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1887-12-31-AtlantaConstitution-p5-OverInLiberia - OVER IN LIBERIA. C H. J. Taylor Telle Some...
OVER IN LIBERIA. C H. J. Taylor Telle Some Inter esting Stories of Life. raZ= rnahciranticaliy about, convince,, himeelf I fhfi townsaraeltrtedrw tfidSSTTlvntora .T,,ct IT. j "* *u„ a~T* ._j nor an Mtotamong them. 1^ heHere to '* heracfter, and to a gunrtane being nailed WHAT MAISS A HAN RICH THERE, v the S«U ves Uvi and What They Do A A Description et the HUitary and Ctvaiife. 'I've tost come in." he exnlained. "from niy friend, MeHenry's. I've got a cold, too. How, what can I say for you?" "ieii roeaoout Liberia, said the reporter. "Liberia is a small place to talk so much about," geld toe minister j "but there is much t't toll yon until after the twelfth of Jan uary. Until that time diplomatic reserve will - " "Oh, I don't want any state - secrets," said the reporter. "Just the country and toe peo ple, Is it so that you are disgusted with the country?" well, let me explain that. • There are twelve thousand 'civilized' people— people who have been sent from this country, and. 888,000 natives. Now I am heartily disgusted witn me twelve rnousana civutzea' people, and I am very much pleased with the 988,000 natives— the heathens, you understand. The natives are superior to the American negroes mentally, physically, and morally. I say that they are superior morally, though toe .Ameri cans are - unnstians, ana tne natives are heathens. Its a fact. The Americans are cheats, they preach and convert nobody— they thousand nnnnto hava bean sent from this country in the last sixty - six years, and vet today there are onlv 12.000 'civilized ' people and 2,375 voters. Its just this way: 2,ouo survivors ot the 22,000 emigrants are illv slave owners, and as* sataW Am* without their virtues, and are realty slaves to the 12,000. But nine - tenths of the natives are practically independent of the Liberian goveru - i wonderfully fertile, and the country is rich i ores— gold, stiver, Iron and copper. The vine and scores of others, are found in ful ahundanoe." children, and is vi reek anuouity. He is very much a), and much more intelligible to a OiMt ftnirit who huiAm but no wue. ana tne noiv unost u can't eonoeive.. The idea of one^w the same way. Then }a*e into oonsia - eraiion tna cneenng ana omtauiyoi tne avit - tsed' people, and you cannot wonder that they "Oh, yea; it is different from the Utah bo ss his wives the man she shall marry. With the young fellow it is different. His parents choose his first wife for him. She remains the 'head wife' ever after. The parento are very careful, and the son never thinks of objecting. The She son's marriaon Knt tKa mnthar 1st ahn al lowed a volce^eytc^toermakeachoice. By the way, the boy tells his mother that he After the choice is made they bargain for the girl. The fiat payment, if the bargain is made, is a string of beads. This clinches the bargain. It is a sort of installment sale, as it were. Divorce? No, the natives have no divorce. divorce. The dvfliindneople have. The president president has been thrt* times divorced. It is rm» common amongst the etniised. " 'What about woman's position?" Woman is a kind of nrooertv. Tfaev have no vote, though I am sure they would govern better than the men. They aw more Steffi - ' . "Areauy of the resources being developed?' "Not one. There are no mines, no roadi even, that extend - over half a mile from any town. Even agriculture is in Its nwsttrrfml - tive form. They have only five plows to Liberia. Liberia. They have a bill - hoek with a flat point, and they tickle the earth with that, and the harvests are wonderful. Why, a fellow diss with the same bill - hook that his great - grandfather grandfather grandfather used. There are no mules, no cows, no nones. xnetxaxsmorsingm«on«jantBi and shoulders of the men and women." "How Lot* is tha oountrv ' 'at lies Between 7* 4' utilPW north lan - sixtv mites. ana irom tne ocean is exsenos lnoenniMiy toe center— say from two hundred to tl hundred miles,1' "I suppose the oc - mtry is modoled. as fa practicable, after the Uuited States?" . l es, tne country is uiviuea into ionr pro - Montserrado, Bassah, Since and Maryland. d hv thA S.37S v/»t*« .Tn«t thmk,1^33 officers out of 2,3TB voters. Its a fact toateveryvcter to the country is holding, or has held, one or more offices. They have a secretary - of - war, but only one regiment The nower oi tne army is tne jonnson (iuards, iionor oi tne present presiaeni There are in that and two privates, and the privates Insist on walking by themselves. Then there are the Newport Guards, named after Mary Newport, Newport, the heroine of Liberia, who fired the nrst gun against too rebels last insurrection. The officers are on an average $6.SO per month. They get about $4.85 per year, if they get anything. You understand, though, that almost the only money that trade is all barter. "Well, how does the country hang to - " It do - .i't iiar.fr icr^er' always. The na. tigee acknowledge a vague sort of submission to the president ofjLiberia, because it is con - veu rout m to mciv w wuxuwvia mua exoaaasn their palm oil and gold dust for cloth and thWl Lnglish money l sed. You might say Money is very little cost Liberia $7,000. The Vey killed two TJberlans. and the srove troops fled in frantic confosten without even