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 - %dtiesday, August 31, 1960. $f»t*<*kte« Laved...
%dtiesday, August 31, 1960. $f»t*<*kte« Laved Ail Dog, Owner Trade Lives fcy JfcAN tfU*Ff PAGE — A little brown and white mongrel dog with a speckled nt>se owes his life to Mrs. Faith Rombauef, and Mrs. Rombauef in turn can say the same thing about Freckles. fh January 19JS, Mrs. Rombauer found an abandoned 6- month-old puppy, freezing and neatly starved* Mck of a Flagstaff market where she was shopping, Because he reminded heir of a dog the family had lost in a recent accident, she took him home, nursed him back to health, and gave him a July 4 birthday. One afternoori two months after Freckles's adoption, Mrs. Rombauer was overcome by carbon monoxide gas in her apartment. Freckles pushed his nose against the crack at the bottom of the outside door and whined until a neighbor summoned the landlady with a key to unlock the apartment door. They found Mrs. Rombauer unconscious on the floor. The doctor who was quickly called said that in another 10 minutes it would have been too late to save Inr. When the Rombauers moved to Page in June 1959, Freckles was nearly 5 years old and had a repertory of 14 tricks which Rombauer had taught him. He had won $1 for being the champion trick dog and 25 cents for having the shortest tail at the 1958 Coconino County Fair, and he had performed for many children's groups. All the children in his neighborhood in Page love Freckles and each new child moving in is taken to meet him and see his act. Freckles enjoys showing off and performs eagerly for a reward of a bite of dog biscuit for each stunt. Mrs. Rombauer tells of taking him to entertain the children at a Christian Indian School picnic. Freckles was scheduled to put on his show after lunch, but he was so full of handouts by that time that his usual reward for a stunt well done was unappeal- ing, and the show did not go on. Freckles performs by word cue only, and Rombauer laughingly says that sometimes he must spell a word that he does not want Freckles to hear. Rombauer is employed by the Bureau of Reclamation in Page. At the command: "N—0—D," Freckles will, roll over and play dead to show how hard he thinks the men work. At the command: "It's' 4:30!" Freckles jumps to his feet, full of life again. Freckles refuses to perform this stunt to the command: "B.--of—R.," meaning Bureau of Reclamation. VERSATILE—At the knee of his owner, Mrs. Faith Rombauer, of Page, Freckles shows how he says his prayers. It is one of 14 tricks he can perform on command.—(Republic Photo, Jean Duffy) Ask Andy Andy sends a Hammond's Nature Atlas of America to Nancy Brooks, 12, of Jackson, Miss., for her question. Is a moth a butterfly? Butterflies and moths all belong in the insect order Lepidop- tera, "the scaly-winged ones." The microscope shows the velvet of their wings is actually miniature scales. This large group is subdivided into 80 families, each with slight variations. Five of the families are butterflies, Ihe rest moths. The scales of a butterfly wing are long flat oblongs. The moth scales take on various shapes. Butterfly antennae are slim and knobbed at the ends. Moth antennae are fringed with fuzz and tapered at each end. A butterfly usually is a daytime flier and it rests with wings folded tip to tip. The moth is usually a nighttime flier and it rests with wings outspread. (Send questions to Ask Andy The Arizona Republic.)

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