1763 capture of 11 rifles fom Indians - Williamsburg

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1763 capture of 11 rifles fom Indians - Williamsburg - :ccurage - if rih M.eftys R - vsnus ofCufcms -...
:ccurage - if rih M.eftys R - vsnus ofCufcms - , aniftr the E: .HUKi;wmtci. muKing aeiames; and tor the Prevention of the elandeftine Running of Goods into any Part of His Majefty's Dominions," it is, amcngft other Things, enacted, That for the mre tfleiual Prevention of the infamous Practice of Smuggling, and for the better Encouragement of the Officers and Seamen of ah fuch; Ships a'ndVeffels of War belonging to His Majefty, His IJ?ir ana SucceT:rs, who may be employed in preventing the elandeftine Running of Goods on the Coafts.of Great - Britain and Ireland,' and of thz ether Dominions and Colonies belonging to V.i Crown of Great - Britain, one Moiety of the Nett Produce a - imng by the Sale of Smuggling VeiTels, and prohibited Goods, v hicij hall be icized aftr the firft Day of May, 1763, and condemned and fold according to Law (the Charges whereof being 1. ft deducted) mall be vefted in the faid Officers and Seamen ; and K ts Majefty is thereby empowered to caufe the fame to be divided mongft the faid Officers and Seamen, in fuch Proportions, and in fuch Manner, as His Majefty, His Heirs, and Succeffors, fhall thmk fit to order and direct, bv anv Ords of fm.nnl. nr K ; Proclamation or Proclamations, to be made or iffued, from Time T." C . t f . . . ' to Time, for that Purpcfe ; and His1 Majefty is likewife empowered by thu faid Act, to make a Diftribution of any other Part of viflons Major Wilfon took the'rout of Loony's creek ; and Cap. Collins being ordered toreconnoiter the hea branches of Patterfon's creek, h - fell in with the Major's party at the foot of the Allegheny mountains. After communicating intelligence, they thought it advifeable to purfue the Indians over the mountains irmrHmal. on the 30th of Auguft, after a purfuit of. 120 miles, over as rugged rmountains as can be found, thev Came UD with thrm on a htmrk r . ' 4 1 - - - - - - - mym,mi Major WMbn wa, certain that their encampment wa, no , v. wa v. ut.iai.ubU U4IUC U111CICS 10 mten ror corie bells, or fee if they could difcover fire : the noife or me bens directed them to the encampment, an and every the beizure and Seizures that fhall be made by fuch Officers and Seamen refpectively ; the Money arifing by the Sale wi wnicn oincr rart is directed bv the faid Aft to be naid intn a . V ' ' the Exchequer. His Majefty taking the fame into His Royal Confideration, is hereby pleafed, purfuant to the Powers vefted in him bjf the faid Aft, and by and wifch the Advice of His Privy Council, to order, direft, and appoint, That the Moiety! of Seizures, granted by the faid Aft to the Officers and Seamen as afore - laid, be divided in the following Proportions ; Videlicet. ! With Regard to Seizures made by the Officers and Men of Ships and Sloops of War. To the Captain or Captains of any fuch Ships or Sloops, who Cull be afttialjy cn board at the Seizure of any Smuggling Vefiel, or prohibited Goods, three eighth Parts, to be equally divided 1 , - 1 . r"il ww. w. V - I HUT naa crent within in nio.. nC k - ir j' r 1 1 .t r - y rvv w v"c tiicuij, - ana lurrounaea incm. The rders were not to fire until it was light enough to fee all the births where the Indians layj but a big fellow rifing to make up the fire, one of the party fired at him a little too foon,: wbich brought on the engagement. This is to be attributed to the young man's eagernefs to revenge the death of his father, who had been killed and fcalped by the favages. Major Wilfon, however, routed the party, took, 3 Indian fcalps,. wounded many more, and took 11 rifles and 2 . fmooth barrel guns from them, with all their war equipage, and retook a number of horfes. They likewife releafed Uelea thepnfoner, and got back the three fcalps taken in Welton's meadow. j . . j mr j - ANN A P O LI S, September 8. 