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theodore roosevelt - IV&A:5 " "" ' , ' ""V; - $ - ' M l" .'.'. (,...
IV&A:5 " "" ' , ' ""V; - $ - ' M l" .'.'. (, W&: yt.y - ."'. 8 t hs. fife fife m u. ivy i '? p.: B!V - iv .v? ft NS'i THE EOET WAYNE TrVTTRW ATJA KBTTT'PI ,p 'V - i - ,.bL.wJL , - A.Jm.JLwl V - n - A. m 4r J - JL J - L JLJ r 4 yvf I ESTABLISHED .fiJSSj;; 16 PAtES SUNDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 15, 1901. PRICE FIVE CENTS, n Wmm ROOSEVELT iSSUlES THE DUTIES 0 THE UNITED STATES. THE OATH ADMINISTERED BETWEEN SOBS, AND STRONG MEN VIEWED THE CEREMONY WITH TEARS STREAMING DOWN THEIR CHEEKS. til' '.',' - V fR' ''S' Vtm?:' ' V .' 4.V :''''"; ' vJHDilllllllHilHJiKujiilHIilllHIIOft " ' bsbw yBBimBHflii sTaTs"sTsTsMsTsTsTnTsTsTsTssasTaTi JIHIIIIIIIlBnflHiEMlDulflMHiHIIHIIIIIlBllil rPPPPPpHUiJnpHpHBpjpjflyPJHj PEE8IDENT EOOSEVELT. I ! - - . - - H HI I M....W . New Chief Executive Declares That He Will Continue Unbroken The Policy o! President McKiniey and Requests the Cabinet to Continue in Office The Whole World Sympathizes With the ''''' Stricken Nation. MUFPALO. Sept. 4 - Theodore Hoosoyelt, .who, to - day was tragically elevated to the chief magistracy of the American republic by the death of President McKiniey, entered thla city of mourning )hla. afternoon after a remarkable and perilous Journey frojn the heart of tho north woods. 'He hud been president under the constl - tntion and law of the land ance tho minute the martyred president ceased to lire. - 'Alt' the duties' And powers of the offlco had devolved upon him, but he, was as powerless as tho humblest cltlcen to exercise one .of them until ho had compiled wth tho constitutional constitutional provision requiring him to take u prescribed oath to support und defend defend tho constitution and laws of tho United States. He took that oath at 3:30 this aftertfoon In the library of the residence of iAhsloy Wilcox, a pergonal pergonal friend, with whom he Btoppod earlier, In the week when the 'physicians 'physicians thought President McKiniey. would recover from the wound ln' - Wctod by tho aasumln: There were ' present, iwbon , he: swore to the oath Secretaries Hoot; Hltohcock, Long, Wilson and Postnjnster General Smith, Senator Chaunce JJepew, or New York; Judgo, of the Pourt of Appoals Halghi John, N Beatherd,, Mr. and Mrs. Ansley. Wlldo. Miss WIlcAx, George P. Sawyer, J)rfl. Mann, Parke and Stockton, Mr. and Mrs, Csrleton BiwuvJsXnuUarx - JphnjaJiiiL oiirn, .ovurqiary jw mw i - ivmhjih ,,! - lliuii Loob. Jr.,';Surretary to tho Do - rcaao Mr. Beatherd, J. D. Sawyer and William JcfTois, .official telegrapher, tn addition addition to Judge John It. Haiel, of the inn Uieb, Jr.',;8urretary to tho Doused Doused 1'reHlilontOwrge II. Ourtelyou, r. unit Mrs. Chariot Carey, It. d. II ret slop after taking the oath wus In line with Its redemption. His first act was to - ask the momliers of the cabinet cabinet to retain their portfolios In order to aid him to conduct tho government on lines laid down by him whoso policy policy ho had declared ho would uphold. Such an appeal was not to be resisted resisted and every member of tho cabinet. Including Secretary of State Kay and Secretary of the Treasury Cage, who were rommuutl'utad with. Jli Washing' ton, agreed for the least to retain Jhelrieyeral. portfolios. ( The president has made po plans fx yet. )Io said. he ws,( so. shocked by this national calamity that had thrust his new responsibilities upon him that he had had no time yet to think of hln fnturp career at Washington. He will remain here quietly to - mOrrow and Monday will accompany tho funol - al train to the national capital. Tho cabinet, after conferring with tho family of the - late president, decided decided upon a state funeral at Washington. Washington. It was at first Intended to havo n brief service of prayer at the Mil - burn residence to - mprroW afternoon and start for the national capital with the body on Monday morning' at T