Schirmer, Charles & Tresa (Zink), Rita Marie, Baby Health Contest

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Schirmer, Charles & Tresa (Zink), Rita Marie, Baby Health Contest - PAGE f .. BABY HEALTH CONTEST IS GIVING PROMISE...
PAGE f .. BABY HEALTH CONTEST IS GIVING PROMISE OF BECOMING ONE OF BEST IN FAIR HISTORY So popular has the Baby Health contest, held yearly at the county fair become, that this year It has shoved the beauty show completely off the boards. The campaign of education has achieved such splendid splendid results that young mothers auci Girl babiea from one to two years; boys the samfe age; girls from two to threw and boys the same; twint* from one to two and from two to throe. The last named class will be entered entered by the twin babies. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Cole, of Delphos. who car- Iried off the flrst prize lasUyear for some not so young are grasping at be , ng tbe ^eaHlilest babies in the the opportunity afforded to find outjg r 8 t class, while later over at the grand stand they al»o received the second prize in the beauty show. They enter the second class this year. : Some of the entries are: Joseph Ftfvpdorph. U months, son of Dr. and Mrs. R. A. Elliott. Alger. Thomas HoVer Bown. 19 months. BOH -of Mr. n*' Mrs. Wra. Bown, 1138 Richie.tavetaue. Mary Margaret, 29 months, daughter daughter of Mrs. J. F. MeNamara, 812 north Union street. Louise E., Jr., 28 months, daughter daughter of Mrs. L. E. Thomas, 134 west Klbby street, Robert L., 16 months, son of Mrs. J. H, FHlhart, 919 St. Johns avenue. IVtarjorie Eleanor. 18 months, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. H. F. Failor. 227 south Pierce street. Ruth Winifred. 18 months. just where their baby excella its fellows or where it is deficient. The charts prepared by the examining examining physician* and dentists, show every measurement of each child, whether under or over developed; and these are compared with the Chart of a perfect baby, iu addition mothers who care to learn are told 3ns* the best way to make their own little lad or lansie as nearly perfect as possible. Some of them have almost almost reached that blessed state already, already, and it IB a striking example of the- Better Baby campaign that each year finds more children coming nearer the perfect measurements, perfect mental attributes which include include steady nerves and sweet tem- ·pers. BECOME PROFICIENT. The committee of women who have worked year after year along'daughter of .Mrs. Roy Thompson, 841 this line, have become proficient antl' adept in it. and have reduced the work of examination to a system t h a t takes care of a large number if babies in a Khort space of time. Because of the fact that the contest was wtarted la to this yoar entries are to be allowed u n t i l Monday evening and so the parent* of bright, healthy, lusty babies us. well as those that ·are not so .-·ironi; and healthy, still have a chance so enter them for the different prizes, which are not so considerable, iu money value, but bake very pleasing: remembrances. The committee which includes women from every township of the county, is UK follows: Dr. Josephine p erce. r h n i r t n a u : , Mrs. Paul Aahton, ""s. W. E. Bayly, Mrs. W. C. Bell, Bellefontaine avenue. Dora Lillian, 24 months, doughter of Mrs. Bornlee Hamilton, 345 Mc- pheron avenue. Lois Bernardino, 21 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Conaghan, 521 Franklin street. Maurice Leland, 14 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Conaghan, 21 Franklin street. Lowell Ellswprth, 12 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.' E. Blnkley, 325 Collet.t street, Wilfred Wendell. 28 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Binkley, 326 south Oollett street. Elizabeth. 14 months, of Mr. and Mrs. Charles liijvery, .91J, Franklin street. "'EVelyn Marie, 26 months, daugh- . Bath townahip, R. ft. No. B. j Harold Francis Woodford. 12 j month*, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank 'Woodford, 765 Weadock avenue. Dorothy Virginia, 26 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Means. Wayneafleld, R. R. No. 1. Alice Eileen. 12 months, daughter daughter 'of Mr. and Mrs. Leland Hurd, Beckman house. Zoe Emily. 23 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Schnabel. 74S Brice avenue. Dorothy Jane. iC months, da ugh-· ter of Mr. and Mr». Clarence Mu-J maugh. 725 Greenlawn avenue. ' Thelma Irene. 25 months, daughter daughter of Mr. aurt Mrs. Robert Horn. Uniopolls. Richard Dale. 19 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Wingate. 224 north Union street. Eva Lillian. 