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stock crash - C URRENT OMMENT THE WEATHEB Cloudy with rain...
C URRENT OMMENT THE WEATHEB Cloudy with rain tonight and Wednes- j day.Not much.! change In temperature. ' THE FIVE-DAY WEEK j', THAT PIGSKIN LAUGH \\ THE MYSTERY REMAINS THE PAPER THAT GOES WTO THE HOMES" F INALJ EDITION HIGH WATER MAM 23.171 VOL. 41. NO. 267, N, PA., TUESDAY EVENING, .'i'W.U · 1 It may Interest others beside schoolteachers to learn that the five-day week is not proving such ft howling success in Russia. Introduced by the Soviet two weeks ago, the double-holiday plan Is not working put as per ·chedule. The two rest days "come at the middle and at the end of the week and it simply makes two "blue" Mondays."* Sporting events' seem to t* disturbing the smooth working of the new system, still being held on Saturdays, and Sundays with nothing on -the mid-week holiday but empty homes with children In school · and crowded vodka shops. The wives are now howling to high heaven that their hubbies have scrapped the usual weekend jag and have substituted two big sprees; many of the -stouter drinkers keeping "balmy" every- day-in the ·week. , The French Directory, you remember, tried to. change the calendar, substituting a ten-day week," abolishing Sunday and having a Iree-ior-ah whoopee ; day after nine straight days of toll. Churches were turned - into "Temples of Reason" and the whole of Paris went on. a wild rampage that was not cured until Bonaparte cut loose with his grapeshot and put the calendar back to its 'old s.tatus. Russia 1* finding that three shifts of eight hours each may be nice hi theory but that It won't work out in production. Costs will mount and the.experiment will be almost aa expensive as that other "noble" one of prohibition in America. Give the Soviet credit, however; Russia will change back quicker than Uncle Sam. While the report of the Carnegie foundation has told us nothing new ·bout football, we believe it will have some pretty drastic effect along In the winter months when college y heads father 'round some big board somewhere and take serious stock of the situation. Just now football 18 soaring to Its autumnal frenzy and words would be wasted. But after Thanto* giving tuifcejr has been digested and moleskins packed away for the winter, there's bound to be a deal of discussion Ment the subsidy side of the American college: sport. ; Best thing to do U leave It where it l», - with · rigid scholarship rules enforced everywhere'. If the strong-muscled boyi are fContinued m Page four.) Fundamentalist Stratton Dies (By United 'Press) NEW YORK, Oct. M.--Dr. John Roach Stratton, noted fundamentalist minister, died at Clifton springs, N. T., according to word received at his red- deuce here .today. Hear disease -was given as the. cause of death. Straton became a national figure in tho 1938 presidential election coming out against Albred E. Smith because of the letter's stand on prohibition. STOCKS CRASH Bandit Pair Rob Keystone Store at Noon ERRORGRAMS - · (By United Press) MEW YOBK, Oct. 19.--Sale, on the stock exchange crossed the (,000,000 mark before noon, breaking all records for volume. In the flret half hour dealings amounted to SJSS.MO shares or at the rate of 32,000,006 shares for a tall day. NEW YORK,' Oct. 29.--The stock market struggled today to come back In the greatest selling wave in history. One curb brokerage house failed, the first to fall In the downward-sweep of the market.' ,ThJ» served to further un- settle'the market. The trading public became alarmed (Continued on. Page Sixteen.) Jim Robinson, Mrs. Douglas, Bridge Winners - James Robinson of Uniontown and Mrs.' Florence. Chlsholm Douglass of Pittsburgh won first honors in duplicate contract last night In the Trl- 3tato Bridge tourney at the White Swan, playing the east-west hands. Mrs. Douglass is one of the acknowledged experts of the country and with her local partner was Just .too strong for the company. Mrs. W. P. Edmls- ton and Mrs. M. P. Waggoner, both of Brownsville were the north-south winners. Duplicate auction WM the side game and winners in this section, as announced by Joseph H. Smith, chairman (Copyright, 1K», NBA Service, Inc.) · There are at least four mistakes In the above picture. They may pertain to grammar, history, etiquette, drawing or whatnot. Bee if you can find hem. Then look at the scrambled word below-*nd unscramble It, by switching the Utters around. Orade yourself JO for each of the mistakes you find, and 30. for the word if you unscramble It. On page 4 today we'll explain the mistakes and tell you the word. Then you can see how near a hundred