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1892-06-22-InterOcean-p2-APoliticalAnomaly - . op-' un- nok'be-lieve ways me. .V A POLITICAL...
. op-' un- nok'be-lieve ways me. .V A POLITICAL ANOMALY. " . Catered Teters Form aa AXre-Aanerleaai AXre-Aanerleaai AXre-Aanerleaai . DemocraUe National Cemoaittee. - . The oolored Democrats of the country held an enthusiastic meeting in the Democratic headquarters, at No, 137 Monroe street. The meeting was called under the auspices of the Negro National Democratic Committee. A feature of the gathering was the presence of many colored men who claimed to be Republicans, Republicans, but were ' tired of President Harrison and his treatment of the colored race, They said they desired to be allied henceforth with (be Democratic party, " Among the prominent colored men present were Ur. J. m. W. loom peon. Minister to Hai ti under President Cleveland I C. H. J. Taylor, ex-Minister ex-Minister ex-Minister to Liberia and who was last week a delegate to the Kansas Slate Farmers' Alliance Conventions Henry F. Downing, ex-Minister ex-Minister ex-Minister to St. Paul de Loando; S. Jo. Marrh. alternate-atdarge alternate-atdarge alternate-atdarge from , Iowa ; Professor M. V. Alexander Has ton. President of the negro Democratic dubs of Missouri ; James M. Venner, of Missouri : the Hon. J. Milton Turner, of Missouri; V. C Dawson, colored representative of Tammony Hall ; G. W. Lamer and J.Allen Ross, of Kentucky; the Hon. W. G. Scott, of Illinois; W. IL Johnson, of New York ; Senator James A. Koss, of Iowa; the Hon. R. A. Jones, of Ohio, G. H.Samuels, of Chicago t secretary secretary of the A fro-American fro-American fro-American Democratio Club of Illinois, J. W. Brown, president of the club, W. A. Williams and G. Hammons, Springfield, III. About fifty others were in attendance. W. G. Soott, of Illinois, was made chairman. Before the permanent organization was ef fected addresses on the tariff and President Harrison's alleged ill-treatment ill-treatment ill-treatment of the oolored oolored peopie were made by Messrs. Johnson, Turner, Koss, and Taylor. Mr. Johnson said : "We are here to-day to-day to-day because we believe the Republican party baa outlived its usefulness, at least so far as it relates to the negro aad Ma prosperity, and that it is our duty to cast about for a safer and more sure anchorage. We believe that Grover Cleveland "when President of the Cnited States gave the best aesurauca possible that under Democratic rule the Afro-American's Afro-American's Afro-American's beat interests, bis liberty and happiness were fully conserved. I know by experience and personal observation observation that the civil, public and political rights of my race were never better conserved by any executive than they were by Senator David B. Hill when he was Governor of the great State of New York. Toe political parties of the day are not the parties of the last decade. Their names are the same, but new men represent them both. The great Democratic party bas gained wisdom by experience. experience. It deals with greef National Questions on fundamental, principles, t ia forgetting the past ' unpleasantness unpleasantness ; is living and flourishing flourishing in a grand and real present. Its policy of good government embraces all people, white and black, rich and poor. North and South. The Republican party of to-day to-day to-day is not the old party of Oliver P. Morton, Salmon Salmon P. Chase, Edarin M. Stanton, John W. Forney, John A. Andrew, John A. Logan, Henry Winter Davis. Old Joe Hooker. David A- A- Broderick, and the many other distin guished - heroes. statesmen, soldiers, and sailors . whose ' names emblazoned thew pages of ' ' the ' history ' of i her? great achievements of the once beloved Republican party. Now the glory of the old party has departed and but a faint resemblance resemblance remains to indicate that it ever existed existed at ail. The Republican party of to-day to-day to-day winch we turn away from in sorrow stands as a sectional party, as a political necessity. It is ulctBToriBT. overoeanng, autocratic The soil of delegates showed seventeen States represented. At the evening session a permanent organ ization was formed as follows: President, S. L. Marsh, of Iowa ; First Vice President, A. K. Manning, Indiana ; Second Vice President, Professor M. F. Alexander Easton. St. Louis: Secretary, James N. Vena, Missouri ; Assistant Secretary, J. W. Tanner, New York. A platform prepared by nuiiam H. John son, editor of the CMctum Light, referred to the committee on resolutions, of which J. Milton Turner, of St. Louis, an office-holder office-holder office-holder under Grant, was made Chairman, contained the following: W fl kebab. We, as free American citizens, loyal to our race interests aad solicitous of our country'. country'. Droaperitr. believe and noheaitatiiurlr de clare tnat bo citisen's rishts should be enlarged or abridea because ot race, oolor, nationality, or reliicoa; and. v hbieas. Jur belter la that the beet and most substantial interests of all the people would be best an oaf i tea Dy tne ascendency ot the Democratic partr: the election of the candidates to be nominated in tta convention now in session in this city; and tue administration of the affairs of government UDon the Dr indoles of home nil a. State ria-bta. ria-bta. ria-bta. equal ana exact justice to all men, no special taxation, and do special legislation, their platform platform boina broad enouah for every hopeful Afro-American Afro-American Afro-American dissatisfied with the misrule and perversion perversion of the -fundamental -fundamental Drinciolea bv the once srasd old Republican party to stand upon ; mere lor oe it Keaolead. That a : National " Afro-American Afro-American Afro-American Democratic Committee be and ia hereby created to consist of five members from each btats and one from each Territory to serve four years, or until the ttrst day of the next M tnoaal Demo- Demo- eratic Convention, whose doty, it shall be to maintain and disseminata itoinocratio principles and invioorate and Drosecute an anrreaaive campaign for the success of the Democratio nominees for President and Vice President keeping keeping always ia mind the best interests of the Aro-American Aro-American Aro-American eitisasa and the general pros perity oi tna country at large. IOWA MAKES LARGK CLAIMS. '

Clipped from The Inter Ocean22 Jun 1892, WedPage 2

The Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois)22 Jun 1892, WedPage 2
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