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Bismark - 42 —NUMBER 192 Slor at Hope, 1899; Press, 1927....
42 —NUMBER 192 Slor at Hope, 1899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929, HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, MAY 27, 1941 uA Enterprise Ass'n )—Means Associated Pfess PRICE'Se.'CCI^ RITISH SINK >T • M . >T "X" ' "X >T ' M "x Roosevelt Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor ALEX. H. WASHBURN jj«. The Cost of Carrying the Mail And Some Suggested Improvements In its search for new revenue the federal government has checked up on the cost of carrying second-class postal matter -y-newspapers, magazines and other periodicals—and finds a sizeable deficit. Raising the rates on second-class matter to eliminate this deficit would contribute something to the federal revenue picture, and a congress committee is studying the proposal. I should explain, right off, it is •©immaterial to this particular newspaper newspaper what the congress finally decides decides to do about second-class rates. Nor docs it make a groat deal of difference difference to any newspaper, I imagine. Rural subscribers who receive newspapers newspapers under the second-class rate get the benefit of the saving in distribution distribution costs, which, as between government government mail in the country and cur- rier boys in town, is considerable. The Star, for instance, sells for SG.50 a year in town; $3.50 in the four-county mail ft ft Asks Additional President to Address Nation Tuesday Night ft BISMARC 31-3 ft ft „ ft Billions for 'Election Case Moves Nearer Close Tuesday * Wilsons Lead Cut 2 Votes; All Testimony Is >». Completed Indications point to the possible completion of the Hempstead county judge election contest case here Tuesday Tuesday when the testimony of both sides sides was completed. •During the morning proceedings a re-check of several doubtful ballots, previously set aside by the court, fav- ,. orecl ,lhe inqumbcnt, Rved A. ^Luck. by two votes, cutting Contestant John L. Wilson's lead to an unofficial 14 Wilson received 22 of the votes several more poll tax receipts of voters whose names did not appear on the official poll tax list. The court deferred decision on whether they would be Huge New Air Supply Bill Is Sent to Capitol Hill by White House WASHINGTON — (/P)— - In the midst of preparing a momentous momentous announcement on governmental policy President Roosevelt asked congress Tuesday Tuesday for 3,319,000,000 in appropriations appropriations for more airplanes. airplanes. Stephen Early, presidential secretary, secretary, told reporters the chief executive executive would extend his fireside chat and Luck received 20. Luck's attorneys offered iftcepted. Attorneys stipulated that voters, whose receipts were offered, could prove Uial they didn't know their names were not on the poll tax list and when they cast their ballot their ijjjght to vote was not questioned. ''The court is proceeding with the Speaks at 8:30 President Roosevelt's speech Tuesday night is scheduled for 8:30 o'clock on all major networks. "I think you can say that by Wednesday Wednesday morning there can no longer be any doubt as to what the national policy of this government is. I think I'll just stand on that." Early announced that the request for huge new funds for planes was being sent to Capitol Hill in a letter to speaker Rayburn. G-; the-'total $2,790,000,000 would be for the Army and $529,000,000 for the Navy. Early declined to estimate the num- nvited. ber of planes to be ordered with the money or to say whether bombers would be emphasized. Nor would he go into any detail on the possible contents of the presidential presidential message Tuesday night. He said, however, it had been cut and worked over, and eliminations and additions made, until it had reached the point where it could not very well be fitted into the original 30 minutes for which it was scheduled. territory of Hope. Some similar dif-j Tuesday night an extra 15 minutes, fercntial, in varying degree, exists in and asserted: every newspaper's subscription rates — conceding the rural subscriber the' benefit of the government's cheap i postal rates. ! The issue, therefore, is not bo- 1 twecn the newspapers and the gov- i crnment, but between the government government and the rural readers of America. America. At first glance the tradition of universal free education and free press in America would seem to indicate that the government ought to go to strenuous lengths to avoid nny measure measure which would increase the cost of getting printed, matter into the hands 7 of,. rural readers?— whether that matter be newspapers, merchants' circulars, university bulletins, or what-not — for printed matter delivered delivered as cheaply as is humanly possible possible is the life of national debate in this self-governing republic. * * * But on the other hand, I am frank to admit I would like to see some improvement in rural second-class postal service, and as a publisher I would be willing to absorb part of the extra cost. Newspapers depending on the mail for delivery in rural Arkansas are unquestionably handicapped, for instance, instance, by week-day interruptions Victor Over Hood, the Bismarck Also Is Sunk ft -ft A A M -v2 : ^ ' ^A ^) H <• " "•'.' *W< Airplanes • • - : :;';vai Air Torpedoes /* • i-ii--.' 