you bat, LICENSED IN CUMBERLAND Jesse Tyndnll Hendershot and.Ethel Pearl Edgell, both of ConnellsviUe, were granted license to wed in Cumberland, Curb Brokerage House Fails; Bankers Trying To Stem Tide All Records Broken Now SCREAM, SHOTS IN EAST END PUZZLE COPS Residents of Willson avenue and Jefferson : street last night were startled about midnight by hewing screams seeming to be coming from a small child and then two reports of a gun. Whether the noise,came from a motorist speeding down Fayette street or from some residence in that vicinity is the question puzzling folks in that section of the city. Captain David McDonald of the city police told the -News'Standard this morning that nothing had been report- i" '·i him thus far today from that vicinity. Man, Woman, Tap Till; Make Escape In Car The Greensburg bandit pair have moved to Uniontown. Shortly after noon'a man · and. wo - ers the "lay of the la.nd" The rsto- bery itself was easy. Some five minutes later McHatt's Institute Opens 2nd Day Session The Fayette county Teachers' 'Institute opened its second day's session this morning at 9 o'clock in the Pcnn Theatre with county Superintendent John S. Carroll presiding.- The meeting began with the singing of a hymn With»-:|(Saie«Jt7~which' well filled the auldtortum and balcony of the theatre. Invocation was offered by Dr. T. W. Colhour, pastor of the Second Methodist Protestant church, and was followed by the singing of another selection both numbers being led by Prof. R. J. McDowell of Pittsburgh, (·Continued on Page Seven.) Senator Burton Dies Last Night (By United Pr«*«) WASHINGTON, Oct. 29. -- Senator Theodore E, Burton, Ohio, for years a Republican leader and close personal frtend of President Hoover, died at his home here last night. ' Fayetto county voters will decide He was 78 years old and had be«:i in whether tho machine Is to be used in poor health for the past year. Although !t»bul«tm« v °'*». la the COUIlt ' Rt the man, believed the same whoyester-' predicament wag discovered when B day robbed a Keystone Grocery store little girl came to the store and was in the Westmoreland capital, held up attracted by his efforts to squirm his the Keystone store at Main and Con- ; way to the door. The alarm was nellsville street. ;and..-air police stations in the counts- At the point ·: oSr two guns the rob- are on guard. bers backed Manager Alva McNatt iii-J State police, who were yesterday Jn- to a rear, room, bound his hands, gag- Istructed to watch every road into ged him and then proceeded to tap ette county but failed to pick up the- the till for its cash contents. "' ' ' -- - - The holdup was timed Just after the girl clerk had gone to lunch and when McNatt was alone in - the store. A visit earlier in the morning for a small purchase had given the strang- strangers, are again out on the Mgh- ways, seeking to apprehend the pair. The getaway -was in a green colored Chrysler. The man Is described ** '(Continued on Page Sixteen.) Prizes Galore For Hallowe'en Parade, Dance Tomorrow Nke Voting Machine f|i ; · . . . /V'.. . · /. f\ .;.:-,. m .·:·. lo tost County Only $150,000 Voting .machines will only cost,Fayette county $150,000 according' to county commissioners today. This includes two'machines for about 12 of the 121 precincts In the county where voting Is heavy. It Is estimated that each machine will cost about »1,000 and that several of the mountain voting district* will not need a machine the voting list being so small that the old election board would be far better. confined to his home for weeks lie polls November 5. Actditidu of nine extra prteM ta those already announced for the Community Halloween celebration Wednesday night which will begin »;--» o'clock"With a mummers' parade, «ms announced last night ' by A Bin ,*r Parice, commander of Lafayette MM No. 51, American Legion, whkll k sponsoring the observance. Klfbt «f the new prl*es are of *1 each «ad MM ninth .of «2. The new prizes will be given to Individual mummers. Mummer* to be eligible for the prlxes, however, matt be In the parade and OffleMb w*r that all mummers form with the parade In North Oallatin avenw w * they may compete for the ilete The prizes are $1 each for th« clown, best cowgirl or oowDoy, witch, best tramp, best rube, . darky, best devil and be*t ilofui and $3 for the meet original costume in the parade. For the musical orfanowtiott have slgnlHcd their Intention of ticipating in the parade *M ta «M« · being offered for the beet butt. *U for tlie best drum and buck* oorp* Mid $10 for the second bwt 4mm and bugle corps. All organinUom wtth

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