returning the fire. Then another insurrection wmcu cost me government 5*,wu. mat at Cape Palmas . The government bad chased a lot of cannon from the TTnitori Rt and when the insurgents fired the Uberiaas run, though not a soul was killed. The can its its convenient, vou see. to s president, and most of them do so as long as he "The government troops don' much, then?" "No, they do not. The captain ol the Johnson Johnson Guards wears a phtg hat and an nmsaalla. The saea at* at tteetgrto wear just what feey nlea.se. and the v drill far honra with a alive or two behind each man to hold Us gun. They bust that way, too. The 'apprentices' go behind behind and tote the gun till the master gets reedy to fire it off." "What about education?" "The missionary societies of N( was atosaUbarian ooltoea, but thai « itbm. The schools are exceedingly few and weak, anu uscu ouiy oy tne ii,ow, or ratner ey a very tew of that "How do yon mesa? say. inereis Prejudice Well. I - ■mbmssw. . TkeMiaasoaajBsMtsnsaiB ias - ito.bs^wwtbaAisMitosaaa^Tw^agi^ ee of natives than there Is to the United States between white and black, Tbare It BBS more, A native is not alfewed to eater by toe front door of the 'civilized' man's house. The '•Lcto vrftffan of it, I boarded with aclv - ftked man who had tone childcen and a wits. age. It is very ot sons considerably e to an almost L sr one hundred years old. port i Alio reason iuary jseHpun to be so nrominen* is thia. When ever there Is a popular hue - and - cry— when there is frenzy of any kind, the women are invariably leaders. Amount to much? Indeed they do. Why, two of the presidents have been killed by the populace, net assassinated, but actually it two weeks without stopping ten minutes aggregate stop in the whole time. It pours, too, when it does rain." "Tell me something about the native mar - **That'sa secrei, oy two oiu men. ine gin nas not. ine girl is brought in and placed on a mat. Heis S^SS^JSfiSaVBHC cure wue, smnee, an celebration, feasting, There is no further oe chiefs son marries a chiefs emony taxes two weeKs instead of Utes. The nartifia meet midwav between the two homes, no matter what the distance. The ground. Skins and cloths am am her, taken up after she has passed, and again spread in her oath." "Well, what sort of provision does the ywthjt vide for her. ATrUls^ishuiltinacircle,and all the houses are one. The roofs are thatched together. Not only the houses, but everything has rice, his tribe has rice. The ground in the center is the dance ground, and the village dances at every sunset. The plagues am the 'bueeshbugeas.' or white ante, led bv a oueen. Then there are the ^drivers,' wife men _ tamers is, ooioneu, captains privates, all of different sizes. having different degrees of authority. They let your floor get filthy, and here they com by millions of millions. They surround house, forming a ring eighteen inches thick all matted and interlocked eo that if you put eane radar the rinr and lift it. it wonld nc break, but would nas like a rubber ball Cor in to a I i» hi resistance. Then you see lizards, serpents, scorpions by the hundred. All drop. The iron. They take a table 1< me center, leaving tne I to visit yoor 1 d^tSsS susnect nothins nntil von leaned against the side of the house or pushed thedoor.and to* thing would collapse ina "What makes a wealthy native ?" "Brass kettles and women. Old Too - gla» is chief of the Kroo people, and the wealthiest wealthiest man near Liberia because he has most women and most brass kettles." "What are the relations of Liberia to tt government?" "Liberia is an fndar>a*i<?urt farce, lit is noway dependent oa the United States. I tell yon what they ought to Wo. The United fetetes government ought to claim Iberia ass dapaadtaey~ao European country could object". object". Then appoint a governor, ftiytoegov - errjtaent official*— they don't need money, and develop that country. They oneht to send a revenue cutter or two over there, and enforce the laws. The revenue at present defray government expenses. The Monroe doctrine don't anpiy. Then won tne united fttxraa to back them, syndicates oonrd be farm ed, commerce would prosper amazingly, and the wonderful mines and forest would Donnti - tuTJy repay all eHort." "But you don't believe in sending negroes Organize them, and they will accomplish wonders. Encourage and sustain them, and toey will develop Yesterday morning, at five o clock, Miss Anna Jones died at her home, lit Gullatt street. She was the daughter of Mr. William Jones, the well known detective. For months past she had been a great sufferer from con - To record the death of tha young is always a sad duty. It is specially so in this case. For the subject of this brief notice was ofcittarai*^^^ ite. But the better still, she had all those nna qualities Which blend in the dutiful child. Ia the death of such gi« ywjy ; ■ . »»to irm household r JSSSVSSSSfOtSS ^SgOBUBpBsisewi. dross refined and olear - aanai take place at St. Paul's A good Dinner 10 cents. A better Dinner 15 cents. A Best Dinner 35 cents, Extra Dinner 35 cents. 15 Marietta St. ..... m From passion's TlwraMM&riB church caSmpays ' ptmicatio**. - 'Ummm isiswin sin 9'

Clipped from The Atlanta Constitution31 Dec 1887, SatPage 5

The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia)31 Dec 1887, SatPage 5
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