Flying Saucers, Joplin Globe July 6, 1947, page 2

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Flying Saucers, Joplin Globe
July 6, 1947, page 2 - Grove, Arms July uni- Tlying Saucers" Mystery...
Grove, Arms July uni- Tlying Saucers" Mystery Deepens (Continued from page A 1) The-unnamed scientist quoted by | ber varied from one to the Los Angeles Herald and Express | seen by one or two said, according to the paper, that "these saucers so-called are capable capable of high speeds, but can .be controlled controlled from the ground. They are 20 feet in width in the centei and aie partially rocket propelled on the takeoff." The scientist's report of "transmutation "transmutation of atomic energy," however, however, was scoffed at by Dr. Harold Urey, atom - scientist. "You can transmute metals, not energy," he said.- Not From Plant, He Says. Then the July 4 deluge' hit. hundred persons in one group and 60 in another saw them in Idaho; hundreds saw them in Oregon, Washington and other' states throughout the west. And, for the first time, the eastern eastern states had their reports. Observers, Observers, earlier all from west of the Mississippi river,' came in with reports from Michigan, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Indiana, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, South Carolina, and Canada's Atlantic Works u n c e - I ' " " i j v ° ' n . the , The ^ here the 'f f st *TMTM D. been reported, said the Colonel F. J. Clark, commanding ! seaboard. officer of the Hanforo. Engineering ! Meanwhile, Kenneth Arnold, Pacific northwest i ma n who first reported them, l could recall his insistence when his saucers were not coming from the atomic "I plant there. "I have been waiting for someone someone to tie the discs to the Hanford atomic plant," he said. But he de- don't saw lt was widely questioned, that .believe it either-but I Seen at Rosedale. Kansas City, Kan., July 5. -- reported. which would solve the mystery. j idly-growing list of in the saucers--widely i whose residents have seen lausrhed off at their first reported , mysterious "flvinff saucers." clared as far as he knew no ex- i The Rosedale district of Kansas periments were under way. there j City, Kan., today joined the communities the eported , mysterious "flying saucers. June 25--grew as hun-1 Mrs. Arthur Gustafson reported dreds of observers, many of them j seeing the objects "moving at j trained fliers, reported seeing them.! good rate of speed from the ar- ] A crowd of 200 observed a disc I west." Neighbors, including by |at Hauser Lake, Ida., on the Fourth . Adolph Eklund and j o f July. A group of 69 picnickers i Kaminsky, also saw the discs, is j saw them at Twin Falls, Ida., a n d - Gustafson said. mort-iin Portland, ' Ore., so many resi-1 "At first we thought it them that same j works, but after reading accounts I day that the police department I of the saucers today we know : sent out an all-cars broadcast. j was what we saw," she declared. j A United Air lines pilot of 14 j E. J. ''Saucer" Seen In Arkansas. i Smith, walked up the ramp to his · plane at believe ii | Rogers, Ark., July 5.--J. P. Crum- jpler, a Rogers real estate dealer. a !had spotted five of them. jsaid today he saw one j i n g saucers" Monday night t s. windstorm. He was watching ·the approach of a storm cloud i Wit " eSSGS in ^ ** nU ° f Cali : l^ch"of ni/£ m 'e when ( d in g pO kane--one of ! the di-w nnnparpfl n,,t nf *v,» nnrfi, i~~ In slacks ana Walter i t h p m n n a r m v P , r ?,,,,. SRrMmt _ j^^7^^TM^ *J"± , the discs SaturdavJ " sL arm air forces sokesman in A n army air forces spokesman in Tapidly tO t h i He described it as bein brie-Mlv ' He . ° esc "? ed it_ as being brightly materiel command at Wright Field. to be at a gj. eat height t 0 n, O., said it was making a. ' | s tudv. Saturday at Washington an j army researcher admitted "we're B.j mys - tified ..' and t he navy said it p. D. j had no theories. a. of First Report From The first published Idaho. report j "«·" '" ^heTa'iT'of and ^/^on ^'s ,_..__ Mis- Vet Describes "Saucer.* 1 St. Louis, July 5.--tnP--Nova Hart, a St Louis mechanic, said today he observed what appeared to be a "flying saucer" while he "flying saucers" "came f r o m " Ken-j was on a family picnic yesterday neth. Arnold, Boise, Ida., business i near , Pattonville, in St. Louis man pilot, who reported at Pendle-1 co « nt y- ton, Ore., on June 25 that he had j Hart - . a former infantryman who seen nine flying at 1.200 miles an ! was trained to spot all types of air- hour in formation shiftin^ posi- craft during the war, said the ob-i 1 ject was traveling in a northwest- k i t , , in O. tains. Before scoffers had more than begun to offer explanations such as "reflections," "persistent vision" and "snow blindness," an Oklahoma Oklahoma City private flier, Byron Savage, Savage, said he had seen a similarly shaped object some weeks earlier, but fear of ridicule kept him quiet. Then the raports began to filter in, mostly from individuals. The discs were seen in Texas, in New Mexico, in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Missouri, Colorado, Califor- erly direction at an altitude of about 300 feet and with the of an airplane. plane doing a slow roll. Hart said his wife and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Jackson, also observed the object. One tor. of "kitchen waste" will nia, Arizona, Nebraska. The num- feed three pigs for six months. ! He described it as circular, 14 feet in diameter, with a riboed framework and silver gray in or. It- appeared to have a motor with a propeller attached in the center, Hart said, and it kept turning in the manner of an air-

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Joplin Globe (Joplin, Missouri)06 Jul 1947, SunPage 12
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