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1889-12-24-TimesPicayune-p1-GeorgiasGrief - GEORGIA'S GEIEF. Deatn of Eenry "W, Gradj at...
GEORGIA'S GEIEF. Deatn of Eenry "W, Gradj at Atlanta. A Sadden Oume In tie Dlstla- Dlstla- ; icnbhed Patient's Illness Tennkatss Fatallj at 3:10 0'CIock V ' 'Teaterday KorriiE lH Quarters f tao Country ;Tlce i r. Their Sympathy ' Wltk the v Sorrowing State and Her - -.. -.. : People. - ' a. . -.. -.. ! Henry W. Grady, editor of the AOaatat Conatltotloiu v . Atiustjl. Ga. Deo. 23. Henry W. Grady Is dead. Deatn earns at 3:40 o'clock tnls momlnir Its coming tad been feared by tooaa whs nad wateoed. tae easa cloaely, bat aobody expected ft so boo tt. ' Tbe scene at Mabomedurtnj tbs last lunrrs wers most pstnetic. It iraa shortly after 11 o'clock that Dr. Everett announced tbat Ur. Grady -was -was Blnfctny rapidly and tost tbs-ndwaanear. tbs-ndwaanear. tbs-ndwaanear. Thea it was that all the members of the family and relations gathered about the sick bed. hoping against nope, yet praylmr that the cup mlKbt be taken from them. - Friends who bad, at the doctor's sugges tion, left the ooosa a taw boars previously wera hastily -summoned- -summoned- -summoned- The same ques tion, the same answer t ?! hope r "Noi" Strong men wept like children, one by one. then stole back, gazed, for a few seconds npotr fle ashen pal faoa and came back with bowed, heada and burdened hearts. They realized for the first time that death was inevitable there was no hope. He was BtQI unconscious. At 3:40 ha drew his last breath and the BTeat heart was stm. The fnnerat has not ret been definitely arranged, but ha will be buried ia Atlanta, probably on Thursday. At 9 o'clock in the afternoon of Carta cms the fane ml eeremoulea will take place. From, everv aeetion ef the state has oome the request that his body might lie in state that the people might look upon his face once more. In response to this request the family have consented that his body shall rest in. the First iietaodiat eb.urcn,.oX which Dir. Grady was a leadlnr member, from 9 o'clock. In the morning until the funeral nonr. - Mrs. Grady's request is that there be no display, nothing but the simplest possible funeral. These requests will be carried out, and on Thursday special memorial services will be held at the new capitol. in which ail the people, the military aud the societies of which he waa a member will take part, and speakers will be chosen from among 2ir. Uradye classmates at the University of Georgia, the class being famous for the large number of young men who have since won fame ia their native state aad out of it. - . To-dav To-dav To-dav an the courts adionrned ana many of the city buildings wera draped In mourn ing. Bomeeztneemtueuis are toucaingm telling the story of the love which all. great and small, have for this most brilliant man. Telegrams of condolence nave Deen pour ing tn from, all sections of the country, many at them being from men most prominent prominent in national adairs. ' In ail other cities la Georgia public services will be. held, either on Wedaeeday or Thursday. Henry woodnn Graay was dots u Athens. Oa, May IT. lSoL. His father was a wealthy bualneae man of Athena, who, al- al- thAnrh nnion maA and a SUDDOrter of Bell and Kverett, went with his state when, she seceded, and while gallantly leading the Twenty-nfta Twenty-nfta Twenty-nfta North Carolina Regiment at Petersburg wa shot seven time and died from hi wounds, "ionng Grady was educated at the University of Georeia. and went thence to the University of Virginia, where he numbered among his classmates United States Senator John W. Uaniei. John Wise, and others of note. At the age of 10 Mr. Grady was editor of a daily paper, the Commercial published at Eome, Ga. The paper was an cad of the town, snd he left ft to embark in the Hersld. which, has gone into history as the liveliest paper ever printed In