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goodman Edwardsville Intelligencer 31 Dec 1965 - crowded constituents business renovation...
crowded constituents business renovation establish for, budget-making the Bills or oral days the of ' Where Are Batman, Superman, et al? Today's Comic Etaoks A Far From Those Of Past Generation our beginning by Communist old o well-learned--from NEW YORK (NEA)--It's anything but "just another collegei fad" when the professors are reading them, too. Comic books, that is. , Not just ordinary comics such as kids collect 'and trade. These are sophisticated- or something --mucih too adult for^lO-year- olds and a challenge for teen- ' agersJ. Take "Spider-Man," for example". Spider-M-an is really Peter 'Park«r r who is little more than a punk kid covering up an in; feriprijty complex that by comparison makes' Charlie Brown an egomaniac. Bitten by a (radioactive spider as a feenagrt, Parier, or Spider-Mam, has acquired powers that enable him to climb walls, stick to ceilings and spin webs to traip villains. But Spider-Man just doesn't run around ferreting out eviT .for the sake of mankind. He barely knows right from wrong.'THe uses his superpowers only when the mood strikes him, to skow off or to quell his own, ,, self- doubts. And when he does go on a caper, he takes pictures of the action and sells them to a newspaper. Spider-Man could probably use a good psychoanalyst, and this is what delights his college fans. "Nearly all of Spider · .Man's fan mail comes from college students," said the comic character's creator, Stan Lee, who heads New York's Marvel Comics Group. "Students are all concerned with Ihis psyche. They sit around for hours trying to figure him out." All of Lee's Marvel Comic characters are strange". They all havd uncanny powers and khey all have uncanny problems. Superheroes, maybe, but they have aibout as much finesse as a turnip. "They are the first breed of supercharacters that college student's--and working adults for that matter--can really Really 'Amazing 1 The 'Amazing Spider Man' really is amazing. He is identify with," said Jtfniversity of California student Bob Wie-_ der. One student took great delight in the time Spider-Man w a s sabotaged at" home by Ms Aunt May, with whom he lives in Forest Hills, 'on Long Island. With the admonition, "Peter, you're just too old for this silly thing," she burned his o n l y Spider-Man costume. "It's just like when your mother throws away your dirtiest pair of sneakers," the student said. Lee does have, a character who is without superpowers -- "Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos." But Fury has the most incredible courage imaginable. His problem is that he the chap on the bottom. %' "No, I'm not 001 -~ I'm only six!* isn't too bright. ' *H Lee's characters represent a turning point in comic books, he couldn't' b'e happier. "We were prisoners ,of a pattern when we started this thing three years ago. Every comic book was like the one before, and after 25 years of writing for comics, I was getting a little bored. "I thought, with communications wha)t they are today, the kids sirs. more hip than ever before Why couldn't t h e comics' be offbeat and more sophisticated?"' Marvel publisher Martin Goodman admitted he is flabbergasted at bqpming--sales, especially among adults. Publishing 17 titles, Marvel-sales now stand at 33 million annually, double the figure three years ago ! 1! ; Some of Lee's "'other characters: "The Incredible Hulk" is scientist Bruce Banner, who-' was transformed into a green- skinned monster " by gamma rays.r Savage and brutal, Hulk must fight the forces -of both good and evil., . . _, "The. Iron Man", is .munitions magnate Tony'Stark,, His-strug-" -'gle is to keep from using bis power for,personal gain wffen it could' be put to ' better ' use, against evil, complicated by the fact'he rusts easily .* ',' "The Fantastic Four"* a r scientist Reed' Richards .(ME Fantastic); his wife'Sue (Invisible Girl); her brother 'Johnny Storm "(Human Torch);" a n d BoK Grimm- (flie v immyisely (grotesque Thing). "What's the matter with us?" asks ringleader Richards. ','Whenever we're not fighting some" menace to mankind, we end up fighting among ourselves.". Student Wieder claims · Mar- vel 'comics · should be :"must' readinil?' on commuter 'trains ·«nd during coffee breaks, as" well as on campuses. ' · ' - ' '' 1 as 1 to in 3

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