fowler with belt locks 1763 Maryland

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fowler with belt locks 1763 Maryland - In tbt Ship Rvbt,' Caft. biY, 'ani t hi Slip...
In tbt Ship Rvbt,' Caft. biY, 'ani t hi Slip Fammy,;Ch. Lanb, bitb rem LONDON," Great Variety f EUROPEAN and INDIA GOODS and etre to be S OLt at mySiore t near the Church, in 4be Ciy of ANNAPOLIS, very reafinably, for Ready Money : ; ' - ; ERMIN fwanfkin, rapt bearflcin, napt beaver,' variety of cloth colour'd and blue broadcloth lcarlet and black everlaftingV fcarlet, black and white haTr ihag, red, blue and green halfthick, foreft cloths, - frizes, ratteens, and napt kerfeyt, embofs'd ferge, matchcoat blankets, ftript flannel, buckram,' fhalloons of all colours, wdmens cloth cardinals, mens great coats,, - failors kerfey pea jackets,' under napt jackets, mohair buttons of all. colours, mohair and twift for button holes, gunpowder, (hot of all forts, end bar lead, Irijh linens Irijh whiteand brown fheeting, variety of cutlery,' metal buttons, gilt ditto, ivory knives and forks, ivory defert knives and forks, ivory and horn combs, buckling combs, womens and mens thimbles,' horfemens fciffars, temple fpeftacles,' japan'd and paper fnuff boxes, working and playing cards, beft two foot box rules, fteel fpring fpurs, drum, rock and perch hooks, drum, rock & perch lines, chalk lines, deep fea lines, hand lines, log lines, decpfca and hand leads, ' hanging and mariners fea compaffes, perfpeftive glafl'es, variety of ftone fleeve buttons fet in filver, ftone and pinchbeck ditto, Mens coat and waiftcoat pearl buttons in filver, mens tortoifefliell ditto, beft Edinburgh ink pots, mens, womens, boys and" girls flioc lafts, womens fhoe heels, fhoe thread, awl blades, fhoe tacks, awl and pegging hafts, bed cords, mens, womens, boys and pirls thread and worded hofe, mens filk, cotton 'and worfted caps, womens Gar - .' rick and Scotch fLk Bonnets, fattin French cloak J, mode ditto, flower'd ditto, black fattin hau of different colours, fiddle firings, mens black gloves,' white gliz'd," Norway doe, buckfkin and whhe and yellow wafh ditto, womens colour'd glaz'd lamb gloves and mitts, girls ditto, womens white glaz'd lamb, gloves and . mitts, girls ditto, boys white gloves, womens kid gloves, womefts black gloves, black broadcloth and trimmings, large Sc fmall fig blue, indigo blue, common and velvet corks, paper of different forts, pocket books, memorandum books, letter cafes, Hates and pencils, bibles, and fundry forts of books, fets of account books, Dutch plain and clarify 'd quills, wafers, & c. long and fhort tobacco pipes, ..brimftone, allum, copperas, pepper, cloves, cinnamon, mace, nutmegs, treble, double and fingle fugar, bohea and hyfon tea, chocolate, and coffee ; beft pick'd Jefuits bark, pulverized, Britijb oil. Dr. James't powders, Spmnib flies, jalap powder, Turlington 1 balfam, fhammoy linings, German ofnabrigs, fail canvas, fail twine, tammies of all colours, black callimanco, blue ditto, pink ditto, cloth colour'd, fcarlet, blue and green camblets ; blue, green and pink colour'd damafks, MeckUnbnrg fluffs, Venetian ditto, MiJJiuet ditto, PruJJian .tobines,. fhaded fhi - verets, new fafhlon'd figur'd fluffs, fuperfinc du - roys, fnperfine double mill'd fagathies, fuperfine hairbine, beft double aliopcens, black crape, bom bazeen, hatband crape, beft white Mantua filk, rich white fattin ditto, lotefttings, and other filks, harlequin, &e. glafs decanters, tumblers of feverai fizes, faltSp, beft worm'd wine glaffes, tale glafles, glafs cans, and glaf ,candlefticks; blankets and rugs of all colours, forts and - fizes, cotton counter - panes, pewter difhes of all sizes, foup and plain plates,' Won of four fizes,' table fpoons and candle moulds, RuJJia linen, Rujfis drabs, blue and white flampt handkerchief, fine red and white ditto, fine printed linens variety of fine printed cottons, India chintzes fine and fuperfine white callicoes, fine tad very fine hpmhums, fine and fuperfine muflins," Iudiay nankeens,' fine book muf - lin, broad kerning, flower'd and border'd kenting handkerchiefs, ' uble cloths of fundry fizes, nap - kining, "princes linen, Variety of German linens, dowlas of fundry forts, cambrkksbf various prices,' fitiej and Tiiperfinef' dear lawns,' , fine. and very fine flower'd ditto, minionet lawn, - fine and fuperfine minionet lace, - new fafhien'd filk romall handker - chitfs, ditto lunged romalls, ban'dannoe filk Ji and - ' kerchieft,'' cotton ' romall ditto j good, an4 very good fowling pieces, with beft locks and brafs nounMd, white lead, red lead, beft Prujfiai blue, very bell vermillion, hair and lawn fieves, hearth bnKtos,'.whitewa.fh bruftes, paint bru(hes,'t tooth bruit ei, comb brulhes,,buckfe an4 . cloth 'itto, hair brooms of ') forts, Scrubbing brufhes, clamps for - ditto, fhoe brufhes, variety of (lone and earthen ware, too voluminons to be particularly mentioned here, Willtui fhuff in. bottles,' the fame out of bot - TV" ;m ica Kettles Of flinrt fu ' coffee, pots. dito. braf. fceer rl!. . ?SB fi ftops, - dmo lock,,oehreadVcoWSt1 brown thread, beft bellandine thread, whitcd J thread, nuns thread, prettiesrtapes of all fonr; den tape, qualities of all colours, fcarlet & u3 garters; knee garters, cotton and thread lacri '. aces; cloth colour'd fewlng filk; beft colourX, landme ditto, ferreting of moft colourr, variv . ribbons, filk mitts, pins of all forts, needles Z? and fine,; mjteel ' needles, kitting 3 new fafhion d gimp of moft colours,, belaud v3 beft ivory fans, bone and wood ditto. Varied newafhion - d beft fnecklacesnd e,rl S worfted muffetees, horfe hair glove tops,: very 3 and large filver flowers, new fafhion'd drefs'd tan J gauze handkerchiefs of different colours, BUQ iilktahdkerchiefs, Leghorn hats, velvet malks m) fine well forted crewels, filk purfes, filk H0Ckin J quart nn black .mugs, double tin millr uncc, uzica, nyiu janinorns oi three fizes, tmW and pint tin pots, and funnels, quart and pint J faocepans, nutmeg graters in eafei, and on board! 1 bread graters "all tifl, pahftekins plain and plan ) nifh'd, painted fugar chefts of four fize. flourand pyvi uui, uuciiaiiu cotton cnecks, flrip'd auio, wjihc jeans, wnite (nata dimity; figur d ditto I filk janets,' thickfets'all cotton ditto, linen hand'! ketchiefs of . feverai prices, : memorandum ivory books, mens and bos fine hats, caftor b art, wool hats of all forts, mens beft channell'd pumpi, 0. mens beft callictf fhoes, fecond beft ditto, giru ditto,' womens calf leather fhoes, childrens Mmat fhoes, very beft womens toed clogs; faddles d furniture of feverai prices, fnaffle and curb bridki, frirtg'd and laced houfings, fnaffle and curb bio fwitch whips, . twig ditto, half hunters, holly chaife whips, filk lafhes of different forts, beft woollen furcingles, double and fingle girths, ' Cruppers and ftirrup leathers, curry combs, and brulhes, card tacks, middle tacks, white flat headed tacks, ,zd. 3d. 4d. 8d. tod. zod. 3od. nails', very large carpenters axes, middle ditto, i loping axes, falling axes, fhipcarpenters adzes fide hinges, HL bin - ges, crots garnet hinges; joiners and carpenten chizzels and gouges Tad or fmoothing irons of different fizes, augers from half inch to inch and a half, plane irons, hand faws,. crofs cut faws hand faw and crofs cut files,' whip faw files, padlock of feverai forts, fpring cheft locks," flock locks of fundry prices, chamber locks, fire fhovels and tongs of different prices, chafing difhes of different fizes, drawing knives, claw'd carpenters hamrners, iire bellows, carpenters compaifcs of different forts, iron candlefticks, fpike & other gimblets, fjtnbothing planes fixd, jack planes ditto, icythes and fcythe flones frying pans of moft fizes, brTft fteel fpades, fpades not fo good, iron hoops by the pound, bet blifter'd fteel,' iron pots from 15 to a gallons, grindftones of different fizes, v beft Welch cotton, fearnoughts, coopers adzes' and howels, painted candle boxes,1 Dutch pad locks, fand glaffes, (cop - per and pump nails, EngUJb pump Leather, beft fhjping ink powder, andirons with brafs beads, hard ioap, raifins, currans,' rofin, uylors large fhears, fets. of fhoemaker's tools, fheep fhears, anchors,' plough fhears, and all forts of fmidu work..,.' : .. ' . . .:. . ' .. j Alfo, fine old Wejl - hdia ram by the hogfliead, and black oakum'. Sails are made as ufual.' . : The fubferiber has ; a very fall going fchoooef boat, decked, well fitted with new anchor and cable and new fails, to felir : : ' 1 ' ' Ready money Tor all fort s of ftock, fuch a fat fleers or cows fit for (laughter, calves, fheep, Iambi, hogs or fhoats, which he will fetch cither 07 .Um or water Upon notice being given. ' " ' ' I . He has alfo a convenient ftudy, whh two roccu, in one of which is a fire place., withdoletj, ub - ..; . ; wn.UA - r To be SOLD by PVBLlC'riNDVi mt Upper - Marlborough, on Wednefday tbt if , Day of. this Inftant Auguft, III tXUcl, ' rTvn .Tn.KL MPir:nnFfi , one of wlimi 1 Jt a likely young Negro Man, who enderSioJ j a Mill, can handle Carpenters 'lool rtTJ Sj'i underftands Gardening, and b a well behas'd fd - 1 low. ' : J - ' ; lAMtl " . - - ).;., - - - . 1 . .. - rj. - u d a 5 a ivx r o r fJih '.from' London,. V the Ship Munificence, , C' r.r v r j:m ' j r, r.rj L. SmKv"' juicpu vjruauiii, mum iw v v" "J .L A .NEAT Aflbrtment of European ana India GOODS, fuitible'W &af. or Winter Seafons; ".,.. J M"1

Clipped from
  1. The Maryland Gazette,
  2. 04 Aug 1763, Thu,
  3. Page 2

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  • fowler with belt locks 1763 Maryland

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