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 - 5 Per Copy MAIN OFFICE 14539 Svlvon S , Vcn...
5 Per Copy MAIN OFFICE 14539 Svlvon S , Vcn NUYS Cclif sar 6-7m a,. 3 2051 Moil: P.O. Bos 310, Von Nuyi, Calif. RESEDA OFFICE 703! Rneda Bird. Phone 4 (M fll Reseda. Calif. Dlcken fc"0 I U I CANOGA 7221 Jordan Ave. Conosa Park. Cel-t. CIRCULATION OFFICE PARK OFFICE %£« 0-0414 Phone ft STof. t' 52 PAGES and VALLEY GREEN SHEET Established 1911 SOtii Year LEADS IN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1950 LEADS IN HOME DELIVERIES No. 69 Expressed Editorially By WALTER MENDEftHALL M OST POWERFUL VOICE The voice of the people has been heard throughout the land. Joyiul was the message to some. A cause of consternation to others. Now that we have had our quadrennial say, we m u s t not lapse into silence. The voice ot the American people is the most powerful voice in the world. It should not and must not be silenced by the laryngitis of apathy. IUST TOO VOLUMINOUS * The News Ekes to give everybody "their say"--but more correspondence stacked up in this office for Tuesday's issue t h a n the publication could handle. A n y w a y , thanks a thousand, just the same. N O QUITTER "I think working keeps me young. If I had quit a couple of years ago, I'd be an old man by now." --JACK BENNY CTAKE IN FOREIGN ·* INVESTMENT The United States is building up a huge financial stake 111 other c o u n t r i e s . Three- auariers of it is private investment, and the total grows bigger every year. Latest official report is that private investors accounted for $44,775,000,000 at the end of the year, while government credits made up the remaining $20,004,000,000. The United States has become the free world's banker since World WarH. fOMPETiTION V "Early thought of e c o n o m i s t s competition in terms of price only. But competition today _ls in service, quality and innovation . . ." --NOHVDT H. GREENE National Beview Bulletin , CEET'S JUST ' A-KILL1N' ME-That was quite a common exclamation t w o decades ago -- especially a m o n g women. But "ow a prominent chiropodist says that American women have bigger feet than they had a generation ago. However, he said, large feet no longer are considered a stigma, and as a result all wear better fitting shoes and have healthier feet. f USTER'S LAST WORDS · "I can't understand it. They were friendly enough last night at the dance.", --Bevendge Paper Co. N I ATION'S BUSINESS SLACKENED · Most major lines of industry md commerce hit a pre election lull last week over the prior one, most lines be- New Fight Expected as Syimar Cemetery by * * * ly Starts ntee Ballots Results Due Monday; California, 57th Assembly Choice in Doubt Absentee ballots are being counted in Los Angeles County today and when the tully is completed the results can have great effect on two races in Tuesday's general election. The count, was begun 'yesterday and DELUGE SMASHES HOME--Gene Schulz- 22, room renter, g a z e s at massive landslide which smashed rear of J. W. Sehach home at 4011 Holly- line Ave. in Sherman Oaks. Dept. of Building and Parade Here Set to Honor rans A Veterans Day parade will be held todayv leaving Butler Bros. jarian"g lot, Kittridge .-%id''^an"'Nu7s Blvd/ at 10 a. m. The parade will .be followed with, annual memorial services at 11 a.m. in Memory Lane, Haskell Ave. and Victory Blvd. and a luncheon at 12 noon in the American Legion clubhouse, 14541 Sylvan St The s , p e c i a l program is* sponsored by the San Fer-; nando Valley Veterans Day committee _A1 Saunders, commander of "Van Nuys American Legion Post 193, is co-; ordinator, Heidt to Parade j After the parade forms, it will head' south on Van Nuys Blvd. to Victory Blvd., west on Victory to Haskell Ave. and Memory Lane. In the parade will be Horace Heidt, honorary mayor of Van Nuys; Drum and Bugle Continued on Page Eight Valley Drive for Council Seat falls 2 Voles Short The Valley yesterday apparently lost all chance of revising the Councilmanic redistricting ordinance which gives it only three and eight-tenths districts for the next four years. Evidently jhe ordinance, got by Mayor Uorris 'Paulson's desk by default. The Mayor had until midnight to either veto the- ordinance, ^sign "it or do nothing. The News learned that, he did not intend to veto it because Valley leaders had not been able to obtain necessary C o u n c i l support to put through a revised ordinance^ Board Rules 'Nordhoff Must Stay The Board of Public Works has voted against changing 43-year-old Nordhoff St. to State College Ave. as requested by the building committee of San Fernando Valley State College. The Board said its policy- is that historical