15 months, d^tghter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Roder. R. R. No. 2. Junia May. 16 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McNett, R. R. No. 8. George Wilbur. 35 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Byerly, R. R. No. 8. Emma Maiine, 22 months, daughter daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Mason, R. R. No. 2. Wilson Jacob, 26 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Sandy, R. R. No. 2. . Maynard Lee, 27, months, eon 'Ot Mr. and Mrs. William ^Roberts. R. R. No. 2. Clara Marie, 12 months, daughter daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Boeder. R. R. No. 2. Rita Marie. 12 months,' daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schirmer, R. R. No. 2. JLoraine Evelyn, 12 months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Charles Sheehan. 771 St. Johns ayenue. Donald F., 20 months, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Chesler, 815 west Spring street. Robert Vernon. 12 months, son. of Mr. and Mrs. Marion Vermillion. 220% north Main street. Eileen. 15 .months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stine, 1116 east Elm street. Richard Thomas, 32 months, son! of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Whlttlng- ton, 956 Richie avenue. \V. I). Berryman.. Mrs. O. P. , ter of Mr, and Mrs. Fred Neubrecht, Mine. Mrs. W. J. Richie. Mrs. B.|7i7 'Atlantic, avenue. Thomas, of the public health de- 1 Miriam May, 16 months, daughter M-t ment of the Women'* Federal- 'of;Mr. and, Mrs. T. J. Small. 301 I clubs of flits rity: Mrs. Harry| aO ut.n Malii* Btreet, Ada. ratz. R. R. No. ?,. Bluffton; Mrs.'. Dorchula, 16 months, daughter of Jtlly th- fair 50 this making tures The department the in it idea county of that cause service business commodities and LITTLE ORPHAN'S DREAM!! Dreamland today;-also Keystone. A land line Marion L. Heffnor, Lafayette. Mrs. V. C. Leonard, 44 Elektron Flats. Robert Owen, 17 months, son o f ) Hon township: Mrs. B«ss Helser, Harro.d, Atiprlaize township; Mrs. C. p. Reara, Tl. R. Mo. i. Perry n v n - i Mr. and Sirs. J. 1. Motter, 910 west) 6)iip; Mrs. Fretl I-VU'.-r. R. H. No. :..| spring street. P a t h t o w i v j h i n : 'Ah". Fred Ra.sor. I Lawrence Spyker. 2R months, son West C n i r o , ViT--.-:,. w.v«-,lnp; M r w . | o t Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Rpyker, 327 H a r r y .Tones. H. IV N,.. :!. rtusar youth Collelt street. Forest Edwin, 21 months, son o£ Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Rlderour, Dsl- R . H . X o " . ' · · Rolln. Holl!!'«i " ·f:ownuhin: Mr No. 7. Sn(M«.- : ". s!iip; Mrs. T ^ i i " ' 1 ;' Marion i o ' v i f , ! ; ' R l e i n o r . B l u P ' f n t i : M r ^ Beaverdam: Mrs- ('. L i i f n y e t t n ; Mrs. lld'ii ioil; Mrs. Elmer M i l l . Mrs. Lester Bc'-htol. :·;·. Scott · n : \ v i i H h i p ; Mrs. ::r-l Kiev. K. R. i A m a n d a town- · c ' l t . Delphos, Rowenw Ruth. 18 ir.ontbs. daugh-! ter ot Mrs. .F. V. Oswald, 1109 east) Second street. j Josephine Elizabeth. 14 months, i !· II. Fowler, j daughter of; Mrs. Joseph Miller. 913 i AV. Mc.rieary. j oaa t Market/street. . - j- Wnoliiy, H a r - j Hicile Miriam. 22 months, daugh-·! · r. W.-Ht r.niro: -tpr o f M r . a n rl Mrs. 0. 13. Llttell, '· · Gor.if-r: Mrs. ; 4 2 0 north Collett. street. Fthel Jones, E l i d n : Mrs: I- Charles Warren. 18 months, son Delphos. first w a r d : Mrs. A. B. King. o f j\i r . and Mrs. H. D. Ktlgore. Cole Pelphos, second wnrrt. street and Kllda road. R. R. No. 7. LONG LIST OK ENTRIES. Carrie Luella, 14 months, daugh- The list of babies already entered ' of Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Wll- R i t u r d a y for the oont-est, for 1 0 l J ) . | C o X , R. R. No. 6. Come to the Stay All ' ' : *'.·'·' GET Meals t l i o fond m o t h e r of enoh o f ) which hopes her infant will win tho honors is given below. One noteworthy noteworthy incident in the fact Ihot one. baby -was the winner of the flrst. year beauty prize at. the county fair last · or. The babies listed are from ? l l f o u r o r rather f i v e different Evelyn Pern. 30 months, daughter daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert. Fltz- simmons, .IfiG south Pine street. Leonard Lee, 1C months, son of Mr. and Mrs. Loe Faurot, 401 south Jameson avenue. Viola Catherine, daughter of Mr. and 35 montha, Mrs. Frank AT Central "the QuaHty ·'Onthe Square" 26

Clipped from The Lima News26 Sep 1915, SunPage 4

The Lima News (Lima, Ohio)26 Sep 1915, SunPage 4
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  • Schirmer, Charles & Tresa (Zink), Rita Marie, Baby Health Contest

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