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 - Entered as Second Class Matter Oct. 4, 1895, at...
Entered as Second Class Matter Oct. 4, 1895, at Post office at Tipton, Ind., Under the Act of March j 3, 1879 Invasion Ends Period of L^ng J. c. OESTREICIIEU ! Foreign Editor International News Service Full-scale invasion of NaziJ-held Europe by " American, British, Allied andj free government; forces 1 in overwhelming strength today climaxedj a perioc: "of| meticulous military preparation un-i precede) \ted -in the history of warfare. This preparation, direct antithesis of the "too little antl too Pinal Victory f'Still Lies Some Distance Ahead" Washingto i, June 6.—(INS) -The American people had the Perfect-Circle Plant Plans Ceremonies rerfect Circle employes at the Tipton plant will be honored honored at 4 p. m. today when high ! officials of the company and insurance insurance company officials par­ ticipate'in a program marking the end of the seventh consecutive consecutive year with no lost-time accidents. accidents. • An award will be mmm lire OFIWIO Roosevelt Haars Word [ at White House After Addressing' the -Nation Washington, June : 6.— (INS) Jury Withdrawn Court rom A jury trial which had been scheduled j for June 12 H was eliminated! today' when the. ad-L ministratbr of the .'estate of i Mcrl Morse was given peijmis-j sion to j.compromise claims • against the city of Elwood The case, which was vei herefrom lowed the Madison county, ;iued fol-!. Naval Force's Take IS From Group, 12 do .to. Army Uni:s "• death of Mr. Morsel Twenty-two Tipton county . _ . ... • -, — .General John J. -Pershing,- in . ^ ElWood Municipal's^m-t™ b ^ iW^.'^^P* 6 ? for'sei-yice late" weaknesses that necessarily i solemn warning from President j ™ ade *° tno local Plant by; who led the United States army ming poolt The administrator; in the. armedrfbrces following London today said that present A! heel operz- tions in EUrope are designed to secure the port uf.'lbherbourg ior landing: of heavy equipment. A'tliea parairoop's haye bejlen dropped o :i but titlejs of -nue7 Cherbourg peninsula tif old/ characterized! Allied activity j in the hopeless Roosevelt today that the day of days wicn Adolf Hitler and! Japan held thc' final victory|over Germany and iniUativb, f^rjantedates actual entry of the Uni- j Japan .. stlll ij lies somc distance ted Stales into the war as the result of Pearl; . T ... Harbor. * '. . L- ahead." |j • . Actuary, it began even before Hitler's inva- Mr ' Roosevelt's warning was sion of IPoland on Sept. 1, 1939, and stemmed j nttde in a special radio talk to from that cay in 1938 when the late Prime Min-'the nation in which he hailed ister Nc.vill i Chamberlain returned from Munich; Allied deliverance of Rome and with a Ipiece of paper that he thought, in his; Vatican "city %om the Nazis. He provincial, short-sighted way, represented' ! . . ., '! . ' , „ , ••pefce in our lime/" I | Br f tcd lhe i^ a P ture ° f the f rst But this :ypewritten transcript of a hollow in-. of tho Axis j capitals to fall, to ternational agreement that bore the signatures 1 American and Allied arms with of. Hitler, Mussolini, Edouard Daladier and the! jubilant phrase: "One up and two to go!" Then Mr.! Roosevelt cautioned . j . --• - - * , md American people against.a sory note fromIthe Fuehrer of the German Reich'f a is e evaluation of the impor- jl.. 1 1 i . - 1 T »T /\m ' I .... - . Lotihair Teeter, president of the j to victory over Germany in the; had asked j for $800 for burial 'Perfect Circle company and' first world war today high- ! aml medical expenses incurred 'lighted Washington reactioned in ^"^^ ^ dth ^ d ^ uit i manager of the Tipton plant. to the second world war i inva- c0l . r * 4K J In addition to Mr. Teeter and' s j on 0 f Europe bv declaring "we Smith Mr. Bolton, Howard Birks, pub- 111 that he it. will be accepted by Tom Bolton. in the! will of SaraH R. of Goldsmith was Ifiled — I-"; will win through to Victory." for prolate and $6,000 bond he relations director of tiicj As news of ii'e cross-channel company's plants and ed that all property should he physical, examinations . at Indianapolis. Indianapolis. Ten of the men were accepted - by the navy, 10 ' by 1 army for : full-, service- and the one; vic4- The Berlin radio reported this afternoon' that Allied landings have been made on" iiic erit 'ii coast in the area of; jCarcntanl opposite channel .isiand" of Jersey, • NEC | niauitois reported.. reor , !. AS . ,,ews ol ™? cross-cnannei was filed by the-.executor, Rob-: flgred to report in the 'group. . ^ C .PJ S -invasion was flashed throughout ert . p. smith. 