1 '''--Si Cripple Her and 1 • ' '• "• ;. .'V^r*'' ri • r 1 • i i il Ships Finish Job High School to Graduate 75 Graduation Exercises Set for Thursday Night Graduation exercises of the Hope High School will be held Thursday night in the high school auditorium O The :!5,OGO-ton German battleship, Bismarck, above, pride of the Gcr- © mnn navy and launched since the war started, was sunk Tuesday after an intensive search by ships of the British navy following the Bismarck sinking of the British battle cruiser HMS Hood last Saturday in a battle off Greenland. at 7:30 p. m., Dr. Gaston May 29. Foote, pastor of the Winfield Memorial church of Little Rock, will give the class address, while the four-highest ranking~i>scnidrs' will discuss Uie theme of the program, "American Defense". The public is The program follows: Processional—Senior Class. Invocation—Rev. Kenneth L. Spore. Music—"God Bless America"—Audience; America"—Audience; (led by E. P. Young). Theme—American Defense. "What Is Defense"—Frances Mitchell.. Mitchell.. "What Shall We Defend"—Thomas Kinser. NEA Service lelcpnoio in Defense"—Frances Also Serve"—Thomas "Education Thomas. "We Shall lordon. France Gives Pledge to U.S. Written Pledge Not to Surrender Fleet or Colonies WASHINGTON -(/P)- The French government Tuesday gave renewed -assvi'ances iu.-wxitin,g-.,.tov. f l}e U. S~ that the French fleet and colonies would not be surrendered to Germany or any other power. A note containing specific guarantees was delivered by the French ambassador, ambassador, Gaston Henry-Haye, to Sumner Sumner Welles, Undersecretary of State. The note, the ambassador told reporters, reporters, was drafted by him on instructions instructions from the Vichy government. government. It was intended to remove misgivings misgivings here on the scope of French- German negotiations. 'The French acted apparently in conformity with a request last week jy Secretary Hull that the Vichy government should define its position Weisenberger in Army Talk 'Short of Material, Not Men/ He Tells Kiwanians Speaking on "What I Know About the Army," Rep. Royce Weisenberger told the tHope .Kiwanis club at its noon meeting Tuesday that the United States army is in pretty good shape as far as man-power is concerned. "The army is short of material, not men," the speaker stated. Mr. Weisenberger explained the various army rankings and salary schedules to the club and concluded with the statement that he was confident confident every American would do his or her part in this time of national emergency. "I am willing to trust our leaders," he said. "I believe they are trying to i die East command said the Germans keep us out of war, and if we go in, 11 na d been able to broaden their ma- think our leaders will take us into the | jor foothold at_ Malemi airport west conflict only as the 'last resort." ~" . - . Axis Blocked at Sea Off Crete Issue Hangs in Balance, the British Declare CAIRO — (/P)— Britain's Mediterranean Mediterranean fleet has lost two cruisers anc four destroyers in the raging week- old battle of Crete but has baulked German efforts to land sea-borne troops, and the epic struggle on land "now hangs in the balance," the British British announced /Tuesday.>,:•-<.•.-.. /.,, ' Besides the sunken ships high official official quarters said two battleships and several other cruisers had been damaged, damaged, and acknowledged "our naval position in the eastern Mediterranean has been prejudically affected." The Allied garrison on Crete was said to be receiving reinforcements while it was admitted the Germans still were parachuting down troops in swarms. With these reinforcements the Mid- 4 Big British Battleships See tfiel Sunken H. M. S. Hood Avenged > i By the Associated Press The might of Britain's .fleet, and air army, converging from* points as distant as Gibraltar^ and Newfoundland, pounced! in terrible revenge Tues the German battleship . Bisl-*' marck, destroyer of the.Hbod^ and sent her to the bottom ,of;< the sea. At least 11 battleships, air- 1 craft carriers, battle cruisers^ and cruisers, with the vital help 4 of destroyers and torpedoV^j! planes, came at, 11:01. a.;m. British time, to the end 1,750-mile chase some., , miles west of Brest. . ' r« f There they sank the 35,000-' ton Bismarck. £.'„'.! Torpedoes from the "cruiser Dorset-^ shire finished her off, but alreadyvtbr-" 1 * pedoes from -planes and destroyers ' alike had had her reeling circles. ' . -• of Canea, the Crete capital. The imperial • . .' •-•.<,»,' •'. • T.*-' '•;' '• •-••.••".,?--:*' 'By the Associated Press, 0 '..••£ Germany's new .35,000-ton battle-^ ship Bismarck, trapped by overwhelm-,^ ing guns of the British fleet and.the** ;orpedoes of darting planes, was sent"^ to the bottom of the North Atlantic after a three day hunt at 11 a. nj.t (3 a. m. CST) Tuesday even as her t ;uns still blazed and her radio seht*"^ a last message home "Long live 1 fuehrer!" With her swastika flag flying to P 'f the end the big German sea raider'^ fell victim to what the British des-'^ii cribed as "the .whole apparatus of our^ ^ ocean control" in a pitched battle; f^-ifl some 400 miles west of Brest, France, 5?""*

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