1773 Rifles short and long barrels imported for sale Philidelphia

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1773 Rifles short and long barrels imported for sale Philidelphia - LatelyjmportctlfrcmLoNDONjBRiSTOLjandHoLLAND,...
LatelyjmportctlfrcmLoNDONjBRiSTOLjandHoLLAND, and to be fold, on the cheapeft terms, by ' DANIEL BENEZET, At his Store in Arch - ftreet, of Secon A Very great variety of , plain and changeable marituas, both haj fell and three quarters wide, Black mantuas, Pink,red,blue,bi3ck,green and white half yard per - fians Rich blue and black full fattins, Blue and bhek pelong, Broad ltriped luteftring, Blue half - ell wide farfanet, Cloth coloured hairgrazets, irialt yaru wiae nowereu iu - bine, Blue Sc black flower'd mode, Black paduafoys, Striped damafcus and mo - zeens, Red and white and blue and white cotton romals, Englifh manufactured black Barcelona handkerchiefs, Blackltalian hatband crape, India nankeens, A variety of paduafoy, fat - tin, luteitring, taffaty, mantua, farfenet, perfian, and tinfelled ribbons, Two - penny, threepenny, four - penny, & fix - penny ferrets of moil colours, Blue, black, green, red, crow, brown and cloth coloured, bed baladine fewing' filk, Three - quarter and feven - eight wide Britifli btd - ticking, Broad and narrow fuperfine book mufl'ms, Fine and coarle Scotch linen handkerchiefs, Changeable and plain half yard wide poplins, Silkfagathys, Black gauze lace. Broad and narrow black filk blown lace, A great variety of eulgee filk handkerchiefs, Strong yard wide crankys, Yard one eighth wide Turkey checks, A very large afibrtment of fuperfine rattinets, Fine red Sc white yard wide Malabar handkerchiefs, Blue and cloth coloured cotton velverets, Fine black worlted breeches patterns, Nine - eights and yard wide fine ltriped cotton and linen, .Dark ground ell wide ditto, Red and white printed lawn handkerchiefs, Yard wide fuperfine lawns, Plain cloth coloured common grazets, 'Nine - quarter wide Flanders bedtick, White buckram, Bordered bandanoe filk handkerchiefs, Flowered and fpctted Swifs lawns, Demy chintz Anamadavad, Luttitring, loft check, and roflltSpitalfield manufactured filk handkerchiefs, Women'sfmechever'dclock worlted (lockings, Double and (ingle worded d'.imalks, 1 Map and field work purple and white fuperfine linen handkerchiefs, Men's new fafliioned fcarlet fringed cotton caps, Blue, red and purple printed Bengal ltiipes, Superfine Iky blue and black broad ruifels, White filk ltay cord, Very large fuperfine fprigg'd flowered and bordered cyprufs and thread gauze handkerchiefs, , Six - quarter wide fine grey naps, Blue and drab yard wide - Yorkfliire plains, Red flannels. Spotted fwanlkin, Blue half - thicks, Blue, green, fcarlet, claret, brown, cinnamon, drab, copper and mixt co'ourM middling and low priced broadcloths, A large afibrtment of common Briftol ihalloons, Blue ftrouds, Fine mazareen blue, copper coloured, red and drab, London (balloons, Fine tammies of mod colours; four doors below the comer d - ftreet, Double prefled fuperfine durants, Blue, green and brown ca lamancoes, Scarlet and crimfon 16 inch ditto, Worded fagathys, Common plain camblcts, liroad Scotch cambletees, Fine boiled and filk cam - blets, Yard wide mixt Wilton cloths, Blue, black, claret and drab thickfets, Hempen and flaxen crown oznabrigs, Prime belt fprigged ditto, Quadruple Sileiia brown holland, Corded and flowered white dimotnjs, Yard wide white flowered drawboys, Brown Ruflia drab, Middling and low priced white and brown Irifii fheeting linen, Blue Sc red furniture check, Fine nndcoaifelrifli dowlas, Scotch and Iriih oznabrigs, Yard one - eighth wide broad ftriped German bedtick - ing, Clouting diaper, Narrow Ruffia diaper, Crimfon ermine t, Three - fourths wide (triped linen, ' German and Holland whit - ed long lawns, Single tandem Silffias, Coloured ginghams, A very large afibrtment of fine and coarfe 3 - 4, 7 - 8, and yard wide Irilh linens, Striped cotton hollands, Yard wide French lhipes, Yard one - eighth fine Turkey cotton ftripes, Brown buckrams, Tape and large bordered kenting handkerchiefs, Cambricks and lawns in whole pieces and patches, Fine (triped Bengals, A great variety of callicoes, whole and half chintzes and printed cottons, viz. double and fingle purple ground, three colours and blue, Pompadour ground, two purple and yellow, blue pencilled woik, fpot - ted and fprigged logwood dye, Guiney hens, &c. Fine china blue, and red 'two coloured bed pattern furniture calicoes, Three - quarter, yard and ell wide Patna chintzes, Yard, til, and yard and half wide common tanjeb, humhum cofaes and dorea mufiins, Superfine jaconet and mul - mul ditto, Blue and white Dutch bor - derM pin work linen hand - kei chiefs, j Mafqueraded penialcoes, Fine ell - wide blue, Pompadour, purple and light grounds true India chintz morees Eleven nails, three quarters, feven - eighths, yard and yard and half wide check linen, Seven - eighths, yard, and yard three - eighths wide cotton check, Broad and narrow true Wi - gan check, Englilh manufactured black taffaties, Striped, cloth coloured, blue, green, pink and red ell wide perfians, Two and three cordedwhite fewingfi.'k, Black filk cravats, Fine ltriped filk grafs handkerchiefs, Superfine middling and (tamped Scotch thready Red, blue, green, black, mixed, and drab coloured thread, White (ti tching ditto, Plain and diaper'd Holland