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mckinley 2 - Wl M. '. u mi' m it . SHOWEKS TONiaHT AND...
Wl M. '. u mi' m it . SHOWEKS TONiaHT AND SUNDATV Jt3tTHKKXTt3tjtJt3tyjt3CK3t3tK1K8 fro flll$W Ptnllitil An SrtU JlolHit dr - KJndljr deeds, thought and word, Ales Ch 'world like songs of birds. . v ,, . KjmmnmtutJUt ESTABLISHED 1833. ORT WAYNE, INE)., SATURDAYySEPT. 1, 1901 JPRIOEFIYE CENTS, Bill rii ESIDENT M'KINLEY YIELD TO DEATH IIMii'titffi5 - THEODORE ROOSBELT IMS t HE OATH Drfead Ind Came to the Stricken PresMent at MS This Morning Wm. Mm Period qf Un6onsGiousnessf It is ifiod's Way; His Will Be Bone," President's Last Words. i::iilfr:fIERAL WILL M HLB Milburn frdusn, Buffalo, NiY., Sept 14. President McKinley died this moaning at 2:15. Theodore Roosevelt topic the oath as president of the United States this afternoon at 3:3b. ARRANGING THE FUNERAL k Milburn jjouse; Buffalo, N. Y:, Sept. J4." - The program aqreed upon by1 the cabinet includes provision for a short service of prayei1 at the Milburn residence tomditdvV afternoon at 5 o'clock; On Monday at 7 a. m. the remains vvill start for Wash - " inaton on a SDecial train, in which the cabine'ti as well as the faniHy will .embark. ArrjvihJB 1 there in thJ evehlnB, the Wciy - Will, be taken '''id the white t house,where - it - Will remain rover night, and on Tuesday It Will be taken formally to the capo, Where the stale ifUheral Will be held. "'. t)n Wednesday .the 'remains will be escorted to; Canton and on ThurtdaY Interment Will take place at President McKinley's; bid home: CABINET TO ARRANGE DETAILS. Washinaton, Sept. i4. - - - Gencfai Gillespie, acting secretary of War; has received the following telearam from Colonel Bingham Bingham at Buffalo, relative to the funeral arrangements of thejate presidents "Funeral train leaves here Monday morning, 8:30, for Washington' Washington' 'via the Pennsylvania railroad and Harrisburg; arrives before before 10 night. If possible body Will lie in, east room, of the White house Monday night. Mrs. McKinley and family Will sleep in the executive' mansion. Tuesday morning removal to capitol, to lie in state till Wednesday, probably 2 p. m., when train will leave (or Canton via Harrisburg and Pittsburg: General Brooke will reach here 5 p. m. After cabinet conference the secretary Will have further Word for Washinfltbn." THE BULLET IS NOT YET FOUND. Milburn : House, Buffalo, Sept., 14, At the close of the autopsy it Was announced that the bullet supposed to have lodged in the muscles of the back had not been found. A further search will be made. Death Was caused by toxemia (blood poison). .' An X - ray machtne Will be used to ascertain .the location of the bullet ifl the president's body. A hiaefjinehas been sent for and it is expected the examination will be rriaife today. THE LAST HOURS OF THE STRICKEN ... ......: ... : ; - - ... 'llllliili Bt Bt jAw flisBBBr2BiijQiBK m 1 wmammjLuum j. - '.' I ' Ij Ti , '"1 '' M WILLIAM M'KINLpY, I ' TWICE ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, FALLS BY H: THE BULLET OF AN ASSASSIN, iHHHnHHHHHlHHHHHHHitfl WASMINO of conaciounes, whloh ended about 7:40, chanted th words of. the hymn, "Nearer, My Qod to TheeA and hi la4t audible conscious words, as taken dowh by Dr. JiTann, at the bedside, J'dpod - bjre, 11 good - bye. It 1 Odd' way. Bis will be done.' ' Then hi mind to wander and DunSan, the president' slaters; Mrs. Mary Barber, Mrs. McWlUIatmsy Mrs. McKinley' cousin; the physicians, Including I)r. McBurney, Who arriyed after 8 o'clock; John Q. Milburn, John N. Sea tcherd, Barry Hamlin, all of this city; Secretary Cortelybu and a number of others. Hev. C. D. Wilson, a - Methodist - At this midnight hour the Milburn house - was the center of a scene!' as animated as though it were mid - day, although a Solemn hush hung Oyer the great