno Bee The Republican,
  2. 04 May 1969, Sun,
  3. Page 33

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