'The willprovid- " ' ' jsentativcs of the American Mo-; the nation's capital, the war de- ' Those accepted, for,-service Chamberlain was recognized by realistic statesmen statesmen In both Great Britain and jthe United States for what it was really wofth-|-a mere promis- th would NOT go to war Only Pearl Harbor Needed until he felt like tarice of the; victory. The road ) that lies ahead before the Axis - Greatj Britain's declaration Germany, as provided for . in obligation, set in motion America 's fulfillment of promised that all material aid "short of war' can be brought to its knees," he jtor Insurance company will : partment issued a statement by so \^ an d. j participate. . I Pershing predicting Allied vie- should De |. The present record began :"n tory.over Germany in the sec- f 0 ii 0 win** j 1937 after the last lost-time ac- i o..u world war. Pershing assert- " cident had occurred on January : ed the' Allies would "bring free- 24 of that year. Time lost in dom to peoples who have been treating injuries when they oc-j enslaved." i cur is not deducted from the j President Roosevelt . presum- record but any time lost sub-,'ably, heard, the news in his sequently while recuperating is.! white house bedroom. He J retir- charged against the safety rec-|p d early after broadcasting a or d. J radio address in which he re- ^ that the i proceeds the S. of war against declared, "will be tough and it a solemn^ treaty will be costly.' The capture of Rome, and the divided among children: ; Lorai Smith. Zora M. Smith, Charles H. ,. Smith •! Cecil Earl Smith Gol lie P.|| Kinder, Sylvia! McNeal, Nellie F.. McCaipan', Ross G, Smith, Mary E. Kerlin, Robert F. jjSmith and Fred O. .'Smith, -Debts owed by several of the heirs were to be deduct- The company has received a i oiccd over the liberation of j safety award from the National. Rom e and asserted the allied; Safety Council each year for the past six years and will receive receive its seventh award today. armies now have "one up and _ l^* 1 c I two to go" in capturing enemy • Re CI CfOSS beekS capitals. V pportyd "by, 11,000 planes, ti shiipi and hundreds of massive guns by the army for limited ser- 1 Ej-iUsh a"d. Allied troops landed in _i • ' , -, / .-• .. .Jxtrge,-Slider and parachute *- —Thirty —Thirty men had been or- 1 ' .-,.»'. tov.ay British summer were: - ' .-. - ['. ;. " - i• - - "'• Army .-'--'- ' . .Vjictor; Feriton. Mceks Wilbur Dean Collier Richard Leon Cullian . lister Russell ..Sr'n ^ld.. •. Charles William Bui^r : Basil Eugene Ilahc'.icw. • ' - A'arori Henry '".Allay'!.'. 1 '••'.« j ' Samuel Porter Cn :6r Lawrence Frederick Boden ! Elmer Francis Ley : j Homer Evan Storms -. . Lester Floyd Etchison (limited))":.: (limited))":.: . - .. ' ..!.-:' :' 'Hdcr. and i a m.! ami 3 :15 j night, and-1:15 a.m.C.W.T.) in an effort to sejze- the whole coast between Lc' : Havre boiirg! •"• •"• Early reports, necessarily; meagre fused, sta;e' that landings - from the] been made,with success ^dn a beach .100 miles in, .length, stroicninj vicini-.y of Le Havre to the -ncighljdrhuo^ Cherbourg, and Allied troops hav tbjthe old. Norman city of Caen, aboi| inland. ' Some .time after Gen. Dwigh't D. gave the signal for invasion to launcl i awaited .battle• of Europe, Prime Mir ister. Win stoh Churchill went before the Housjej of Co:n inons that airborne j aspects 'pistil it isands of ^.me'ricmi. France by betv.xeri. ti. ime md Cher- a;id'"coii- sea have l ^eacl nwn- .from U:u irhuo^ of Siictrated'- 10 •miles' Eisenhower the loiix:- bf the stupendous stupendous operations^ had beeh .'•successfully fcated" while landings from j'the sea in I progress. were

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