1 furT?? 4 Fl - V: Men wcrc in Town who wc very fluih Wln? 3 inia PaPcr Mney j Some Pounds of which they palled off here, and in the Neighbourhood. Upon the Difcoverv ' lc werc Valued, and Yefterday Morning about aor 3 o Cjock, four or them who had taken the Road towards i - redenck - Tcwn, the other having gone the Road towards Baltimore, were Jifcovered at a Houfe about 18 Miles off, but when A i - " " tnc' wcre 'Moved, they made off with the great - - uiuiigit .meinjrto tne Captains of Marines, and Land Forces, Sea Lieutenants, and Mafters on board any fuch Ships or Sloops, Q c eighth Part, to be equally divided amnn thm ? tn th T - b nnns n:r, lainj be A - iutenants and quarter Maftprs of Mannn 9nJ 1 ;...unn. and Qjiarter - mafters of Land .Forces. Bnatfwain - Gun. Purfer, Carpenter, Mailer's Mate, Surgeon, Pilot, and Chap - on board anv fuch Shins nr SWr.c . .;nk i equ aly divided among them ; to the Midffiinmen. Secretarv to Flag Officeis, - Captain's Clerk, Mafter Sail - maker, Carpenter's Mates, Boatfwain's Mates, Gunner's Mates, Mafter at Arms, Corporals, Yeomen of the Sheets, Coxfwain, Quarter Mafters, Onrter Mafters Mates, Surgeons Mates, Yeomen of the Powder Room; and Serjeants of Marines or Land Forces, onboard any fucfi Ships or Sloops, one eighth Part, to be equally divided amongft them ; to the Trumpeters,) Quarter Gunners, Carpenter's rew, Steward, Ccok, Armourer, StewJjd's Mate, Cook's Mate, Gunfrmtn, Cooper, Swabber, Ordinary Trumpeter, Barber, able Seamen, ordinary Seamen, and Marine, or other Soldiers, and all other Perfons doing Duty or affi.fting on board any fucji Ships or Sloops,: two eighth Parts, to be equally divided amone them. : - .1 Trr:i r i . . u. vvitn iveeard to ien ...wwuuu, a gocinco tne woods, two of them leaving their Hat, and Indian Stocking, behind them and all fo thei "Hof . and Saddles. One of them i, a large Roan, branded oa th? near Buttock with MF join'd in one - uoS a Sail 3ht Bat branded on the off Buttock A, and on he "ffSho, MKoi Phi, fome white Hair, on his near Buttock; both withW?M Th - and Twenty Shi and but Sept. a Laft Week there was found fluffed in the Pad1 of .one of the Saddles left by thofe Men, above mentioned, who paffed off fo much of the Counterfeit Vir., un ' j. .f:lr:... Virginia Mnn.w r. J . C" falfc FnrMr.;,;ii;u:i.. j "i.,r" j,. - iM - u.fi. wny Extras of a Letter from Col. Adam Stephen, dated the Wh of laft Month, to Henry Lee, Efqi County Lieutenant of Prince wiiuam, in Virginia. ' !Liam - forr .to acquaint you, that we are conftanUy harraffed with Parties of Indians amongft us, either in Haapfh;re orFrc - cerick. I am tuft returned from an heny, and round all the Frontiers of Hampfhire, in which we have taken two Scalps, recovered three Prifoners, carried off by the Sa - yages, and, according to their Information, and our own Opinion, :..?arrfs - !d.e Mhe Officers and Men killed fivenoore Indbn;. eiV" u U 7" V V. mnwnaea oy Lieutenants. aP5iv ta vou. c:r. rn, 'n.,,.u:: Ir " V.... " u'u&tu w r . '. " - i.""i;ui ui your jviiuua, coniittine it leaft of one Captain, one Lieutenant, one Enlign. fire Serteanu. and fxty Rank and file ; and I muit requeft you to have them well appointed with Arms and Ammunition, and difpatch them to Win - - 6.km.u Kcuiuon, wncrc x loan wait to i - uciu tunncr wroert. 