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normandy - THE WEATHER •Temperature High yesterday 97 Low...
THE WEATHER •Temperature High yesterday 97 Low today .»..*. 65 Rainfall Season (Airport) *«...*•..**.* R.01 Your ago (Airport) Season (Land Company),.; Tear ago (Land Company) 11.46 rair and warm. FOR VICTORY! Buy More War Bonds, Stamps Vol. 56 TWO SECTIONS BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY, JUNE 6, 1944 16 PAGES No. 266 \. Nazis on Run From Rome to Tyrrhenian Sea With Small Resistance; 2000 Surrender to British, Enemy Blows Up Tiber Bridges in Rout NAPLES, June 6. Of 1 )—Premier Pietro Badoglio dissolved his Italian government today and was charged by Crown Prince Umber to with forming a new government to include political leaders in Rome, ALLIED HEADQUARTERS, NAPLES, June 6. <U.E>—The Allied Fifth Army drove the battered Germans in disorderly retreat across the Tiber river on a 17-mile front from Rome to the Tyrrhenian sea today and sent powerful armored columns 5 miles beyond the river under orders to destroy the fleeing enemy. Front dispatches said Nazi Field Marshal Albert Kesselring's broken Fourteenth Arjny was offering only the feeblest sort of rear-guard resistance as the Allied tanks and riflemen burst across the winding Tiber at n score of points north and west of Rome. At many points the enemy retreat had turned into a disorganized rout under the raking fire of Allied planes and tanks, and 2000 Nazis threw down their arms and surrendered to a fast-rolling 1 British column that trapped them on the east bank of the river, near the sea coast. Every bridge across the Tiber below Rome had been blown up by the fleeing Germans, but 11 of the 14 main spans inside the capital were intact and Allied troops were crossing in a steady stream. Only in the northeastern outskirts of Rome did the Germans offer any determine/1 resistance. A force of enemy tanks was reported battling desperately around the Littoria airport in an attempt to stem the swift Allied advance long enough for the main body of Kesselring's troops to escape. By-Pass Vatican TRUSTGHARGES N LOAN FIRMS 13 CHAINS ACCUSED OF FIXING INTEREST WASHINGTON, June 6. UP)— Thirteen chains of ;sruall loan companies in the south and west, involving 40 corporations and 75 individuals, and operating more than 400 offices, were charged today with conspiracy to violate the Sherman antitrust act by agreeing to fix interest rates. Wendell Berge, assistant attorney general in charge of the anti-trust division, said the case "represents only one phase of the general investigation now being conducted by the anti-trust division into violations of the anti-trust laws in banking and credit fields. This Investigation is continuing." The indictment asserts that the Official sources said the Vatican had been by-passed in all Allied DEN EIRE pod Liver ETH mm&m& Rotterdam Plymouth Arros Rouen Beau Cotn Rhe Oman Louenfr Mtl Cho Romilly BRtNNER LAN BoliOno ITALY INVASION ON —At L,e Havre, great French port at the mouth of the Seine river, Allied troops swarmed ashore under cover of naval fire, paratroopers and the greatest aerial cover the world has ever seen to open the long-awaited invasion. First news indicated the progress was satisfactory. Truk, Ponape, I INVA Marshalls Hit in New Raids ENEMY LOSES 20 SHIPS IN TWO DAYS, SUBS WN 16 VESSELS PEARL HARBOR, June 6. <UR> Army, navy and marine air forces, LONDON, June 6. <U.F)—the German DNB news agency reported tonight that Marshal Karl von Runstedt and Marshal Erwin Rommel, Nazi commanders in western Europe, "are on the spot of the developments." STOCKHOLM, June 6. <U.P)—Reports from Denmark said today that German troops in the protectorate have been ordered on an invasion alert since early morning. SAN FRANCISCO, June 6. <^P>—The National Broadcasting Company said today it had not heard Tokyo Yank, British, Canadian Forces Win Complete Air Control in Hour, Shore Batteries Silenced, Barges Push Into Orne, Vire River Estuaries, Tanks Cut Inland 10 Miles at Caen By VIKGIL P1NKLEY United Press War Correspondent SUPREME HEADQUARTERS, ALLIED EXPEDITIONARY FORCE, LONDON, June 6.—American, British and Canadian invasion forces landed in northwestern France today, establishing beachheads in Normandy, and by evening had "gotten over the first five or six hurdles" in the greatest amphibious assault of all time. t Prime Minister Winston Churchill re vealed that Allied troops were fighting 1 * _ »w» , . ^ r i Jy* inside Caen, 9% miles inside northwest France, that the invasion penetrations had reached several miles in depth in some cases, and that footholds had been established on a broad front as the operation proceeded "in a thoroughly satisfactory manner." General Dwight D. Eisenhower's supreme headquarters revealed that the Allied armies, carried and supported by 4000 ships and 11,000 planes, encountered con; siderably less resistance than had been expected in the storm- .-.I - -, R R. to Lead Prayer for Invaders PRESIDENT SUMMONS ARMY/NAVY CHIEFS FOR INVASION PARLEY By LVLE C. WILSON United Press Staff Correspondent •WASHINGTON, June «. <U.R) — Admiral Ernest J. King, commander of the United States fleet, said after a conference with President Roosevelt today that the invasion of Europe is "doing- all right so far." Air. Roosevelt conferred with King, General George C. ing of Adolf Hitler's vaunted west wall. Nazi Broadcasts reported Allied troops pouring ashore most of the day along a broad reach of the Norman coast and to the east, and admitted that invasion landing barges had penetrated two estuaries behind the Atlantic wall. n The apparent key to the lightness of the Nazi opposition to invasion forces opening the battle of Europe was con* tained in a disclosure that thousands of Allied planes dropped than 11,2000 tons of: ~~ — more bombs on German coastal \A/^l1"'nP fortifications in eight and a YV ALllC half hours last night and early today. As massive air fleets took over complete command of Enemy Scene at H Hour

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