Nice story about William H. Baughman and his family. Where does he fit in with my Baughmans?

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Nice story about William H. Baughman and his family. Where does he fit in with my Baughmans? - OF D»y Know Your Neighbor William H. Baughman...
OF D»y Know Your Neighbor William H. Baughman By ISABELLE McCORMICK Despite ' the fart that he is ' . , ,...,,• u D . _u the 9 7 years old. A\ illiam H. Baugn- zan-.m^n of 5873 Carmont ave SW, 2. Navarre, still drives his or '. 194^ Plymouth to Massillpn on "Th* shopping trips and to services »t Myers United Church of Christ ' int ' of " which he is a member. Born Jan. 22. 1869. Baughman OF has spent his entire life on the noiy , , . . A . r Law. operated, by four generations of Mat- his familv. His grandfather, the Ham- , , , , " r, ,, n u_,__ „,„,.„,! u:- vac*- !ale ' lolin Baughman mo\ed his family in wapons from Cumber- On j d " countv" Pennsvlvania in .„'„ ^ i u" u m. 1836 10 the farm which was SC••at pas- i cc t cr j because of the springs on land. His father, the late jjavid Baughman. the youngest Of the family. W3S nine .years Holy 0 ](j a { {"fog time. Logs were CUt , . n-nnrfe nn t'hp nrnn*>rtv the from the WOOdS on the plOpeit> and hauled to 3. nearby sawmill whpre lnev were cut f or a l oc "^ c ""-. OF *. BARN on the property constructed 8& vears ago and the present residence., which sup- school planted the log house. 80 years Will Further I i LJidiitcu me iv/s* m/u-at. *j\j ^ \.»*..- ^TT *->fm'- »»• -»r ~i ; t nr-rnhpr Timhpr taken BEACH CITx — MISS Marilyn ftl SJ Sv woodfwas used Moody, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. under to cons; truct both buildings. The Melvm Mood y of Camp ttanake. T house still in excellent condi-'^ received a bachelor•of arts, -9 tion. was constructed along the degree with majors in chemistry: p. m. lines Qf -- J ----'-— T ---- - — acc0 rding to and biology- June 6 at Otterbein a(.tuiujiig W » ' ^ ^"terviUe nas entered^ e ther with 2' Mon ' teflore hospital, school of . ~j / ._-,__u ,„,) ..ui ,\, a joists of hard whi t e oak. Although .^r ."search and tate the me or he vtLS only four years old. he Prcscribeo course of training. recalls the barn raisins in which Miss Moody, who graduated v, Miss Moody, who graduated £70 men participated, in one day. with distinction for research and, of m. He also remembers that it took her writing of a thesis entitledlthe 3Q men to raise ^ house in -An investigation of the Vascular Neva schoo one day. The workers were sen-- System of Polystechum . Ated their noon meal by his par-mchoides." was a laboratory "iiy.ents during the break for lunch, sisttnt in biology for three years Baughman. whose mother, the;and..m her senior year an V.TO^-^ ^^. L _^ -r,-~... -n-.., ~l-.«.,« ' irtt IFI »mKfi n)r\<n- af rhe prvllpdr • ~«^,...—.^^ i—j—^. — —,---7-. « i_-~i_ u^ _* *.j i— ! est. and last surviving member sorority of which she served asjt 0 a family of 12 children. He vice president in her senior year. :co attended the old Brush College was a member and vice president,j where a classmate was of the Women's Athletic associa-; Y OUie L. Lonas. who also tion, was a member of the Cam-; was his neighbor and whom he pus Christian association, the:f married in 1892. !youth forum and the 9tudent an* When Baughman was 18 years;council, was a dormitory coun-! decided to obtain employ-'selor and was on >e deans lm. decided to obtain emplov-'selor ana was on me aean s usi. , om ii" ucviucu i\r uui«i« ti**j^».v,T , ui me nt in the old Pigeon Run coal Miss Moody graduated in 1958 ji ;imine where he worked for $1.35'from the Beach City high 22. a day consisting of nine and a, (now Fairless senior high school).|Mrs. u-ir *!.«..-«. iTAn-Afa*. irnrV iw Mits Mnnriv'* ci^lpr. MISA RllthiTir*^ u-it -hours n<m 1IUU1: '- However, work in Miss Moody's sister, Miss Ruth I M the mine was not steady, he said. Moody, who graduated with this Be Paul a nd sometimes he worked only years class of Fairless senipr: c»ui M|IQ aULUCkUllCa -U^ T» Ui I»t-M Va*J.» j i_ «_t v.- --i— .^n^ «•* j. —.