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aphance to - v8Hb - ME8TATE wkNsiAgCitVMNvi - haa just admitted - his defeat by Hadley Rep for goyjsr - W - f i - pcrats are still badlydazcd arid Avon idering how It happened V Tlia - nuflnhlr By oclbckth bulletins of the XAiW tlA1i lrtMn A AAtUAtM nti tWYiDp niivii ucfidii xy - ahuisi mi yi left no doubt as to the election of TiMo Toff Af fiA h Npw YnrV Worl4 dem Issued a fetatemiriti cpftt thathe bad tarried NevirYtrk state byi a large plurality1 Returns i frbrii lift other eastern states also Indicated the ictbryj While the returns fromfNew York fhrtlrnlt Vho final result bevdril ii f easoiiabjdoubt the riewsfrbinobr apparent ilhatVyaftliiad swept the from New Jersey Maryland Massar Chusetts and bther commoriwealtlts claimed byenibcrats Indicated repub Ucan victories - nrio tp the - surprlx pt everyone it was teen that Judge Taft was runningclosetouhe remarkable Rooseveltvole - otWi Therbliirris from1 tho wjsterri states came jri1 more slowly buiwerescarce ly less satfafactory tlian those from theastp i w Tlia inoat jalscouriglris feature fronii republican standpoint wasjhb returnayroinijridlana These Indicated that lhe yotewould probably be tinl d - 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yassea tne woritot computing tne totals was taken tip Up to ihe lime The News went to - preW total3 and pluralities had been figured ai follows - Epfpoyefnof SiarshaiiivrtVfji atsbn Marsballsplurality - SJ jClnbte4kfSj257 tVunMuiaiiifrftyti - iForJoIrt Senator 8117 t - 126 S725 12740 8416 12444 12471 1238 8816 8743 8647 Vesey Tj1 avl4 k - 1 Cfl For Treasurer pclielinan 13104 Gearln vvi 8234 Schel mans pjuralIty - 4870 - - - - For Sheriff - Reichelderfer iv i 1205S fllazelet v P410 1f - 1 - - I j - jl - r 1 A rfM I Heicneiaenera piurBiiij - rjJUiv - For Recorder Kelly J ri i i 12514 Ashley viv 8870 Kellys piiiralttyW3874 For Surveyor Spindlier - - Sharp j - Splndler a - plurallty - - - 30p For Representative Wells Pern Rogfen Dera Shirley Derri Keller np Honk Rep Pichoa llem - y V Branntrig is tie Suo cessful isplraht for trusteeand John Bushmah6ifVflsimft - - 4VJi - - ir in Gedat Creek township Charlei J uaiey was elected trustee by a plurf allty arid Chdrles Fjsbbtirri assessor by a lead Of twenty - five Both are denin cratslt 0 McDuffle Whs ejected trs J tee or Eej River township by a plur jlity of Wrty - eir and C L Greenweli assessor by k plurality of thirty spveh Both are democrats Motorman Is Elected Empoyes of - thel Fort Wayne5 Wa bashValle Traction company In this city Were considerably jntereeteti - la me race ci anea J wwer an itft 1 terurban conductbr or the Wabaeft Aalley line between tafayette arid Tort Wayne Mr Biitlerwnsthedmsf bcratlc noijilnefe for sheriff of CaGf county He la a highly popular mart amV ithe reports Indicate that hp wboi Inarwajfe - - Settle - the Bills 4i The cpurity commissioners werbf busy All day Wednesdayyln allowlriifi v eieciioii exnenses veaneB - - wa ma rKuiaroiii uay jorme commif ilbnersJbltlibrelbtUc - tbadowedeyeiilllng4lseThblllft f t piled - - deep on the desk In ttd commlssiOriers court and their coni Itldeiitibnbccu pled jtoe eatlf eaVJp i fSik MrMoffmarrs PiauretxWW t13vG lloff hianVdcmodratte - chauftV j u 1 vi iu - vt rii iu may k uvuTrJS i wiHiiave apiurailty 4 over CongreniartV Clarencb C Git h iiamslf abott2000 Ilepiystherft - I turns whlch he has receiy W so far Indicate that Irranee and Steuben counties gave JIpGilbams a plvralUy 01 zium anu wouie county 4screasod this lead slightly - DeKali 00110 gavo CJIne a 1M of aboutOO Whit - ley county lOO arid Allewcounfyi be teileves will give Cllhg aplurality of nearly 3000 Fleming Claims 4000 S B Flerjiliig democratic candidate fpr Joint senator - frora Allen anil Adams cotiitles Was highly pleasol with Ih outcome of his contest He stated that his information from Adams county Is that his plurality there Will not be less than 1500 to 1 buy anauiat wun a plurality ot z 500 which he expects In Allen cbuhtj he wil run ahead of 4udgeVeseyhl opponent by about 4000 votes Retords Are Burned Up As he result ofan unusual happen lag In the FJfty - fifth precinct a portion t 1 fl 7 - CI 1 1 T

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  1. Fort Wayne Daily News,
  2. 04 Nov 1908, Wed,
  3. Page 1

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