Atlanta. If a paper baa ever approached its daszling brilliancy. Mr. Grady's partners In the enterprise were Alexander Bt. Clair-Abratna, Clair-Abratna, Clair-Abratna, now in Florida, Florida, and Colonel Robert A. Alston, who in; 187 wae killed by Captain Cox m the capital capital at Atlanta. One of their wild schemes was paring $130 a day for several months for special mail train to deliver tholr Macon mails. The absurdity of the thing will -be -be understood by journalists when It is stated that the entire edition of the Herald waa worked on on an out cylinder press printing less than 2000 an hoar. The Herald suspended publication in 1378, leaving Grady almost penniless. He Anally made his way en to New York and seuurnd an engagement on the Herald, going to Florida to look, after the count of the electoral vote then in progress. He fallowed the case to Washington, and on April 26. 18TT. published the confession of tonnis, McXin aad Cox. who explained the frauds they thomaelvee bad. committed-The committed-The committed-The exposure made thirteen columns in the Herald. For his first year's work on the Herald and ether pspers Mr. Grady received nearly ssooo, which was the first money he had earned except la conducting hia own business; In lfW he bought a fourth Interest in the Constitution, paying ISO a share for the stock, which wTca-not wTca-not wTca-not be bought for ssoo a mc he beusht an interest in, the Constitution aft-broken aft-broken aft-broken aueces has come to him. air-Gradrwas air-Gradrwas air-Gradrwas Sapoleonie in his newspaper ideas, liie view was that a paper uild not have too much of a big sensation, and while Insisting that a paper should be evenly good lwUeved that spreads should be made whenever "re 38 ,"r" thing to spread npon. For Instance, wnea the earthaaake oronrrfd at Cuaneston, A C hewok the first train for tnatcitv, riving at ia p. m. By a. ia. he had put eight eolamns of matter oa the wires, and Si account, eonieasediy the beet entous. warn printed bv nearly every Taper ta the country Again, ta the Fellon atrd sieer congreional campaigns Mr. "7 determined determined to report the result ef the vote-foily vote-foily vote-foily on the day of election, w here, nUnari-Ivthe nUnari-Ivthe nUnari-Ivthe returns would have fceea two weefes m'snmingin. To do thia he employed SWT men and more than that many fcorsea, en-eatred en-eatred en-eatred telegraph openvtors to sit up ail nisht. chartered eairines, ran teleyaone ...wiiahed relars for hi horsMfmcn. one of whom he paid i :n for his ma bt ride through a mouatainou district, and in ten hours after the poUs closed rue Const; m tioa announced the defeat of botii candidates, candidates, with full returns Jrom every rrer:3ct. Ihisone davs report from two u;.Tn-ta u;.Tn-ta u;.Tn-ta cost Sis:), fait is a.nnitte.1 to be tee oat i:-vcbtaicii! i:-vcbtaicii! i:-vcbtaicii! tas coasuiiiion ever nuuu. Al- Al- m J theuga air. Gradv managed many political eampaum he steadfastly refused to accept mee mmseir. He devoted himself entirely to his loornallatae work, and is haa enlv been within the past few years that he has ciniwnwu to lue putiuo appearanaea wmca Cained him rtnri..nl yanur. mm mw Mtjyy Mr. Grady leave a wife and two children a son and daughter. . Tribute ef Respect aad Sympathy. Atxasta. Ga., Deo, 23. Yesterday mora-tng mora-tng mora-tng the following telegram were received from Sew Tork Inquiring for further new man mas eontained in the morning aapers announcing jmt. Graay'S cntlcal tunesat JfBw York. Deo. 22. Captain Evan P, Howell: - I am exeeedlncly anxious to re ceive news concerning Air. Grady. Please send me a dispatch. Gaovxa CKVKtajro. The foregoing message was followed by thia telegram from, Governor HiUte-AIxs. HiUte-AIxs. HiUte-AIxs. Grady t . AiBarr- AiBarr- IT. TJee. .Wra. Krarf W. Grady: I am grieved by the startling r$- r$- ports ot r. Grady's condition. I trust taey are exaggerated. Please