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the a or the a an the the andi becomes another oe the be 40 ex- ill dl/-j din- for a j it, a wbeth-r fom- Pay Continued from Page 1 McNeliy. 1307 10th St.. Fddv. stone; Paul E. Noonan, 2009 W. J2th St.. Chester; , and Waiter C. Pugh, 23 8th St,. Upland; '■ According to Eckell arrangement for navmpnt had h»n made with .the heirs of all except Pugh. Macaroni received ?993.40 ui uatK wages as a supenasor. me ouiers receivea amounts. A number of the men receiving the money reside in communities tnrougsi uetaware County. One a resident ot WilminBtrwK r* Lawrence Conner, CHA executive director, ' said . there are : no' re- striottons for .'hiring. -. An inquiry into the back pay list revealed that authority employes are . not required to sign a loyalty oath. Conner said th#> oath is. not required. Other federal enrolovfts and all employes of state governments, local municipalities and school districts are required to provide such signed statements. The loyalty oath is designed to prevent the hiring of subversives or make thorn subject , to prosecution on k . Conner explained that tenants' at one time- were required to present sighed loyalty oaths upon application' for living space. He said that his procedure has been cnangeo. ■ . . ' Among those receiving the larE- est checks were: John J. May.] 613 W. 12th St., Chester, $3,993.87; Anthony Di Vlto Sr., 225 BuIIen's Lane, Woodlyn, J2.687.12; Archan-gel J, Frank, 214 E. 24th St., Chester, fl.9S6.8S; Ben. Mallin, 2722 W. 3rd St., Chester. Sl.874.42, William.. H: Baker, 903 : Morton I Ave., Chester, ?1,866.56; Louis F. Carletti,. 404 W- 3rd St., Chester,! $1,513.58; Donald Brummit, 1919' ^incjiBbier Ave., wnwooo, |i,a/u.-79; John Davis. 1222 Baker St.. Chester. 11,115.05-. and Hearn E JJauey, 725 Upland St., Chester, Others included Gabriel Maca roni, 401 W. 3rd St., Chester. S993. 40: Raymond Stephens. 1124 Yar- nall St., Chester. ?913.75"; Francis u. unueno, 2520 Howard St.. Chester, J9O6.30; Gerald Scott, 930 uawara St., Chester, S905.40: Ed- gar Marker, 308 W. 24th St., Chester. S882.83. ' Chester Chocallo. 2B E. Mowry 01., unester, w-i.w; Joan tirem- nuncer. . 312 . E, . 22nd St.. Chester. 5767.99; Frank Ieradi, 424 W. 3rd t.t., uhester, 5766.71; Roy 5. Por-tas. 612 W. 8th St.. Chester. S763.. 50. Anthony Ieradi. 1D3 W. 21st St.. iChester, J754.84; Paul Noonan, iiwa w. liUi St., Chester, 5754.5S; Ronald H. Johnson, 1731 W. 3rd St.. Chester; $730.62; . and Abraham Spence, 2107 W, 3rd St., Chester, 5718.40. '-• Thomas Moseley, 229 Tiighman :.. Uhester. SB98.7C:. Albert P. Simmons, 723- Upland St., Chester, J674.81; Johnnie B. Dixon, 1512 W. Sth St., Chester; ?647,22; Horace Adams, 303 Crosby St., Chester, $629.85; Walter Broad-nax. 1003 Edward St.. Chester, $625.94. : • -. Anthony Korenkicwicz, 709 Cald well St.,- Chester, $5S8.00; Lawrence McCalUn/,796 E. 24th St., Chester, $596.82; Alex. L. Corbett, 2526 W. 6th St., Chester, $571.87; Rrorris Levenstein, 319 W. 22nd St.. Chester, {560.00. Norman Driggins, 335 Ulrich St.. Chester. . $544.17; Willard Cooper, 230 ■ Flower St., Chester, S17S.B1; Thomas O. Mansum. w. ara.st., Chester, $477.62; and wune saner, ^3 urounse st. Chester, $457.47. . James AI. Crowd!. 1507 Ridlev avc, unester, ?;^i.3&; wnnam h. iicgier. im W. 7ih St,, Ches ter, $391.92; Joseph C. Pierce, 920 Madison St., Chester, $373.50; Edward F. Hushes. 1014 Butler St.. Chester, $368.16. ■ Harvey A. Sewell Sr., 1301 Tilgh-man St., Chester, $367.00; Harry L. Kirby, 17 8th St.. Chester, $359,16; Frank S. Jagloski, 201 Forcstview Rd., Brookhaven, $355.50; Benjamin Wright, ,123 Broom all St., Chester, $336.71; : Alex Stevenson. • X04 W_ Wh Si !Ciics(er, $333.27; Joseph A. Di-Domizio, 803 W. 5lh St.. Chester, $331.80; Chester A. SUllworth, 2905 Knight Pl„ Chester. $326.37.. George F. Drtimmond, 613 W. I2(h St., Care John May, Chester; Vincent S. Daccardi, 533

Clipped from
  1. Delaware County Daily Times,
  2. 17 Feb 1962, Sat,
  3. Page 4

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