-. *-^v«j ~ • III about two or three half-days a high school will enter Otterbein,Mr «u«uv n y v . " .. _ ?i :_ c » w i^j --- - ., .. . « . _^^ Afc , week. After three years, he quit college m September. ^ng j fl j, an( } took over the • family farm of 112 acres. i Baughman retired from active farming following the death of TJI Area Church wife in 1947. He has turned DC over the farm operation to ruj J -soiLClyde Baughman who be. : MT. EATON—Instead of the t™**^'?™*™^^^ ^™?*i W SS ST rS barn now houses_ 31 milk _cows. Sunday jn^ St. Paul's United.was chores7 has planted and tends a children of the primary depart-; -* - , , —. i —, -T .. «w_ . , L-tj •' j ' according to the elder Baughman. Church of Christ a children s day chur Baughman helps with the barn program will be presented by his chores, has planted and tends a childre- -* fh - "••«««' ***.**.. the potato patch and is looking for- ment. ,,.,^^ J Q hgjpjjjg with the load- A_ ; An _ informal .reception will be the 9 THE NONAGENARIAN Proud of the fact that after he recovered from 1J Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harrold. time Vacation Bible school will be pneumonia and held next wgek tt ^ chureh for of measles as a child of about 6 children between the ages of 4 '«' other attack of pneumonia at he age of 78 years. He said that recovering from second time. ha e .nd M in " " Y- butter a week for sale to their at iast customers in addition to many gallons of buttermilk. Baughman y at 9:30 a. m, Howell " ,uth fellowship will meet M evening at the church, j the ., „.«„»« of the nursing staff of : the Massillon state hospital who n . v formerely lived in the Belgian „. Congo w'ill provide the program.;P 1 . The Men's Brotherhood provid-jCity flowers for the church altar; _ also hauled hay for the horses n ^p three Massillon fire de-FOHL partment^ for many years before SUBURBAN PERSONALS a the j^ito next the department became motorized. motorized. Incidentally, his first au- _ JUSTUS tomobile was & 1914 Overland. Mrs. Shirley Baughman is no longer the early been taken to her residence fol-. riser he used to be when f arm | lowing surgery in the Massillon. 26 - chores got him up at 4 a. m. city hospital. ; Now he sleeps until 6:30 a. m. The condition of Mrs. Evea He likes to retire at 9 p. «. He Steiner who is confined to the.ed enjoys watching the Cleveland ;Massillon city hospital where she No. Clevelan-1 Browns football games ago is reported as" improving. on television and also likes to Audley Fowler has been taken ville listen to the games on radio as to his residence from the Mas- • - - •"-- ••- ' ;i - 1 ------- •-- — »— as the broadcasts of the sillon city hospital where he Washington high school Tiger cently underwent surgery. f 00 tbal! games Visiting here: Mr. and Mrs. Baughman has been a subsrrib- Jack Kouth of tteyton are spend- to fhe Evening Independent ing the summer months in Justus Miss . . L'l.. t t_1_j.i '__ii i:__»»i1^_.1f,... more than 60 rnnv withnnf "I s C ° P - ,, W!lnOUt ,, ,. glasses. He recalls reading tne years and reads while the latter Ls attending Mt. lor: t the benefit of Union college, Alliance. sociate Mf. EATON p ap er when it was a semi-weekly. Visiting away: Mr. and Mrs. Al tary; ^ lways on the I 00 kout for four- Johnson and sons in North Da- ing clovers Batighmsn has a box kola. The Misses Joan and Judy mi{id wjth • ^ m ^ hjs fQ]} ^_ Sc haffter are accompanying an tary; tion also includes four of the Orrville relative on a trip to urer: five-leaf six-leaf and seven-leaf Florida to visit the Misses' Schaff- varietv and two of the eight-leaf ter's sister, Miss Jeannie Schaff- den: !vpc "^ e anc j n j^ son have found ter who is employed there. sentinel: • •*• h sk p. f -.. ] f -V i n rij an arrow- CANAL FULTON side a^ec^basketfulUf^ndian arro^ Mrs ^^^ wgterg . f conf . ned hor ^ an Indian axe and a '° Barberton Citizens hospital. Grace sledee on the propertv *" -, rf Mrs. Fred Combs is confined to .,the Massillofl city hospital. cold Mrs. Ear! Stoughto,? recently underwent surgery in the Orrville! i Community Osteopathic hospital, ' visiting here: Capt. and Mrs.

Clipped from The Evening Independent15 Jun 1962, FriPage 10

The Evening Independent (Massillon, Ohio)15 Jun 1962, FriPage 10
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  • Nice story about William H. Baughman and his family. Where does he fit in with my Baughmans?

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