accept my aeartrcu. sympathy in this Hour or your anxiety. David b. Box. The bulletin cnvrvlaf the measaee ef death was given to the country a few min- min- niea axter tae announcement waa maae tnas life had taken its Cia-hs. Cia-hs. Cia-hs. Then came a flool of messages from all ever the union. Tlfey carry their own comment. comment. Among those who wired their sym- sym- patny werer Ji.x-Presldent Ji.x-Presldent Ji.x-Presldent Cleveland, Hon. Ham'l J. Randall. Governor' Hill of Hew York, Emory Speer. General Clinton- Clinton- B. Fiak. C. H-J. H-J. H-J. Taylor, the colored lawyer of Brnnawick. 6a; John. Ismpla ... Gravea, Rome, Gai Patrick A. Collina. Buaton Mass.; Roawell P. Flower and others. At the banquet of the New Enxland So ciety tn a ew York to-nigh to-nigh to-nigh Hon. Chatrnccy M Uepew, in the course of hla address, said: "The telegraph brings ns this evening the announcement of the death of Henry W. Grady. We forget all differences of opinion. sna remember only his chivalry, patriotism snd genius. He was the leader ot the new south and died in the great work of im-preaainir im-preaainir im-preaainir Its marvelous growth snd national sapirationa upon the willing ears of the north.. Uiton this nlatform aad before this audience two years ago he commanded the attention of the country and won, universal fame., r . ' , - Hia death in the meridian of his powers and the hope fulness ef his mission, at the critical period of the removal forever of all misunderstandings and difference between between all section of the republic ia a national national calamity.. Hew York; mingles her tears with those ef hia kindred, and offers to hia memory the tribute of her prof oundest admiration for his talents and achieve ments.' General Sherman, tn his address, deplored deplored the death of Henry. W. Grady, and aid he hoped that there was some in the south who would take up the good work waera sir. Grady aad left it on. - STANE.EYS REPORT. Herbert Ward Defends Hia Conduct JTBW York. Dee. 23. Herbert- Herbert- "Ward, who is a meet at the Windsor Hotel, declined t discuss the reports received from London to the effect that Stanley, in his letter to Sir Franris Wlnton. expressed Indignation, as his (Ward's eondact in Africa. I have a verv hiah ontnJan of Ml, Stan ley," he said, "and entertain a warm friend-ahin friend-ahin friend-ahin for him despite his reported comments on my conduct at a certain period. These-eommenta These-eommenta These-eommenta tirstt appeared in the newspapers a lew monta ago, in loot wuue jl was ihu ra Africa, and I know that at that Time itr. Stanley's Information a to my doing noirees ana nnrename, as ne was quoted ae saying I had sent his baggage down- down- the river and eaoaod him aeriooa rronbla, when is reality I did nothing of the kind. - "As to laalor Barteuor s Kramer, i am snre that the report that he was killed by the husband of a woman whom he had struck for persisting in beating a tom-tom tom-tom tom-tom to drive away evil spirits, 1 unfounded. Although I was attached to Major Bartellot's party I was not in eamp at the time of the murder, beinir abeent on a mission. The renort made to the committee- committee- In relation to the murder were from the state e ulcers -who -who executed the murderer. Stanley has bow obtained fuller reports as to the murder and will be able to give the details. "AM to my conduct in amen, i nw no fear of condemnation from Mr. Stanley when he Is In possession ot ait tae iscts, as I am sure he is Just. I can afford to wait. As to the intimation that I could make startling revelations as to fltanleya doings or ether matters ia Africa, there is no foundation for them. I really know noth ing to Mr Stanley's discredit and nothing of special interest! to the public except what I have heretofore told. , "-;:,. "-;:,. "-;:,. ' FACTS- FACTS- -: -: The Bordeaux and Burgundy wines of J. Calvet A Co.. for sftla by