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Claim he's Apolitical football' DELAWARE COUNTY DAILY TIMES (PRIMOS, PA.) Monday, Msrch 14,1977 Tobin parents go to bat for PR By JOHN ROMAN Daily Times Staff Writer CHESTER -- The parents of Charles Tobin, 29, the shooting victim who was arrested last week and charged with perjury for recanting his testimony at the trial last month of Terrence Nacrelli, 20, the son of Mayor John H. Nacrelli, said Tobin was being "used as a political football." "They want to use my boy to shame Mr. (John H ) Nacrelli, using him (Tobin) as a political football, that's all," said Charles P. Tobin, 67, of the 1200 block Pulaski Drive. "I want them to lay off my boy and leave him alone," Tobin said. He said in a phone interview that his son was "under pressure from both sides." ; However, neither Tobin nor his wife, Helen, 60, said they would identify persons who had "approached them." BY "BOTH sides," the elder Tobin said he was referring to the Delaware County Criminal Investigation Division (CID) and Mayor Nacrelli's office. "The mayor never approached me -- he's always been a friend of mine," Tobin said. "The CID never offered me any money, but the CID offered immunity to my son on drug charges in front of me and my wife," Tobin said, which he termed a 'trick." "The CID wants to get even with the old man (Nacrelli), shame him so he won't run again," Tobin said. "My boy has been wanting to go to the CID, but they got him so confused." Tobin said his son is a known drug addict who has been on methadone treatment. "He didn't know what to say," Tobin said. "You don't have your right mind when you're under methadone." He said his son feared the possibility of authorities depriving him of his daily methadone dosage, which is a heroin substitute *** "He cried one night -- he didn't know which to do,"Tobin isaid. "After all, he's the one who got shot. He's goin| through hell. He almost died. He still has pains in Ms back and leg, and if he don't get methadone toeasethepain..." TOBIN SAID he has heard indirectly, not firsthand, of reports oil a policeman who told an addict friend of his son that $5,000 could be offered to the younger Tobin. "Some of hose cops hate Nacrelli," Tobin said. "We sad absolutely not (to our son)," he said, "don't take the money. We don't want no money. We may be poor and live in the project (McCaffery Village), but we have ethits. We didn't collect not one red cent." Tobin :aid the only compensation his son has received for his shooting wounds was a pair of glasses costing about $75-- "he's got bad vision." Mr. and Mrs. Tobin said the CID had offered her son immunity on drug charges. Mrs. Tobin said her son was arrested on drug charges before the shooting and at 7th and Kerjn Sts. after the shooting for possession of two bags of heroin. SHE SAID one case in connection with alleged drug pusher Ployd Allen has been "continued and continued." Her son has hearings scheduled on drug charges for March 25 and 23, she said. "They ; don't make offers outright -- they do it in an elusive way," Mrs. Tobin said about reports of money offers to her son in connection with the Terrence Nacrelli trial. '"?here is no proof whatsoever, no matter how you know these things." Mrs. Tobin said she believes her son didn't tell the truth at the trial and "no one else thinks he told the either. He was so petrified," she said. "He's not afraid of Nacrelli's son or anything. He just thought it was too much fa- him to handle. "He didn't think his word would be as good as the other side because he was a drug user," Mrs. Tobin said. *** Official reaction mixed Official reaction was mixed to comments made by the parents of Charles Tobin, one of three Chester men recently charged with perjury in connection with the trial of Terrence Nacrelli, the son of Mayor John H. Nacrelli, acquitted of shooting charges. "THESE ARE all accusations made by Mr. Tobin three weeks ago," replied Thomas Gallagher, chief of the Delaware County Criminal Investigation Division (CID). "To my knowledge, no offers were ever made by the CID." "No promises were made to this man by any members of the DA's staff or the CID," Gallagher said. Asked about the large number of CID men which Charles Tobin, the defendant's father, said came last week to arrest his son, Gallagher said this was necessary because in "prior times going to Tobin's house, there has been a hostile attitude and we wanted to avoid any altercation." Tobin's father said about 10 investigators appeared at his house night to arrest his son and handcuffed him in the house. "He's no desperado -- he was eating supper," Tobin said. GALLAGHER SAID a number of men were sent to make sure that no one's safety was endangered. "When we arrest a person on a warrant for a serious crime, we handcuff them," he said. "It's the correct way to execute a varrant." "I never heard of a victim of a shooting vyho either refused or failed to identify someone being prosecuted -- and this is the victim noiv," said Mayor John H. Nacrelli. "I think this is terrible for the DA's office to persecute people like this, 3 ' he said. "It seems to me all they're looking for is publicity and scalps to hang on their belt-- mine in particular. "They' weren't prosecuting Terrence Nacrelli, but prosecuting his father," the mayor said. "And they're only doing it for their own selfish ends. "They ' are absolutely persecuting that boy (Tobin)," Nacrelli said., "Who ever heard of arresting the victim of a crime? If that was any other case other than my son and the victim refused to identify the individual for any reason, it would be all over." . Carol Clay of Brooma// is finalist A Marple-Newtown High School student has been named as a finalist in the state competition in the General Mills Co. "Search Family Living" contest. Carol Clay, 17, of Broomall, said she read about the contest a local newspaper and concluded, "Since General Mills was offering scholarships to the winners, I decided to enter." By mid-April the company will name the winners of the state competition. The first place contestant will be given a $1,500 scholarship, while the runner-up will receive a $500 scholarship. To qualify for the state competition, Ms. Clay had to take a test which contained questions on child . psychology, nutrition and money management. She achieved the highest score of any Marple-Newtown High School student.

Clipped from
  1. Delaware County Daily Times,
  2. 14 Mar 1977, Mon,
  3. Page 5

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