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1905-06-29-NewYorkAge-p1-HistoryOfRecorderOfDeeds - HISTORY OF THE OFFICE OF RE-CORDER RE-CORDER...
HISTORY OF THE OFFICE OF RE-CORDER RE-CORDER RE-CORDER OF DEEDS. l'rom 1)oii(1bm to lanry The Iast Hun Hcvoliilloniy.ed OnTce-Mlsa OnTce-Mlsa OnTce-Mlsa llarrlelte Slimlil a Smith Urud-iiHio Urud-iiHio Urud-iiHio Cuumil Wright en lloute to Honduras No Howard Inves-liyittlim Inves-liyittlim Inves-liyittlim Till September Afro-.111cTlca11 Afro-.111cTlca11 Afro-.111cTlca11 Farmer Incorporate. HltulatCurrespoiideuce of Tu Aor. .vnhinuiws, I. C, Juno 211. One of the l.e.-t l.e.-t l.e.-t know u and moat sought office held by an Aim-American Aim-American Aim-American is that of Recorder of Doedl of the District of Columbia. Race leaders of high and low estate seeni to regard thii office as the goal of their ambition and their natural prvy. The fortunate incumbent at present i tho Hon. John C. Ihuicy of North Carolina, the moHt prominent layman in the A. M. E. i.ui Church, whose fame ai an orator and lender is wide. The history of thia office it ;lt without interest, for It is here that all rivonla of the District government are kept. It w 13 created in 1792, and the Oral occujiant was J. Mackall Ganlt who waa appointed by tin. United Statea Cotnmitslnners aa "clerk tin! keeper of the records." Then followed William limit on July 2D, 182U,od John A. Smith on December 15, 1H48. fly au act it w.m separated from the office of the clerk of tho court and was designated as 'Office of the Krister of Deeds." Then follow Messrs. N.'i Towle on March 28, lS3i R. M. Hall on September is. lnCS; E. C Kddie on March 12, luT; and V. P. Cuppy on September IS, 188H. All v.:ee were known as "Register of Deeds." ltv an act of Jlarch 3, 1H6D, the name was ttiMiii ch.mged to that of "Recorder of Deeds" sii'd the Hun. Simon Wolf served from May 17. to May 25, 78, when Mr. George A. Mi. rid.iu was appointed. It was than a fee uffii and waa said U hsvc aid 111 fees and tal.m.froui $12,000 to $;!0,000 per annum. Frederick Douglass was the first Afro-Aiieru Afro-Aiieru Afro-Aiieru an to hold the office, his term running fr ra May 2", l"l, to May 1. when he was sticce.-ded sticce.-ded sticce.-ded by lion. James C. Matthews, 1 110 in Htm w is uceeeded by th late James jl. Trotter on M.irch 4, ltM7. Hon. B. K. ilritce was spiH'inti'd Heeorder of Deeds on February 7, Is'"", and he was the last one to receive ("" During his administration of the otVe it ;u made a salaried one at $4,500 tvr an'i::iu. I he late C. H. J. Taylor was made KecurJ.-r KecurJ.-r KecurJ.-r of Deeds on May 20, 1MM, by Presi-deal Presi-deal Presi-deal 'inner Cleveland, and on May 18, I8!I7, h . aas-ucceedej aas-ucceedej aas-ucceedej by tlie Hon. II. P. Cheatham. If 'ii. .1 hnt'. Danoy was appointed onPebru-arv onPebru-arv onPebru-arv 1. I.h'2. bv President Theodore Roosevelt. All of th- th- apjiointees since Mr. Duttglaaa have been colored men. To Mr. Dancy must be given thecr.d.1 for revolutionising slid modernizing uVoftce. D..riiig the last session of Congress there w:ui