10 ne Lieutenant commanding fuch Cutter, ivho fhall aOually be on board at the Seizure of any Smuggling Vefiel, or prohibited Goods, one Half Part j to the fecond Mafter and Pilot, or Matter's JViatr, and the Midfhipmcn on board any fuch Cutter, one eighth art ; the fecond Mafter and Pilot, or Mafter's Mate, to have two triird I arts thereof, and the Midfhipmen to have the Remainder j fcut if there happen to be a Pil.t Extraordinary on board at the ..uiB OI any 1Ucn seizure, the fecond Mafter and Pilot, Xvrafter s Mate, is, in that Cafe, to have one Moiety of the faid lg o - . Znd the 0ther Moietr is o be equally divided between the Pulot Extraordinary and Midlhipman. To the Clerk and Stew - mate, ounner s Mate, Carpenter's Mate, and N E W - Y O R On the 35th arrived here Captain Baldwin, of Branford, la Con - ttlCUt, in 16 Davs from T)arKan. tr - i. ' before he arruredin Latitude between 36 and 37. they were hail - 4m the Dead 0 Night by , Man, w'ho feerned to'b, inre.t ne piftrefs, and muft have been on a Plank - "j wuuti, uiic ciguiu rare ; 10 me able Seamen, ordinary Seamen, and all other Perfons doing Duty, and aJTifting on board anv fuch Cutter, twn Ahtk P,rtf u ' equally divided amoneft them. 3d. With Regard to Seizures made by Ships or Sloops of War li. v - ujijuiiciion witn Suiters. or fome Piece of Timhr 2C Ya?n Vf l ht: - but the Sea running - 0, V"" U6I"i5 Qcr a large iaiJ, going very faft, they eaiaceiy ok ot hearing, and could not poffibly eivc him sny Aififtance Next Dav th in That in all fuch Cafes, the Moietv wh?rh i v. n.... aCCS' .6J Mo.nth fo ,atc we received by the Packet. She and Men who fhall make fuch Seizure be divided into fo mav rU6nt a Confi.dwaW Q - antity of Soldier', Cloathts. equal V arts,.or Shares as there may be Ships or Sloops, and Cut - ob" 3 On Friday iali the Albany Poll came to Town, in " v,wii,, iMatmoic anares De diitriouted to the Officers and, Men of the Ships or SoopS and Cutters, according to the aforegoing Proportions. j And His Majefty doth hereby further order, direct and appoint, Tsut in cafe any Seizure fhall be made in any of the Colonies - Lu - eIonSinS,.t0 the Crown of Great - Britain, by His' Ma - v. ocingrartox tne Squadron, r actio rv nrhl ? f tf J" Mail, and riding extraordina ry on the following do eful Occafinn. l, Copyof..r,iom.G,oUciM4Nia - al)dMeas?ptffiberl6 - n yV v.nporariagymctr, or a Commodore, with a Cap - taiH under him, fuch Flag Officer or Commodore, fhall have one fouuh Part of theother Moiety of the faid Seizure, which is di - ea oy Act ot Parliament to be paid into the Receipt of His ajeftys Exchequer, And in cafe any Sea, Captain inferior Commilfion or Warrant Sea Officers, belonging to any fuch Ship or VelTc , for whop, any Shares of Seizures are hereby allowed, be . abfenw at the Time of.making fuch Seizure, the Share of fuch Pffir, fhall ZZ nercoy allowed to the Trumpeters, On; SASXKf C'V? Cook, Armourer. St OnSunday laftarrived the Snow Prince William, Captain Cole, ii Weeks from London, and 9 from. Plymouth, Ae brin no I HAVE juft Timeto tell yen we arrived fafe at Niagara irh In, delad much ltJGSSl. y - . lupport i amount . ' - WAV: - inconfiderable was that which X.A y:"?1?" 7 3 Nfile. nigheT nethTc ! . .. - upoiJcuea tnemielves otamoftadvanUgeousPieceof ri - Kam. Next Dav had an ErDwfi frr t xt: n JS?!)11? t?at," Convoy, with the Team, employed in car - rfVrT ro f "ei .was stacked 5 we fent off from our was arter Steward's , ? l i. , . Z ' v'J l junmtuu, ana mree ouoaiterns. marrhri urtfKi u.. o. . a, - . ... Trumpeter. JJarbrr. .hi. ' ' V" Infant. 