L. E. Jung, are highly sympathetic to refined palate.. Try them "rf judge for youtaelf. . . . . NECROLOGY. ;- ;- Dr. WCIlams. ITsasfleM, Was. 2rEwToK,Dec.23. Dr. Adeline "WTHIams of Hansneld. Mass . one of the best known female phyaiciaaa in the country, died at Augusta. Me., on Saturday, of heart disease. disease. Dr. Williams was Si years old. She was educated in Boston and Kew York and had practised In afaaaachuaetts and Mlnne-iiota. Mlnne-iiota. Mlnne-iiota. At one time she was a teacher in the Freedman's School, at Hilton Head, 8. C. Dr. Williams was a member of the American American Institute of Homeopathy... - '. ":- ":- X. "Wait, Toledor O. . . WASirnTGTOw. Dee. 23l Mr. T. Walte, son. of the late Chief Jastice Waitedled at an early hour this morntng at hia mother's heme in this city." His mother and wife, brother and sister were at the bedside. The remains were taken to-day to-day to-day to Toledo, where the funeral will be held. - Mr. Waits was eniraged in. the praeties of Xxw m Toledo where he was mneh, respected. respected. His death, which, was due to Bright's disease, occurred after a lingering Illness. ' ; ' atrs. John Hill, Srv Baton Bengew Batow EorOE, La,; Dee. 53-rspeeJ 53-rspeeJ 53-rspeeJ all-Mrs. all-Mrs. all-Mrs. John Hill. Sr who died in West Baton Kouge yesterday was burled in this city tills eve nine, eervioes were held at the Presbyterian chareh. after which there-, there-, there-, mains were interred in Magnolia cemetery. Colonel J- J- Z Gadlay. Dallas, Tex. DaixAs. Tex.. Dee. 23. .Special. Colonel J. 1 Gadley, father of B. li. Gadiey, died at the letter's residence at iao p. m. to-day to-day to-day ef typhoid fever. He was well known ia Dallas and southern Texas. The remains will be shipped to Bremond for Interment. ' v ' ' ." 7 MARITIME. . . . . ' - .'. Tae Kenxwelder in Distress.. t- t- 'Sew' York. Dee. S3. The Korwegfaa steamer Carl JConow. which arrived here to-day to-day to-day from Bermnda, reports that the German, German, steamer JCehrw eider from Sew Orleans. Orleans. Dec. . with cotton and oil cake for Havre and Hamburs. when three days out broke her shaft and waa soon after taken in tow bv the German steamer Sophie Rick-nier. Rick-nier. Rick-nier. from Branswick for liverpool. and taken to Bermuda. While- While- going throngh the channel to Murray's anchorage the Kehrweider struck a rock but came off st high water with serious damage. She will probably discharge her cargo as fit. George, T Tmsting to the Faith. Core. Attleboro. Mass.. rxs. 23. Rev. Chas. Pinncy recently cam from East Sairtnaw. Mich and was placed in charge of the Second Second Advent Society here. About two weeks ago his 9-year-oid 9-year-oid 9-year-oid 9-year-oid 9-year-oid dangijter wav taiten sick with typhoid fever, but the father wa an ardent believer in the f.-ith f.-ith f.-ith cure doctrine and did not call a physician or notify the board of heaith. - The nei tabors brousrht the ease to the attention attention ot the Iward ciaturday nicbt. A physician was erlere;l to visit the cnud. bnt the f atherref used to allow him to rrescrile, saying that he wai ready to lewre tie wuole matter in the hands of the Lord- Lord- The Ma-saeausett Ma-saeausett Ma-saeausett Poc.ietr for Prevention of Cruelty Cruelty to Children has been notiried aad wul doubtless taica prompt measures. as J. F. Pmitll Jfc Co.. Et. IsOUin. 3fo.: CentTe-mert CentTe-mert CentTe-mert The boitie of i;ie jev.'iV j.rovcd entirely aruisf.vrory. if'nni.t -r -r v ai allar. t n r5 tniio vod c:.i:.ti. i. ' t ss m yon c:.i:.ti. iiidly lor'Ta;-1 lor'Ta;-1 lor'Ta;-1 J. Ir. Cirrr ufej. C: I'a., t'-ir t'-ir t'-ir v.-:. v.-:. v.-:. tie and. ol.. .. i iattdly forwsr 1 n u- u- ---r ---r ---r ---r oot- oot- ..13, -W..I.

Clipped from The Times-Picayune24 Dec 1889, TuePage 1

The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana)24 Dec 1889, TuePage 1
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