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MACKS Berrien's Big gent Buy -- For Reader And For Advertiser BENTON HARBOR, MICH. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1920 PRICE THREE CENTS 14 PAGES Today's Game By Innings · 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E ATHLETICS E E E f f l T C E D E E S E Q CUB§ · ) PINT-LIFER' GETS NEW TRIAL *** *** *** Hoover, Premier End Parley SENTENCE IN FAMOUS TRIPP CASE INVALID Ties Between 7. *$'., Britain Jralwn Closer B a s i c L aw, S i n c e M o d i f l e d , Is Not Affected By State Court's Action (By Associated Press) LANSING, Oct. 8--The conviction and sentence to life Imprisonment of Channio Trlpp ot Flint for four liquor law violations was overturned by the state supreme court late Rtyonday. Because of errors in the lower' court proceedings, Trlpp was granted a new trial. Ho will win no matter what the outcome. The old habitual criminal law- under which four liquor offenses made a life term mandatory, was amended by the last legislature so the maximum now is 15 years. The high court ordered Trlpp returned returned from Jackson prison to the custody of the ^enesee county sheriff sheriff pending his court appearance. He is the first of the few liquor lifers convicted under the law that existed for two years, to win a reprieve from the state court. Judge's Charge Faulty The basic law under which Tripp was sentenced to life in prison was not affected by tho decision. The court divided, six and one,"in favor of reversal of his conviction, bul tho solo ground for the action was the Geueseo judge's charge to the jury. It was ruled this" waa prejudicial prejudicial and faulty. Other liquor-lifers sentenced under the oli! act remain in prison, notable among them being idta Mae Miller, a woman, who wem Oh- Associated Press) TOKYO, Oct. 8 -- The British nvitaticm to Japan to particlpal-e i a 6-power Naval conference was ubltshled hero tonight, after its r.:- elpt /by the foreign office. The} invitation, which is approxl- atBl}- a thousand words in length, eviews the Anglo-American conver- Hons in which it was stated agreu- erit had been reached on tho folowlng: folowlng: .-(1) The Kellogg pact is the startup startup point of the agreement. . (2) Anglo-American parity ot all \'aval categories shall he reached y the end of 1936. · (3) The desirability to i-econsidnr tie battleship replacement programs t the Washington treaty of 1922 with a view to diminishing the amount t replacement construction there- u implied. (4) Total abolition of submarines ubjeot to conference with other al powers. WASHINGTON, Oct. 8 -- Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald and ils daugbar Ishbel took leave Tues- ay o f - t h o President and Mrs. Hoov- ir, whose guests they have been lines Saturday. From the White House the British itati'sman and Miss MacDonald K- urnid to the British embassy, which will be their honie until they leave or Philadelphia anil New York Phnvsday en route to Canada, The President and the prime min- ster parted soon after breakfast. Mr. Hoover went to his office for an early conference with Secretary itlmson regarding the reply to the JrlMsi Invitation to attend the Naval imitation conference at London in January. 2RUNSIN9TH CLINCH GAME (By Associated Press) WUIGLEY FIELD, Chicago, Oct. 8.--Howard Ehmkc, kc, veteran right-bunder of the Athletics, j u s t i f i e d his unexpected unexpected selection today for the opening game of the world series by beating the Cubs, 3 to 1, and smashing all scries records records by striking out 13 men before a crowd estimated nt 50,OUG ( H y - Associated Press) WRJGLEY F1RLD, Chicago. .Oct. S--In woEither more suited (o font- hall than Imsebatl, with a cold breeze w h i p p i n g t h r o u g h t h n imrli, tho Culm and Athletics battled Tuesday in the ijrst game of the 1H29 world aeries. The homo Held of the National loiiguo champions was lllled to its estimated estimated c'iipqclty of 50.000 fans, bun-, died in fura^ and overcoats, for the opening struggle between two of the most powerful Hubs in baseball. It was a duel of right-handers at t h e getaway, hut the voternn Connie Miu-k sprang u surprise by solect- i»K his Sfi-your-oUl veteran, Howard Khniko, to oppose Charley Root, Joe McCarthy's nhoice. Crosses Up Experts Root is the N a t i o n a l league's loading Hi tiger, but Ehinkc has not unen aiuoni; l tie A's regular twtrlers at any stage of the season, acting mostly in a relief role and pitching only about a^ half-dozen complete games, lie was chosen hi preference to George ICarnshuw and L e f t y FIRST PHOTO OF SERIES OPENER TODAY! Grove, fast-ball stars, wlio had been figured us likely to get the call. Mack crossed