o'clock, but the people of Buffalo el? pressed such a strong wish to be' allowed allowed to pay their tribute of rcspoct here that It was subsequently decided to hold the service at 11 o'plack tn tho morning and allow tlo body to He Sit titato In - tho city hall hero - to - morrow Afternoon. Monday a special train bearing the president, cabinet, Mrs. McKiniey, the family and 'the distinguished person - igcaauB(KJat('d,wltbUi.oMcKlnlcy.n(l - . ministration will convey the !ody to Washington. The body will lie taken to tho white' Iioiiho for the night and on Tuesday it will lie formally conveyed conveyed to tho rotunda of tho .capital budding, ,where the state ceremonies will occur. On Wednesday the body lionltsI service, A chemical and bacteriological examination examination of the remaining burets In the lJetol will, however, confirm or demolish this theory, and such an examination examination will undoubtedly be mado tt once' by the authorities. Hut whether this theory Ib established established or not, It heoms probable that tho result of the autopsy will give rlso to medical controversy. The gangrened gangrened condition of tho Interior Wounds, which the physicians thought were healed.. Kpd the fact that the phya'ielans announced positively "that the kidney which the bullet tore In its passage through the abdomen was uninjured, uninjured, were so contrary to what was exptxitod by the public after the statement statement of the physicians during the progress of the case that discussion Benii Inevitable. The poisoned bullet theory might, of course, account tor the. sudden and pussllng reversal, of President McKlnley's condition just when tho physicians laid such great stress upon his Improved condition and gave. such strong hope of his recovery' The .'.bullet ; Itself was not found, Bl - thougtt an hours search was made for It , Secretary Coitelyou to - night gave, out the following order for the movement movement of the funoral ceremonies: - . "There will bo a private; ceremony at the llllburn house Sunday, Sept. IS. at 11 a, hi.V;.conslsting' Of reading the nerlpture, prayer by the Iter. Dr. lock, and the singing; of a hymn. Immetll - atoly"'nftr tbla sorvlo the remains of the late president will bo taken to tltu Buffalo city hall under escort of. gnejr&nmjny, otl.tggMlM.pyj&one company, ot marines, one company each ot the Buffalo regiments of national national guard. "The "The body will lie In stato at the city hall, affording the cltlsens' of Iluffato an opportunity to pay their reapecta un til nightfall. The time will be approximately PRESIDINT ROOSEVELT'S FIRST PROCLAMATION. 4 MILBURN HOUE, BUFFALO, SEPT. 14 - PRE8IDENT ROOSEVKLT TONIGHT ISSUED THE FOLLOWING. PROCLAMATION: "BY. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, A PROCLAMATION. PROCLAMATION. '' ' , "A TERRIBLsf, BEREAVEMENT HA8 BEFALLEN OUR PEOPLE. THE PRE8IOET,OF THE UNITED STATES HAS BEEN STRUCK DOWN; A CRIME COMMITTED NOT ONLY AGAINST THE CHIEF MAGISTRATE, BUT AGAINST EVERY" LAW - ABlDlNQ AND LIBERTY - LOVING. CITIZEN? ' "PRE8I06NT."M'KNLEY CROWNED A LIFE OF LARGEST LOVE FOR HIS FELt - OVY MEN, OP MOST, EARNEST ENDEAVOR FOR THEIR WELFARE, BV - A"pEATHOF CHRISTIAN FORTITUDE? AND BOTH THE WAY IN WHIC4HE LIVED - HIS LIFE AND THE WAY IN WHICH IN THE 6UPREME)itpUR OF TRIAL, HE MET HIS DEATH, WILL REMAIN REMAIN FOREVER y PRECIOUS HERITAGE OF OUR PEOPLE. "IT IS MEETi,Tl,T WE AS A NATION EXPRESS OUR ABIDING LOVE AND REVepirlCE - FOR HIS LIFE, OUR DEEP 80RRQW.,fOR HIS UNTIMELY DETH, " ' ' "" "NOW, THERtFORE, I, THEODORE ROOSEVELT, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, DO APPOINT THURSDAY NEXT, SEPT, 19, THE DAY IN WHICH THE BODY OF THE DEAD PRESIDENT PRESIDENT WILL BE LAID, IN IT8.LAST EARTHLY RESTING PLACE, AS A DAY OP MOURNING' AND PRAYER THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES. I EARNESTLY RECOMMEND kLL THE PEOPLE TO ASSEMBLE ASSEMBLE ON THAT DAY IN THEIR RESPECTIVE PLACES OF DIVINE DIVINE WORSHIP, THERE TO BOW DOWN IN SUBMISSION TO THE WILL OF ALMIGHTY GOD, AND TO PAY OUT OF FULL HEARTS THEIR HOMAGE OF LOVE AND REVERENCE TO THE ' GREAT AND GOOD PRESIDENT WHOSE DEATH HAS SMITTEN THE NATION WITH BITTER GRJEFi , " N WITNESS i WHEREOF, I HAVE HEREUNTO SET MY HAND AND CAUSED THE8EAL OF THE UNITED STATES TO BE AFFIXED. AFFIXED. , .''