tapes, Bobbins, Men's and women's white cotton and thread ftock - ings, Black filk mittens, Men's knit ribb'd and plain brown thread (lockings, Fine and coarfe grey and marble worlted liofe, Striped and plain cotton and thread laces, Lettered, diaper, fcarlet and Tully garters, Manchefter blue and white checklinen handkerchiefs, Narrow and middling blue and white (triped cotton tape, Black (ilk Scotch tapes, Fine and coarfe pro patria and pot paper, Turkey, (lowered, fprinkled, and embofied paper, Gilt and half gilt ditto, for bookbinders ufe, Marble paper of the very bed kind, Britifli ink - powder, Cloves and mace, Be(t faffron in hay, Common pewter diflies, plates and bafons, Fine and coarfe brafs wire, fuitable for fcreening - mills, Dyed pillow fuftians, Coloured jeans, Double and fingle corking, middlingjfhort white, and (take pins, Englifli (teel in half faggots marked A. C. No. 3. A large afibrtment of (heet brafs, and pig brafs, Double rolled iron plate, Belt Englilh hammered brafs kettles, Maids andgirls glazM black lamb gloves and mittens, Boys and youths fiiammy and lazed black gloves, Fine new - fafhioned ltone ear - rings, from four to fix pounds per pair, ummon glals leals, Meylander and Beycrchy whetitoues, A very great variety of oroaci and narrowLondon and Manchefter quality binding, Dutch nonfopretties, Beit white French oil flints, Common Englifli ditto, Large, middling and fmall grafs fickles, A large aflbrtment of men's t women's and children's Bath, white metal, (tcel, block - tin, and pinchbeck (hoe and knee - buckles, Plain and flowered white metal coat and jacket buttons, Japanned, moco, glafs,gold and dollar pattern, white metal and brafs ileeve - buttons, N. B. As faid BENEZET is leaving off bufinefs, he is determined to fell the above Goods on very, lew terms Should any perfon, whom it doth not fuit to pay at the ufual credit, incline to purchafe a quantity, he would wait for payment three or four years on paying interelt and giving fecurity, if required. Juft PUBLISHED, and to be SOLD by JAMES HUMPHREYS, Jun. At his Printing Office the lower corner of Black Hone Alley in Front - Street, A new humorous Dramatic Entertainment called IRISH As it is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Dixury Lane. o From the fubferiber, living in Greenwich townfhip, Glou - ' cefter county, on the 2d initant (April) A DARK BAY HORSE, about thirteen and a half hands high, has a white (pot on the near fide of his back, his fides worn with the traces, long bufliy mane and foretop, only one (hoe on, hasibrnierly had the pole evil, trots, paces and gallops, and was taken away in a blind halter. Whoever takes up faid horfe and delivers him to the owner, (hall have TWENTY SHILLINGS regard ; and if both horfe and thief, THREE POUNDS, paid by JOHN NEWELL. fv. tS5 vmce - rf ieventh iY about yv nve teer ?ii&jilrtV. llu u" cloth re.' ft 7. U I - lA I a blue under ditto with white lining and pewter buttons, a wool hat, a pair of old leather breeches, a pair of black and white yarn ftockings, and a pair of half worn (hoes. The caufe of faid boy's running away was for ftealing a horfe from one ofthe neighbours and riding about 30 or 40 miles. Whoever takes up faid Jofhua Rue, and confines him in any gaol, or brings him to his matter, (hall have THREE DOLLARS reward, ami reafona - ble charges, paid by JOHN LEWI S. Founders large brafs (hoe buckles, Long and fliort rifle gun barrels Fowling pieces Sc muflcet do. Fine tooth and common crambo horn combs, Belt buckling ditto in cafes, Green, blue, fcarlet, black, brown and drab fuperfine filk - and - hair twilt, Fine and coarfe wove bafket and death head mohair buttons, Common and Whitechapcl needles, Splitbone and (hambuck table knives and forks, Larpe, middling and fmall fciflais, Superfine razor metal ditto, Piftol capt knives, Large and middling buck cutteaus, NeweftfalhionM fnufifboxis, Common hand - faws, Temple fpectacles, Gilt watch - keys, Enlifti ben leather foals, Children's fpotted knives, A large afibrtment of true Hefiian blue melting pots for founders ufe, True garnets, from one to four pounds per necklace, Black bugles and fmall glafs beads, Common pewter table fpoons, Newell fafhion'd japanned fait fellers, A very large afibrtment of fine, middling and low priced Leghorn hats, Bell whole "hunter horfe - whips, '. LacquerM and flower'd coat and veil buttons, ; Fine pitted (hoe buckles, Lone, middling and more German fevthes, of feven different forts, Clavant iron wire, Drandrif and common fine tooth ivory combs, Melted (teel razors, A great variety of white wax beads, Fine cotton cards, Large and middling fize Dutch (traw knives, Scotch leather ink - pots, Genuine amber beads, Common flock locks, Glafs and woodframedGer - man looking glaffts of eight different fizes, Pocket and camp ditto, German iron lamps, &c.&c. the w 1 d o w. E N, Kent County y Maryland, April 9, 1773. - T UN AWAY from the fub - fcriber, living near the P10 - Bridge, Duck Creek, on the or tins initant, an appren - nineteen years old, and about eigne or nine incnes nigii ; wnciuic went away, a Drown over jacket without lining, and

Clipped from
  1. The Pennsylvania Packet,
  2. 19 Apr 1773, Mon,
  3. Page 6

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  • 1773 Rifles short and long barrels imported for sale Philidelphia

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