'Tim VJ v "y cn.moitiy or Gage's Light . - l ubauifcij. uiuiiiiirv .in m p n i ny - ( rv t t n "ji nuc in a iirri. . l l i y . . ' . v "o.iJiic - . - - - uih ui - tcnc : mcT ma ic.rr o j, - 1 imp rnrm ..rK.. V1J! .. w .Mate, Cook s Mate, Gusfmith, Cooper, Swabbe .. - U.UWUI, jjwBcr, d je. seamen. nrHinaro or.th SoU.er,, and all other Perfom doing Duty or affiftine on on board of anj h Seizures, fhall or they fhall be le abovemention - fpeilive fuperior hrarit. l c - I V ""vvk "UI ouccours j on me nr nearmg of the Fmnr by the Convov.: Cf a .u 7 waaiu Vi r CI1CJ, .k cu:!. . ' w..1" or ameers, - - ur JJaops, at tne Time of making fuch Seizures, fhall have more Ccmm flinn ra; u. : 6 , ocMrcs, man . vjqc. ne or tnev ihaii h cur :sfD to whichwdingrtw cd 1 Diftnbution, fhall belong to his or their refpeaive fuperior CoZ'mnS 0r'?S - CrSxV .And th4Rieht Honourable theL Commionersof His Majefty's Treafury, and the Lords Com xniffioners of the Admiralty, are to caufe His Majefty', Please, Jiereby iignihed, to be duly complied with." ' V ' WILLIAMS R ir r n t - t iclt An exprefs arrived n town v.v Zu 2 nS' . meadow, on Loonv's creek, th. u c a v ..." 4V, c . . s couia J m.0lt 6 tnofe wno came in. are wounded. :1 WACn LhS licd Michacl Harnefs and JonathJ ed Joab Welton, and took one Delea Pri liUS - ? f71.en lhe Indian PP"d at the abovJ Pafs ; cZW V 17 nJthCin but w inftantly furrounded, and the Captain who commanded mortally wounded the firft Fire : ! the 3 ?n adiaf 8ftcd " on a11 Sid"' and cut about 6o or 70 WoL. v a , C malde - lheir EfcaPC 5 they came here through the sZh"lnm!0Mny Ci'niftices, it is believed the icnecas have a chief Hand in this Affair. : n" I rfef1 ? t fufrer by this, a ill the . - wv. .voxu. u uie carrying - place are deftroved and tf, about XI atnieh't: nathan Welton. woun.l - bounded Joab Welton wa, upon the poini of Vepe tLg Wft5 anaMn ?ime rrfr W ' .d . the tomahawk, and killing himf whe the fa wa,? ajS&!2M F" " W tob2 - c mn A u w,cn od forbid) to ftand the Firy of thofe . j one ueiea, brother to thts prifoner of that name ; onhlsdifcharg. ine his Dicce. he was W.l j ur 1 r uiiciarg - .1" , v , . - "u ujr icvcrai maians at once: .avage w hot by itife thofe Sarages fo effeauallv. that ihlZ fn loa; Englifhman to laUft PofleritV. 7 ac 01 . . 4 an uic uric but the fa - . . , . "y Ai.uiaijo mat m.1d n r rr him 1 1. . i t .... V V p ana, ne Knocked down another with ZhCthe Carricd undcr his beIt - ' this time Indians had joftled him to the place where his brother lavied? upunaccingmmtaicen prifoner, he immediately dropt all thoughts ly intrenched ttrTiV'"? - ? oMcathere, ilrc of further refiftance, and gave himfelf up, explain likewif - to EtS 5 . Itr the Proyifions faved from the Wreck. 1)E tabn ftrfnn. t., l e' ""g tO Extract Of another Letter frnm o . ' I . UUL LJiCV il L . . 1 . . rcopie too, nad a Bralh at the Wreck in p - . .th a fmall Body of ,he Indian,, d beat then ff tat loft four o, .five Men , the, roifed' when ReWo'r? 'fnufto nve urried him 5utqh .k - . tji .i wj rt,f '.! j i ' i - . " r. Ajioiaa mac : u r;wkWM mm, icajped him, and wounded him with a knife, leaving him for dr rK. . ?l n u ,f ' . ' 'urru"1 awieaxoiome - . mmicii upj wnere he lcricciiy in nis lenles, told the who vn.;J4UHwaras. un receiving ciicn orccrea iviajor Wilfon and C ihire militia tc raife two companies o nemy, as foon as they could pctfibly provide themfelves with Pro - join them they would - pay mother Vifit th., tw JUtle to tear from thatOnarr;, ..7 : mrM a n k a w ri iv a - mm mm, entrenched, juard ihe firiC.'? . "w j from raSara, dated Sept. 17. j'76, J otners 4 or coo. cam .l ' attacked the Waggon jfrcoirTihic M, . tn;, "ricrrc w",clJ confifted of a Serjeant and 24 jvien , this fmall Body immediateir becamf c - ,;c ' a - - . - ""f - "f xrazier, Lieutenant Rofco, of the cry, and Lieutenant Deaton. f tK. d . . L

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  • 1763 capture of 11 rifles fom Indians - Williamsburg

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