appropriated for this office fltkOIJO wr.ich was used for the purchase of the most modern lire-proof lire-proof lire-proof nitures. Kverything iu the uiie in tne way of furniture and shelves is raade .f steel. The office during last winter wis thoroughly overhsuled. Not only were llre-roof llre-roof llre-roof lixluresput in. but the whole place renovated. New electric lights, electric beilsaml fresh paint were added. All the old boi ki h.ive tieen rebound, most of theiu first v itl. leather and then covered with canvas. Shelving has lieen provided for the next twenty years. The otiice force is made up of the Re-i-otder.s Re-i-otder.s Re-i-otder.s Re-i-otder.s Re-i-otder.s Deputy Kiorder 1 white), five salaried clerks, two of whom ere colored: and thirty-two thirty-two thirty-two copvUts, ninet,"enof whom are colored. There are some very interesting old papers on hie in lie-office, lie-office, lie-office, among them several deeds made bv the Indians, in which they drew snakes and turtles and other snimals for their signatures. Tlwre are also any number of papers papers on ale in o hic'i Negro slaves figured as chattels. For instance yoe. will And bills of sals m which the schedule reads as follows: "One buy horse named Pete, one hog, two m.iK-a. m.iK-a. m.iK-a. one Negro man named Henry, one Negro Negro woman named Mary, two Negro babies," etc. Mr. Will lloccitu of the famous Goggins & D.tvis team, is iu Washington recuperating. Mr. Win. Jenninps, Jr.,of llrowni Lscys, has S-.n- S-.n- S-.n- S-.n- to Atlantic Citv for the summer. Dra. hn W . lirownand Kdward K. Brown of Pitta-b.iri;h Pitta-b.iri;h Pitta-b.iri;h s)H'iil a few days iu this city as the guests of iheirsisters, Dr.Sarah A. and Miss Fairfax liruwn of 1 1.VI (t street, N. W. Mr. Samuel T. Arahler is assistant manager for Mr. L. P. Coslley a' HUH K street, N. W. Mr. E. J Pa-kett, Pa-kett, Pa-kett, 'he richt hand man of Senator Cul-V Cul-V Cul-V d of Illinois has moved hag and baggage fr.n :heapiiol to Suie headquarters in llli. 1101s. Mr. 1'ickett is a veteran in Illinois poll-Ins. poll-Ins. poll-Ins. The lla:t.-rid-rs' lla:t.-rid-rs' lla:t.-rid-rs' lla:t.-rid-rs' lla:t.-rid-rs' Kelief Association will give itMirM aituual outing at Greenwillow Park, Atiaco-'ia, Atiaco-'ia, Atiaco-'ia, on J.ily "JO. 'Hie association is otft-eend otft-eend otft-eend h su. rt M.-ll-known M.-ll-known M.-ll-known M.-ll-known M.-ll-known men as Mr. Jamea M Jlji'.ii. Wusliliiinon Wood, Fdwnrd C Allen, i.ilw.ird Matthews, Samuel Ambler, 1L C. M-Tr.i. M-Tr.i. M-Tr.i. and others. a!la: o'ir nean-st nean-st nean-st tiewstand for the next i,-- i,-- i,-- :,. Hit: A..c If the dealer doe Dot h.ui lie it iri-tst iri-tst iri-tst that hecrt it for you. Mrs. Furui tii J. Shadd and daughter Lillian sr- sr- vUiin Smith Cdlece at Northampton, M..uh re they atretided the graduating ex en iM-i.it iM-i.it iM-i.it uhi.:h Miss flarriette Park Shadd, theehier da iL-hter, iL-hter, iL-hter, graduated. Miss Sbadd ban hen .t'hledto tlie fa, ulty of Howard L'ni-verity L'ni-verity L'ni-verity :o .1 iil i'.-in i'.-in i'.-in teaching in September. Mr. A I. . Curtis, son n( Dr. A. M. Curtis, late ur.