John Bowdoin Virginia Land Purchase

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John Bowdoin Virginia Land Purchase - i , WILLIAMSBURC, Junt II, 177a. IMPORTED in...
i , WILLIAMSBURC, Junt II, 177a. IMPORTED in the Millham, ' Captain Jamet mitffielJ, laft April t a Caik of STOCKING THREAD marked A Crow's Foot T which wis to haVe been left at BuruelTt Ferry, but wii neglefled., The Captain is deflred to fend it there imme diately, as it is greatly wanted. - ' - - . " ' ' . 7 7 . - 1 . tTi A K I N up, !ri thtfytiatitr, a dirk bay HO R SIT about four Feet 'X four or five Inches high, Half hli Mane is rldfced, hat Ibmt Saddle' Spot?, otie hind Foot white, and a Switch Tail. Po(t J, and aupriifed to feven pounds. " J ; PYRANT EASLEY.1 for S A L,E, ' , "1 TAKEN up, in DinuiJdle, two SOWS and feven SHOATS, one of ' the Sows is marked with a fniboth Crop in each Ear,' and the other ! Sow 'id Shoats are marked with Half Crop 4n the under Side of each Ear. - - Ported, and afiptiifod to fifty Sttfflihgft - ALLAN &f TUANER. A BOUT twelve Hundred Acres of very valuable L A N P on each - JOHN WILLIAMSON. To be LEASED fit Term of Years or S O L P esfi ryPlanudonontht'jffiii, contauung two Hundred Acres, "lid convenient to Trade, within one Mile of a Landing, and three from.JWiVflfr's Warehopfe. There is on the faid - Land two Dwd - linghoufes, ; a very good Kitchen and Srnokehoufe, a Warehoufe with a Cellar under it, and a Storehoufo. . Any Perfon inclinable to purchafe, or leafe the faid" Land, may apply .to te, in NantmtMi. . : U t - :;CHJUSTOPHER CODWIN. F O. jL - - .'S,A '.'" L 'E v TWO Thoufand five Hundred and twenty Acres of LAND on Net - ' teway River, in the, Counties of Dirmlddu and BrunJ - wick, . about thirty Miles from the Towns of Ptttrhurrtnd Btaudford, to which Places there is a fine Road from the faid Land there is a food Water Grift Mill M the faid River, with two Pair of Stones and a Bolting Mill. The Land is a proper Soil for Com, Wheat, and Tobacco, and has all necef - fary HouCet for Cropping. The Terms may be known by applying to the Subfcriber, vv Princt Cmp County. Long Credit will be allowed for one Half tjie Purchafe Money. . 8 THEODORICK. BLAND. . To j; OLD, on Saturday the $th of September , 1: ;, . on.the Premifes, HE PLANTATION and HOUSES of South cj, lately occupied by thmat Tiber, deceafed. As the Placets well known for its ..convenient Situation to Trade, the Warehoufes juft repaired, and in the ,J bed Order, it la needlefs to amplify on that Subied, An Account of the Warehoufe Rent fm been kept for, a Year, and amounts to about Uurty Pounds. The Lr , 's srfubjecl to the Widow's Dower. Twelve Monthi Credit will be ailc.vsd,, 9n giving Bond and Security. Any Perfon in - . cinable to purchafe hj priyate Contract may apply, before the Day of Sale, to the Subfssiberfjci f&nfexttLJ: , ... ... 4 t;. ;, , JHy T Hamilton Co. : - A 1 To he.S0l3'ifthe Executor of Cofonel Richard ; Cock:e,Vc the Prenufis : 25th of Notember next, and to be entered on - at - Chriftmas, - . County, none of it cleared, is well watered and timbered, land an ex ceeding fine Place for. Stock. . The Land on this Creek produces as largo , Tobacco asj ever faw grow on. high Land, Any Perfon inclinable t purchafe may know the Terms by applying to me, in Btukmihtm ' , 4 ' . . . .ANTHONV WESTON.;' .r. J,The Land lies about ten Miles above Mr. Cnrrt Wrirh la Cumbrlni County. , 0 , , . ; ; rJ - HE Subicribcr, at Pittenween, juft A telow the Ntw Distix Lit r, near NORFOLK, has for Sale WEST INDIA RUM by the Hoglhead, and a confiderable Quantity' of HONDURAS HIGHLAND MOHOO ANY, equal ha Quality to any Jamaay from fourteen to fortv Incites iquarr, and fromi eight to feventeen Feet long, which he will difpofc of on very rtafonabie Terms. As he has now removed from Norfolk ui hc above Place, and' intends declining Tiade till hii old AfTairs are fettled, lie requefts tharall' Peffons indebted to him may makefpeed Payments, and thofir who hav ! any Demands are defired to apply fodn, that they , may be difthargtd.' ' 'o ; WILLIAM CH1SHOLM. ' To be SOLD, purfuant to a Decree of the Honourable, the General Court, at publick .Auction,' on the fre mifesy on Tuefday the of Jul, and entered on the iy?o January' A TRACT of LAND, in the County cf Nmhuw.UrUui, Ulonging ' to the Eftate of the late Mr. Jobt Smith, deceafed,. known by the, Name of FlttCt Boyi containing fixteen Hundred and eleven Acres, oat which is a Brick DweUinghoufein good Repair, and allneceflary Outhoufcs the Situation is very beautiful, and the Quality of the Land inferiour to none in the lower Part of the Country. Twelve MonthsTCredit will bo . allowed te Purchafer, on giving Bond and approved Security tAtj the fame Time will be fold, on three Months Credit, about uxtf NE - , O Rt) $,' large STOCKS of aU Sorts, and a confiderable Quantity 'of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE And on Friday the iytb of the fame' Month lll be fold, by the fame Authority, In the County of Glmfltr and entered on the xft of January, eight Hundred Acresof LAND lying, oh the DropM Swamp, Part of which is good low Grounds, 'and aboit: fifty Acres, of Swamp. Twelve Months Crecnt waiU'aJkwed,.'givmr Bond; whh god Security, to , , GEORGE PURDlfe. 1 ; ;; ' ; John bowdoin. i S fVJ' ... - Sor .S - A. LV.E,; - '' - ' - - - ' - ;

Clipped from
  1. The Virginia Gazette,
  2. 25 Jun 1772, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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  • John Bowdoin Virginia Land Purchase

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