Eye-witness account of March on Shanghai Fleeing Army in Panic

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Eye-witness account of March on Shanghai Fleeing Army in Panic  - EYE-WITNESS ACCOUNT OF MARCH ON SHANGHAI;...
EYE-WITNESS ACCOUNT OF MARCH ON SHANGHAI; FLEEING ARMY IN PANIC -n- EDITORS NOTE---Alfred Meyer, Meyer, International News Service correspondent, was at the Sun- kiang front yesterday when the victorious march of the'' Cantonese Cantonese for Shanghai started. In the following story he gives an eye-witness story of the Cantonese Cantonese advance and the Shang- tung retreat.) .---o-- Bj Bj ALFRED MEYER SHANTUNG, March 21.--(INS)-Fighting 21.--(INS)-Fighting was In progress at Sunkiang with the Shantung armies putting up some resistance, when Cantonese troops in Mufti penetrated the Shantung Shantung lines at Mlngsingjao and after a desperate two-hour battle, during which machine-guns and rifles caused caused heavy causaltles, forces the Shantung Shantung retreat to start. With the Shantung troops in retreat, retreat, this correspondent headed for Shanghai. Out of the trenches of Tenglalmiao Slao Kun Shan, Chang Gen and Sxiiikiang. the northern forces came like a great flood. Ming- hong and Shanghai wac« UM objectives objectives of the great retreat On all sides the routed Shantung forces were hampered by Guerillas, who seemed to pop up everywhere nnd opened fire on the umfused troops. Tlmp and time again the retreating retreating troops were thrown Into panic and disorder by hnlls of bullets from Guerillas. Every t i m e however the executioners were ordered into action anrt forced the troops back into into * semblance of order, If there can bo order in so general a reatrcnt. This correspondent, personally saw no IOM ttkAB » acorn of Shantung i soldlers beheaded or shot down by the executioner's squad. During the night there was continual continual fighting but it became apparent apparent early that Shanghai could not held The fighting brought rather considerable casualties to the inhabitants inhabitants of the area, and In the neigh- hoi hood of MInchong five farmers one woman were killed by stray bullets. Reaching Shanghai two hours ahead of the vanguard of the retreating retreating northerners and the advancing advancing Cantonese, the first sight that greeted the correspondent was 1400 U. S. marines' in full field kit and wearing trench helmets and bayonets fixed marching through the international international settlement. At headquarters of the northerners the correspondent was advised T.hac General Chang Tsung Chang had returned returned to Nanking and sent orders to General Pi Shou Chen to evacuate Shanghai and fall back upon Nan- king. "I prefer to make a last desperate stand, awaiting reinforcements." Oen- rrs.1 Ft Shot! Ch*n told Ua* Iut«2(Ub- tlonal News Service correspondent: during the night. - It, soon became apparent, however, that, he could not carry out, this wish, as his lino breaking at, n dozen points. The first entry of the Cantonese troops into Shanghai was n scene of sweeping victory.' The nationalists found themselves without, any opposition opposition as they seized the. richest prize In n i l China, The northern troops either fled In titter confusion or by ami passively watched the victorious victorious Cantonese march through the city gate*.

Clipped from The Bee21 Mar 1927, MonPage 1

The Bee (Danville, Virginia)21 Mar 1927, MonPage 1
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  • Eye-witness account of March on Shanghai Fleeing Army in Panic

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