-e..ii-a,-hief ur.-e..ii-a,-hief ur.-e..ii-a,-hief ur.-e..ii-a,-hief ur.-e..ii-a,-hief ur.-e..ii-a,-hief ur.-e..ii-a,-hief at Freedman's Hospital, has ciiaruo.it tt.e Kerream and soila department at finv.i.r;iv Fountain Pharmacy at 12th Slid lt... N.W. Mr. 11. rl rt K. Wright, sttomey-at-law sttomey-at-law sttomey-at-law sttomey-at-law sttomey-at-law of 1 M.uiit-s. M.uiit-s. M.uiit-s. ia who was recently appointed b' a cu.iiu!.h.. at 1 'til la, Honduras, is in the city receiving instruetions from the Depart-ni-iit Depart-ni-iit Depart-ni-iit Depart-ni-iit Depart-ni-iit -Jtte -Jtte U.foro leaving for his post of duty. Mr. Writ-ht Writ-ht Writ-ht is a typical Westerner, hraway s;l t.r .i slemldered, with plenty of rnt and ii,:i,. He is a graduate of the Law lin:irn' i.t ..f the Cniversity of Iowa and a leaner i-. i-. i-. ai'knowleded ability. lawyer. I. Ah-xamier Ah-xamier Ah-xamier Chiles of Ixington, Ky..w ii, town lafO week taking depositions uiianii:il.r of civil richta and "Jim Crow" "eia,ti' !,,. (.'. O. Itailroad. The local bvo-.s bvo-.s bvo-.s Mr.Cinl, the glad band. Mr. K'hi .rri , F. y of tonkins A Gaines h'i Met . :l mtic City, N. J, for the sum-ner. sum-ner. sum-ner. The Ke(.:a. li- li- mlony in this city is aug- aug- tne.ilM Ir.At : to time by tine specimens of 11 and w-onien w-onien w-onien who obtain posi--j.artruents posi--j.artruents posi--j.artruents posi--j.artruents through the civil i'-niand i'-niand i'-niand tlirouch their politi st-r-.i, st-r-.i, st-r-.i, st-r-.i, st-r-.i, wl It.!!. Mr, J. C. Vaushan Podd of the . 'i!!ii-e, 'i!!ii-e, 'i!!ii-e, Navy lepartment, is He iiaa leen jiromoted a num- num- '': ient aerv itee and is still in .'nil. He hails from Frank- Frank- r .ariti An,;: w ;t ti l '.f'i;.., - l.n- l.n- n f r. K . ' U, ,'.,:: of H.,1-.! H.,1-.! H.,1-.! t R-i-.l.. R-i-.l.. R-i-.l.. R-i-.l.. R-i-.l.. 11 tr i. j ... ! I'lm..,., w-lt w-lt w-lt :.iM.t(t.. ve. t ;-, ;-, ;-, ( . to investigate the troubles 'Tsiiy. recently appointed by lot, president of the board of a.-' a.-' a.-' Moii'lay afternoon at How-No How-No How-No action was taken and the a p BtKjned until the second Mr. W Cat f-n f-n f-n I.. I Wilkinson of the city post k rt . .. nth- nth- promoted. The Ma- Ma- will 1 t in this city on Sep- Sep- at Masonic Hull, 1111 10th .1 lin A. Bell is president il. T. Walker is treasurer. I' Allen, formerlT of this city i lty for eight or nine fiiendj snd relatives here. ''.No. I; and Queen Deborah " I Feliuwa, will run a union to-yniuit, to-yniuit, to-yniuit, on Monday, July 81, 'W'H.'SV tn,h-r tn,h-r tn,h-r :. 1 I'.--t. I'.--t. I'.--t. I'.--t. i Mr. A'fr. r. R-t. R-t. R-t. a , , ,:1 T . HMIV.i I," ' S....1., I r, V-fts-luaaT" V-fts-luaaT" V-fts-luaaT" V-fts-luaaT" V-fts-luaaT" 1 gM, hVep7 1 5-;.Mr.u;;i 5-;.Mr.u;;i 5-;.Mr.u;;i I M foriu.,,1 I w- w- la,,,;.., J H fSs7i Usa'PI K 'flJ"T Ut VI located at to as a oy Wet-ley to O. H. at H. at a

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The New York Age (New York, New York)29 Jun 1905, ThuPage 1
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