up t h o e x p o r t s s t i l l ' further hy sending U u h c Walberg, hie sonthjmw, to t h e bull pen for a u p arnM]p nod possible c.Ul to tho rescue. rescue. Hotli teams put their full strength on the Held fur Iho first battle, Al M i l l e r starting for the A'a In spite of a h e a v y cold. Pitchers Warm Up There was a hip; contrast in tho rival p i t c h i n g styles, as (hoy warmed warmed up. Ulmikc tried both side arm nnil muler hand s t u f f w h i l o Root con- lined himself to the moro otbodox overhand delivery. The vtist crowd stood with bared ads ns the n a t i o n a l a n t h e m was layer!, the fEeld cleared for action. MIU a m i g h t y roar, tho f i r s t gamo it u n d e r \vay. The itmnlrus did not. appear u n t i l e last minute, R i v i n g Ihe photo- rapliers nn o p p o r t u n i t y to get a ow lasl-inimitQ "shots." Root flnfsh- I his w n r m l n g - t i p and rolired to tbn ench, but Khniko continued to tosn ic b a l l up to Cochrane, using a o\v, easy delivery, and mixing irves with Slow balls. Ho threw e\v Cast balls. Umpires Are Late As game lime was only one mln- te away, tho umpires sttll bad not ut in an appearance. There were iu- icalions of Impatience on the part f a portion of the crowd of 60,000 onions, and a few cries, "where arc ic umpires?" went up. Eddie Collins took advantage of 10 pre-game recess to shake hands · I t h many of his Chicago friends ho crowded down bnck of the vlsl- ors' dugout to greet him. IJhmkc continued to pitch. By this ime lie had worked the equivalent C several i n n i n g B . Captain Coll Inn ame from the bench and spoke to Im, Ehmke nodded, pitched on. The Cubs walled in their bench. Root can.o out and started warm- ig up again. Final photographs -ere taken from the field, and tho ubs ran out to their positions to ic accompaniment of a greal cheer ronr the crowd. Hours before the Cubs and Athletics clashed at Wrigley field this afternoon in Chicago Chicago in the opening game of the world series, the bleachers were packed to the rails, as the picture above shows. Hundreds were waiting at the gale at dawn and scores had been there all night. When the game started today 49,000 fans had swarmed into the stands. This Associated Press picture was taken late this morning at Wrigley field, in Chicago, Chicago, and rushed to The New-Palladium. Vllller rf 4 Dykes 3b 4 Jo ley BS 4 Ehmke p 4 WRIGLEY FIELD, Chicago, Oct --The official box score: HILADELPHIA (A. L.) AB R H G rshop 2b ...4 0 0 2 Haas cf 3 0 0 1 fOchrane c . .3 .immons If ..4 'oxx 1b 4 Totals . . 3 4 3 CHICAGO (N AB R McMillan, 3b 4 0 jllth, ic ..4 Hornsby, 2b 4 6 27 . U.) H O 0 0' GETS FIRST HOMER OF SERIES The Game, Play By Play FIRST INNING ATHLETICS--Bishop up. Strtk j one, called. Hall, strike two. Rail one, outside. Dall two, hiRh, Bishti!) grounded to C i r h n m ami was out at first unassisted. UKUK up. Ball OJK», outside. Foul, strike one. Ball two, outstde. Strike two, Haas uwung hard lint missed by a wide margin. Striko three, called. Haas struck out on a curved bull over llin iiisUK; corner. Coclirano up. Strike ouo, called. H was a fast bn.ll through the center ot the plate. R a i l onrj, low and inside. Ball two, It was ti curved hall outside. Foul, strike two. Cochrnne swung hard and Just tipped the ball. Halt three. H was low hut over the plate, null Tour. Cochrano walked. The f o u r t h pitch was low and outside. Simmons up. Striko one, called. Root throw to first. Ho threw ngain. 13all ono, outside. Striko two, called. It was over the outside corner. Strike three. Simmons struck out, swinging ai. the third strike. No r u n s , no l i i t , no etrors, one (By Associated Press) left on base. CUBS -- McMillan up. Ball one, inside. . Striko one, called. Ball two, outside. Khmkc was using a slow curve. Foul, ntrlke two. Tho ball went into tho stands. McMillan. fouled out 1o Cochrjuie, who caught the ball h a l f w a y to third hase. English up, Strike one, called. It wad an out, curve. Hall one,' outside. Hall o u t , inside, and low. English liciiL nut [i hit (o short, which was deflected hy Ehmke's glove. Boley threw, h u t too late. Hornsby up. K h m k o t h r e w a couple balls pitching t« Hornsby to see if his hand had been hurt. Strike one, called. Hornsby filed to Milter near' t h e right field stands. Ilaoa up. WIlHtm flied (o Miller in short right field. No r u n , one b i t , no error. left. SECOND INNING ' f C S -- Foxx Itp. FOXX hit safely tn l e f t f i e l d for one on tho first pitched ball. Miller up. (Con t i n n e d ou Page Six)

Clipped from The News-Palladium08 Oct 1929, TuePage 1

The News-Palladium (Benton Harbor, Michigan)08 Oct 1929, TuePage 1
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