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E X T R A ! E X T AMARILLO DAILY NEWS DR'S NOTEmpWEWS ON THlPPMPOF THE AVRRCK ON INVASION COAST OF EUROPE IS COMPLETE UP TO 3 A. M. THIS MORNING) VOL. XXXV. NO. 185--(if) Day and Night Leased Wire AMARJLLO. TEXAS, TUESDAY MORNING, JUNE 6, 1944. PRICE 5 CENTS I ! Bombs-Intensify Roar in West LONDON, June sV--The Ger- mans conceded tod^y that the fall ' of Ro5ie was a blow to their pres- · tlpe while the thunder of Allied | bombs bursting on channel-edge · fortifications told Adolf Hitler In i a language he could understand \ that a gathering: storm from the ; west was sweeping nearer. | Hitler's hiph command rushed j to the radio to say the Germans j A "withdrawn" from Rome, but I qjatchfs in Stockholm of the ; rman-controllrd Scandinavian ; ess bureau pave this summary ' j-df Bcriin newspaper comment: 1 "Glvinjr up one of the Axis cap- ! j itaJs involves a loss of prestige ! \ for Germany." · 1 With the ceaseless aerial batter-' Ifiic of the Atlantic wall. Britons; waited expectant and confident for; tljip cround assault and some re-j called Prime Minister Churchill's | after Duukcrque to a. hushed i Cjommons and a tense nation just; years nnd a day ago: j i/e shall never surrender . . . j ) will carry on the struggle | itil in God's pood time the Newj r orld In all its strength and might! 'sets forth to the rescue and libera-i of the old." | Bl^JU For Invasion j ··*' Battle-clad Canadians and n great | United States Army mechanized and equipped for a tremendous part i n } that promised task of liberation now! arc swarming over this island. I A Berlin broadcast, in an ap-1 parent attempt to belittle the set-) backs in Italy, declared that "it the[ ^enemy wants to force, a decisive j t i t t l r then he must carry out an| ivasion in the west on a grand i * scale." | Lord Woollen, minister *)f recon-1 struction, implied ihe Germans j might- not. have long to watt. Com-i meriting on Rome's capture he said:! "I am sure it Is a precursor o f ] things that are to come." | A message read for the fallen E N G L A N D LONDON Bristol Channel. Antwerp * ~~^ -- UTtepMt, English Channel · --CHANNEL ISLANC \ @) t'iiionrdiditr - 4 it \Abcicourt\ · No/on ·· \ V * ». Rctheb REIMS · Choteou Thietty NORMANDY ·FIM ·*rs«nt»i lit. grieuc MK Jr. Michel NAZI-OCCUPIED FRANCE « Awxtm \ HANTK l 0-Mile R««ricm I Bond in Britain SUPREME HEADQUARTERS, A l l i e d Expeditionary Force, June 6 (AP) Gen. Dwioht D. Eisenhower's head- quarters announced today that Allied t r o o p landing on the northern coast of France t h i s strongly supported by naval and air forces. Text of the communique: Under the command of Gen. Eisenhower Allied naval forces supported by strong air forces began landing lied armies this morning on the n o r t h e r n France. The Germans said the landings extended between Le Havre and Cherbourg along the south side of the bay of the Seine and along the Northern Normandy coast. Parachute troops descended in Normandy, Berlin said. In a special order of the day is-,~ .racd to all soldiers, sailors and air- j wide Normandy Peninsula. men under his command. General Eisenhower said. I "We will accept nothing except j full victory." i Eisenhower told his men i were "em Heavy fighting also was report- ed between Caen and Trouville. One of Berlin's first claims was that the first British . parachute thev division was badly mauled. ..... ...Marking on a grea^eru- The Allied communique -ss read sade toward which we have striven over a trans-Atlantic hookup direct these many months." and warned! from General Eisenhowers head- at! them that they were facing » j quarters at 3:32 E. W._T., disignat- | tough, well-prepared enemy. Berlin said the "center of gr ! ity" 6f the fierce fighting was | Caen. 30 miles southwest of Le i Havre and 65 miles southeast of i Cherbourg. i Oaer. is 10 miles Inland Jrom the | sea, at the base of the 75-mile- * The Allied bulletin did not say exactily where the invasion was taking place. . · The German radio gave the.first reports of the invasion "while cor- respondents were hurriedly , sum- moned -Irani bed to supreme press headquarters and locked in a press conference room until the com- munique was released several hours after the landings were made. The great Allied anr.sdas.ilwsrfed anything yet seen on the sea. Huge iransport planes filled with paratroopers »nd pulling airborne troops in gliders .roared over trie German west wall to drop their cargoes ki the rear. # * * vsi no immediate Allied conTirm«non. . nans also said that Allied warship* were furiously bombarding, the big German- ort of Le Havre at the mouth of the Seine River, 100 miles west of Paris. ed Communique No. l. ! A second innouncement by SHAEF said that "it is announced that Gen. B. L. Moatgornery Is in command of the army group carrying- out the assault. This army group Includes British, Ca- nadian, and U. S. Forces. 1 * ¥ * # By The Associated Prest ·: ' : : . ; LONDON, Tuesday, June i.--Three German, news agencies tonight flashed word to tHt 'world that an Allied invasion of Western Francehad-beguR with Allied parachute troops spilling jouf of the dawn skies over the Normandy Peninsula and sea-borne forces landing in the Le iarea. There was no immediate Allied confirmation. ; The Germ ;held French po i German shock troops also | * * * * * * Swere hurled against Allied I r* , i troops rushing ashore from' r" j 'landing barges, the broad-! *=' . cast said. ^. i L oNDON, June 6. UP}--A spokesman for Gen: Dwight and Calais JD'. Eisenhower, in.a London broadcast, told the people jus't acro C s7the channel'coastiliving on Europe's invasion coast todajrthat "a ne^phase from Britain, were under at-jof the Allied air offensive has started and warned tufim GERMAN INVASION CLAIMS broadcast early today said'Allied paratroops had landed at Cherbourg, Le

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