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 - 2--B By Albert Paysvn Terkune Togo: Hero and...
2--B By Albert Paysvn Terkune Togo: Hero and Victim TALES,OF REAL. DOGS Y OU ^ffi remember,, most of you, \ the heroic dash, of a doe team,! . led by Balfca to carry diphtheria ; serum through a storm to the isn- ! lated and disease-stricken town oi \ Nome. The story was printed in j every papsr in America anct Europe. A statute of- Balto was subscribed for and was erected in Central park in New York City. Balto, by the way, was a, friend of mine; the most powerfully built "dog i have seen, arid one of the wisest and gentlest. I spent some time at the studio where he was posing for his statue, and he and I got to knowing each other well ana to liking eac.i other. 1 don't know what became of Balto eventually. But, the last time I htord. or read anything about him, he was being dragged froci one. theatre to another, through sickening summer 4 heat, to be exhibited, and was forced to sleep in cramped quarters and to endure long railway trips. In brief, he was exploited for iiioney- and his life was miserable, far away from his native north. He was plunged into- the ctin and the rsck and thu cr.o\vdo of big cities, ho whose life had been aUunc'd to .the great outdoors and the- silences. . That was. his only reward for the saving oi many human lives in his inspired dash to Nome. So much lor Balto. SUCCESS OF TOGO Another hero of that Nome journey and ons- of the dogs most responsible- for its success was Togo. You have read of him more than .on corn leader. Thanhs to Togo's speed and great heart and endurance and leadership, Seppala won race after race. Togo's name became as famous in the i'rozei: norili as did that of Man o' War, on the raceiracfcs of more temperate regions. The average dog, at the age of ten is as old as is the average man of fifty-five or even sixty. At twelve the average doe; is us old. as is a Tnan at seventy. Yet Togo was twelve years old when he made that terrible. "'Nome journey. And he more than held his own' against .sled dogs far younger than he. At an age when most dogs are oither dead cr Pise spending, their ·l:ivs drowsing in front of the henrth-fire, TOOT- was still winning races for his master. Time seemed to have passed him by. He was a wonder, a super-dog. FOX SIQ00 STBA1N Soppala always claimed there was a. strain of fox"blood in Togo's several breeds, though such a blend is said to be unknown to biologists and has even been callect impossible. It JS known that his mother was a Siberian sled dog, member of one of the hardiest of canine types. Well, when Togo was fourteen, Seppala gave or sold him to a Mrs, E P Ricker, Jr., of Poland Spring, Mrane. Fe lived at Mrs. Kicker's home for two years longer. Then at, last he. began to show slight signs of old age. This when most dogs born at the same time as himself had been dead for several years. Mrs. Ricker hit. on a plan to have him. cremated and then to- have his ashes scattered to the winds in the Northland of his birth. It was a Thanks to Togo, Seppala won. that Togo was still very much alive, prd into the crate which - - - - - carry him to his death. FBOTJDLY ALERT | A dog that is "proudly alert" ly has enough strength and vigor I don't know. (I may be wrong' in thinking it is saner and kinder to give an old dog the besc possible treatment and to make his last days happy, than to put him to death, and then to glorify his memory by the dramatic scattering o£ Ws ashes over the wastes which once he traversed so gallantly. That is merely my own opinion.) DOG'S DESTINED FATE At any rate, the plan was changed for another, as perhaps some ol you may have read at .the time. The newspapers printed accounts ot the grand old dog's destined fate. I am going to quote, in part, one of these accounts It is from the New York Times, of- December 7, 1929. Tersely, it described Togo's nest adventure. Said the Times: "Togo, Siberian husky, hero of a thousand frozen, trails, . . . will never see Alaskan snows again. Proudly alert, despite sixteen win-, ters, Togo was placed on a train" (At Poland Springs,' Maine) "yesterday, to- be taken to New Haven. "There he will be put to death; and his pelt preserved in the Peabody Museum of Yale university. Typifying his kind, he will stand: in harness; "for posterity. "Recently, Peabody Museum officials attempted to- secure a Siberian husky, and obtained the dog f-oiri Mrs. Kicker." There you have the story. To me, most of it seems to be '"written between the lines." For example, "proudly alert, despite sixteen winters." That gives me a mental picture of the good, old dog as, obedient poetic'idea. The only flaw in. it was to his mistres's commands, he step- ... him to enjoy life for a goodly space of time. If ever a dog to enjoy such an old ago of happiness to the end, it seems to me that, that dog was Togo, Perhaps this is a mushy hearted of looking at it, but I believe of you will agree with me. So it was that the mighty hero was. sent from, the home was his. and was shipped to a scientific- institution, there to be.put death among strangers, while he still was strong enough to get pleasure out of life. And all. for what? In order to careless visitors to a museum idly at the stuffed body of a genuine Siberian husky! Truly a end to heroic life! (Copyright, 1930, MeNaught · Syndicate, Inc.) ree queens At War Vet ·LONDON.--C0B)--The unusual event of three queens shopping together was recently witnessed here at an exhibition of the work of disabled ex-service men at Londonderry House. Queen Mary of England purchased a. velvet lined beauty casket,, a, and bridge scoring; pads; Queen of Spain also bought a vanity Queen Maud of Norway ordered number of dainty articles and all three bought workbags with tortoise shell handles.

Clipped from
  1. The Ogden Standard-Examiner,
  2. 30 Nov 1930, Sun,
  3. Page 16

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