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It on when Is be that with will Lapp bat- dope. in series footprints footprints, big those gets Mo-Carey with bouts a he Is the to toast are city. rivalry They in will be It Is fair this Ber. critic, Ernie Irish-American Columbia now Ernie opinion even their sea- asked to explain. It Ls alleged that CHARLIE ROBINSON'S RECORD INTERESTING TO BOXING FANS The appended record of Charlie Robinson, the local colored boxer, is pub-: lished for the first time. The big smoke ls very reserved about his ring work and It was with the utmost dlf- Acuity that the record was secured. It is a rather Interesting list. He has had sixty-one bouts, of which he has lost two and has six draws. Of the total only eleven of the bouts have gone ten rounds or over. The number uf bouts that have terminated in short order are remarkable. To be sure there are no world beaters In the list. There does not appear the names of any of the champions but he evidently took them as they came, having travelled quite a lot In the six years he haa been in the game. He ls a young man yet, being only 24 years of age. There is nulte a contrast between his development and that of his opponent in Friday night's bout. Robinson is built on proportionate, lines from his heels to his head, whllei Clarke ls more on the boxer's lines, with light legs and heavy shoulders. Roth have the punch and It appearst that they will have equal trouble ir getting in close enough to keep up their past reputation in the matter of short bouts. Charlie "Spike" Robinson. Born, Oct. 30, 1SS9: 1:107 Johnnie Kane, K.O., 4 rounds, Teu- Peublo, Col. Clarence Nichols, K.O., 3 rounds. Pcubla, Col. Will McNeil, K.O., 1 round. Trinidad, Col. Joe Cunningham, K.O., 2 rounds, Trinidad, Col. "Kid" Kay, K.O., 3 rounds, La Jaunta, Col. "Kid" West, won, 4 rounds, Denver, Col. Flovd Klmp. won, 4 rounds, Denver, Col. John Sanchez. K.O., 1 round, Omaha, Neb. Loyd MoKlnney, K.O., 5 rounds, Cen-terville, Iowa. Mack llaughton, K.O., 3 rounds, Cen-terville. Iowa. Louis Hrown, draw, 10 rounds, Omaha, Neb. 1908 George C.nnther, draw, 10 rounds, Omaha, Neb. "Kid" Lee, won, 10 rounds, Buckston, Iowa. Young Taylor, K.O., 2 rounds, Buckston, Iowa. Charles Saiger, won, 6 rounds, Buckston. Iowa. Johnnie AlcCIorln, won, 4 rounds, Hingham, I'tah. "Kid" Williams, won, 8 rounds. Salt Lake City, I'tah. "Kid' Davis, K.O., 3 rounds, Salem, Oregon. Bud .Mills, won, 10 rounds, Salem, Oregon. Young Joe Cotton, draw, 15 rounds, Boise City, Idaho. Young Joe Cotton, won, 10 rounds, Boise City, Idaho. Jack llowen, draw, 10 rounds, Nam-pa, Idaho. noise t ny, iciann. i ness. iclann. J.ick Howen, draw, 10 round?. Nam- George Nichols, K.O., 1 round, pa. Idnlio. Grangevtlle, Idaho. docket civil and no criminal cases. "Kid" Mitchell, K.O., 9 rounds, Wen- atchee. Wash. Dummy Rowan, draw, 15 rounds, Denver, Col. Young Joe Grimm, won, 10 rounds, Salt Lake City, Utah. "Kid" Morris, K.O., 6 rounds, North Yakima, Wash. 1909 Alf. Dragon, K.O., 2 rounds, Coleman, Alta. Jim Halley. K.O., 9 rounds, Coleman, Alta. Jack Lester, K.O., 8 rounds, Coleman, Alta. Billy Burros, W. F., 11 rounds, Coleman. Alta. Billy Burros, K.O., 3 rounds, Coleman, Alta. Jim Burros, L. F., 3 rounds, Coleman, Alta. Jack Paris, Ex., 4 rounds, Calgary. Tom Raymond, draw, 6 rounds, Saskatoon. , 1910 Arthur Marshall, K.O., i rounds, Winnipeg. Art McLagen, K.O., 3 rounds, Winnipeg. Ed. Campbell, K.O 4 rounds, Winnipeg. John Willie, K.O., By., 1 round, Winnipeg. Walter Stanton, K.O., 3 rounds, Winnipeg. Jack Nelson, K.O., 2 lounds, Winnipeg. 1911 Cleve Hadklns, bout stopped, Du-lulh. Minn. Young Johnson, K.O., 2 rounds. Proctor, Minn. Joe Mattjoy, W.F., 5 rounds, Duluth, Minn. Jack Roland, K.O., 1 round, Virginia City. John Horen, K.O., 1 round, International Falls. 1912 "Kid" Brown, K.O., 2 rounds, Sweet Grass, Mont. George Thrasher, K.O., 10 rounds, Port Arthur. Ont. James Houser, K.O., 1 round, Port Arthur, Ont. Joe Ryan, K.O., 2 rounds. White River, Ont. John Moore, K.O., 6 rounds, White River, Ont. Fred Barnette, K.O., 8 rounds, Ig- nuce, Ont. Bob West, K.O., ( rounds, Ignace, Ont. 1913 Kid" Christie, K.O., 3 rounds, Winnipeg. Art Jackson, won, 6 rounds, Trans-cona. Fred Parker, K.O.. 1 round, Winnipeg. "Kid" Richmond. K.O., 5 rounds, Brandon, Man. Oscar Hartimer, K.O.. 1 round, Cran- brook. B. C. Ted Ware. K.O., 3 rounds. Fernle. B. C. Young Best, K.O., 2 rounds, Passport. "Kid" Howard, K.O., 6 rounds, Bon- ness. Idaho. George Nichols. K.O., 1 round. Grangevtlle, Idaho. shot to Military quantities. The and paying Say-ville, local with box-4ng, gloves boxers his the showed work, when said:

Clipped from
  1. The Winnipeg Tribune,
  2. 02 Oct 1913, Thu,
  3. Page 9

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