.' "DONE AT THE CITY OF WASHINGTON THE 14TH DAY OF SEPTEMBER, SEPTEMBER, 1901, AND ,OF THE INDEPENDENCE OF THE UNITED STATES THE ONE 'HUNDRED AND TWENTY - SIXTH. (SEAL) '' - "THEODORE ROOSEVELT, "BY THE PR.E8I0ENT: JOHN HAY. SECRETARY OP 8TATE." IMPRESSIVECENES AT THE WILCOX HOUSE WHEN THE OATH WAS ADMINISTERED. THE CAUSE OF PRESIDENT M'KIN - LEfS DEATH M MILBURN HOUSE, Buffalo, N. Y 14. The following report of the autopsy upon the remains of President McKiniey was issued at 5 o'clock: V The bullet which struck over the breast bone did not pass1 through the skin and did little harm. The ether bullet passed ;.' through both walls of the stomach near the lower border. Both holes were found to be perfectly closed by the stitches, but.tjie ,t ' $ tissue around each hole had become gangrenous. After passing sji through the stomach, the bullet passed into the back walls of ,' the abdomen, hitting and tearing the upper end of the kidney.' "" j This portion of the bullet track was also gangrenous, the gan - ; grene involving the pancreas. The bullet, has not yet been ', found, "tf 's There was no sign of peritonitis or disease of other organs. The heart walls were very thin, there was no evidence of any; attempt at repair on the part of nature and death resulted frotpf the gangrene which affected the stomach around the bullet., ' wounds, as well as the tissues around the further course of the i '; bullet. Death was unavoidable by any surgical or medical treatment, treatment, and was the direct result of the bullet wound. Harvey D. Gaylord, M. D. Herman 0. Matzlnger, M. D. P. M. IMxey, M. D. Matthew IX Mann, M. D. Herman Mynter, M. D. Roswell Parke, M. I). Eugene Wasdin, M. p. Charles D. Stockton, M, 0. Edward Q. Janeway, M. D. W. W. Johnston, M. D. W. P. Kendall, Surgeon U, ,S. Army - Charles Carey, M; Dw? " Edward L. Alunson, Ass"'t Surgcpn U.S. Ar liermanus L. Baer, M.'1 After the physicians had finished their; autopsy on the body of the president it was . rjrepared for burial. The face vas shayedg , 7. - .. - ... - .wg were pale and the face somewhat th'in, showing evidences of the last struggle. '. i fQ DR. WASDIN BELIEVES THE BULLET WAS POISONED.: v nr w ifo3 ir - BUrPALO, Sept H. - Immedlately laftcr President McKiniey had been shot rumors were rife that, acting under under a' general, order ot anarchy, the assassin' had. probably poisoned the ballets. The .early days ot splondld Improvement to the patient's condition dispelled theso rumors, but they were rcntfwod when tho final collapse began. began. This morning they found their way Into the autopsy room", arid when the gangrenous condition of the tls - si)es lii the ' course oOhe bullet was dlscovored discussion was had as to whether, or not the assassin had used poison, to make mora complete bis deadly work. Of the doctors who havo attended President McKiniey through his struggle Vi : bullet through the soft tissues of the. , back where, It; became Imbedded was also surrounded by necrotic,; tissue, Theeo different nocrotld areas all hid the same appoaranceas to time of duration that Is, theyere due.tF the same influence acting about the ssme time. All hee conditions lead mo to believe that there) ban beesi in', Influence exerted by the passing bullet through these tissues' entirety dlaslmt' jar to the Influence exerted by an ordl - nsrr missile. - lrrthlscaser the not the, appearance of a single cSort sll natitt - sll At - tal saw'ataiV luvlsk lnvass( - the track of the ball. ' '! 'P$M ino iiiuuence t .pea 01 nga(.uw either bacterial, the microbe belojr carried In on the bullet and giving rW ' te a growth of bacteria Id the abdominal

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