crowd of watchers. The entire lower part - of the house was agloiw .with light and the many attendants, attendants, friends and relative could be seen within,, moving about and She entered his room, and it was apparent to those present that of the two principal figures In thi intense drama Prerident McKinley, aibout to solve the, great mystery, the more fully realised the significance; of the awful moment. There ywt no fear; in th features of the. nation's executive, SOliciTUDB FOBt.HiaWI - rE. tMrsv. McKinley didhot quite aeent to "reaUie';.tkatahe7,ws);Wng;hr huband for the la; time - liT; and the president - made It plain that'his eTreax scaicitud wa for the wife over whom he had watched with such car ;andloy;' ';.,,f ' Mr,; McKinley i .sank ,' to i'jier, knees at the' aide it the; bed, her husband handaVwere xiaypediihsr, ''ind,;ii'e; head wai "bowed and, buried , , Jn'! tha' bed' - covering). - It - " "".."."," ' '.'",' '. - MBS.' ' M;KrNtBT'S, AgPTCA - Lj " ,'; ...Sobs ahooV:h'r" f or '' moment, and' then h. look e4upVat;0r.,.Caixeyr;:and wtth'almosi a smile on her, face said: 'l jknow that yon wilj hbn, " I cannot let him go Th country cannot cannot tiparehlmi" President McKinley was, lapsing into insensibility, and tha physician assisted, Mrs.'; '.McKinley tajherf eet' J ua - ea nex.zrom tnt racnn. . on. tne iutsld Mr; Milburn explained!, - .to Mrs. ; McKinley that th president was dying, and that he oouid1 Uye tlll morning only 1n the event of the direct direct Interposition "ijf Providence. She then came'. - toa full realisation! of the losa' that was upon her, and showed symptoms of a collapse. 'STBONO ,rOBH3S JJAKE. Herbert T. Blssell rushed; to the assistance of. the sorrowing wife, who was being JiUrally supported ,by Mr. Milburn. (Word Iwai sent to Dr. Vfasdln,, who cam from the president's president's chamber and administered a restorative. - Little by little ahe came, back to her normal condition; and at 8:30 was clear minded and in full possession possession of her strength. Sevsral ladle ; were with her, and in their sympathy, she. found surcease.. To one she)' whispered i 'I will b strong for hivak," An attempt watnad to persuade Mrs. McKinley to retire" to get some rest. She refused. She; said that her duty wa; .thers, and there she would remain, ' within.. call ; of those who we're with her husband. BEARS Vr. BBAVBI.T. , , Eh said h hoped the president iswidji arouse Vand , she, - might; then have' the comfort of a last word nrith; him. ( She .was bearing; up '. bravely and in a manner that.aurprlsed' ht 'friend,':! ' "Mxa McKinley wai agaiii euin - mond,tth bedside of her husband tjijdj.o'oloeki' lB1.T0tid'. ..himself ' sufficiently to reeognl her and made a feeble'moveinent a if to clasp her; hand. Then hi lips moved. 'Ood Sirlll, not our, be dione, was) hi farewell utterance both to hi trin';:wif''and:'to "life itself.: ' Realizes coming blow; Then he sunk into unoonaciousness, and as Mrs. McKinley was tenderly - led from the room hepiainly realised; the coming of her last gTeat sorrow . the crowning affllcticm.of a life fult cf..gflef:;'y;ly;,bi'rnf;.','' , As the ininu tea ; slowly passed her: strength, began to give, way, and at 1 1 o'clock ahe, was in a, state of 1 nvos oompJtprQtrtIon. She seemingly seemingly dldnot know what; was going on around, her and was at once placed unlder medical, eareV,.:" s " BBEAKINaTHENKWa. It is deCiltely learned today that It - ' 1 rorVrlrlrMJw lr ll rtrW rf'rllnnrll - i iTii"iiV (Continued on Second Page.) . ... .. ...ti .. ..I. ,i . - - .. ... . ..I .r .. ,.. " ;. i . ....' - YyrM t'l Milburn House, Buffalo, N. ,, Sept. 14. President Theodore Roosevelt cation. Be was too shooked, he said, to yt think of plan.

Clipped from
  1. The Fort Wayne Sentinel,
  2. 14 Sep 1901, Sat,
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