names of streets in this city not be MAYOR WAITS UNTIL END The Passed Oct. 31 News also learned from sources close to the Mayor that he would probably not sign the ordinance before; the midnight deadline, mere-! ly letting it pass without: indicating approval or dis-i approval. ' After the ordinance was passed on Oct 31 the Mayor had 10 days to act He promised Valley civic leader Martin Pollard that he would veto the ordinance if eight Council votes could be- obtained to back a revised plan. The Valley bad six firm votes, including all four of its Councilmen. As late as yesterday civic leaders were working to obtain, the two additional votes but suddenly admitted that the drive looked mathematically impossible when it was learned that 10 votes would be needed to get the matter onto the Council floor. ^ Final Blow Came All that is left of the redistricting procedure is for the ordinance to be published by Nov. 15. Some V a l l e y leaders, in- e Continued on Page Eight WEATHERMAN PREDICTS HIGH CLOUDS, HAZE Variable high cloudiness with hazy -sunshine and patchy low clouds tonight is predicted for the Valley by the U.S. Weather Bureau forecast center. Expected high temperature in the San Fernando Valley will be a mild 74 after dipping to an overnight lojr 48. The Air Pollution Control District predicted no eye irritation In the Valley, but light to moderate smog in other sections of the Los Angeles basin. No rain is predicted, although amatenr forecasters have been saying, "It looks a little dampish." _, ,. , -r, ,,, " changed "unless such change' Continued on Page Two^ ^^ foy mdisputabsle j reasons" tfei $510 in Articles Burglars pried off a screen at the home of Norman Rooner. 13011 Dabby St., Van Nuys, and hauled away articles valued at $510, police reported. Loot included an adding machine, camera, radios and toaster, police said. It was added of it has no i knowledge of any such rea-' sons. . | College officials contended | naming of a street in honor of a college "adds prestige; to any local community " and! ^uggested the name of "Nordhoff" could be reapplied to veda boy who drowned in a A five-day search for the body of a 14-year-old Sepul another major thoroughfare. Nordhoff extends from Osborne St. to a point one-eighth mile west of Topanga Canvon Blvd. T@BAY 5 S NEWS INDEX Calendar of Events . PageA-14 Churches Page B-5 Cloicified POOP B-12 Crossword Puzzle . Pegs B-10 Entertainment-Dining Page B-6 Interesting Hands .. Page E-2 Panorama City PaoeA-14 Pierce College Page B-1 Spcrti .. . . PageA-16 Teen Talk Pige B-9 Television Radio ....Page B-8 Theaters :Pnge B-8 Valley College Page B-IO Vital Record Page B-10 Women Page A-23 HIGH SCHOOLS Birmingham . _ Page A-l 1 Ceioga Park . .Page B-10 Grorer Cleveland Page A-l 0 Granada Hills PogeA-12 U. S. Grant ... - Page B-8 James Monroe .. . Page B-2 Notre Dame .. .. Page A-9 Polytechnic .. - .Page B-11 Reseda Page B-TO San Fernando Page A-t I Van Nuyi Page B-10 JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL flood control channel during last Saturday's rainstorm was called off yesterday. Police said their search for 1 Ricky Lucchi, of 16357 Septo St., has proved futile despite an inch-by-inch scanning of the six-mile route from Bull 'Creek Wash to the Sepulveda Dam. ' j More than 75 men f r o m j (police, rire Lept ana Civiii (Defense units spent some 710| i man hours searching for the! Safety said slide was caused by tilting shale strata (which can be seen in picture) loosened by recent rains. Sehach is calling in engineer to assess damage and suggest corrective measures. The News photo Tilted Strata Named Cause of Landslide SHERMAN OAKS -- Shale strata which tilts in the wrong d i T e e t i o n today had been ·blamed for a landslide which hurled thousands of tons of dirt and rock against a $75,000 Sherman. Oaks home. ''Grading for the home was approved before an ordinance which now protects homeowners in Los Angeles County," William Milburn, chief of the grading division of the Dept. of Building and Safety, explained to The News. "The s h a l e strata has z slope of 25 degrees behind the She! man Oaks home,'' he went on. Sees Little Reason 'When last -week's rams hit the area, the thir film of clay separating the strata became slippery and caused the slide." Milburn said there was no reason to believe that other homes in the area would suffer a similar fate. Sometimes these homes Continued on Page Eight Hint Appeal esults won't be known until ate Monday, deadline for re- ceuing the ballots. A state\\ ide total of 230 000 absentees can decide whether laliforma remains in the column of President-elect John F. Kennedy or goes to native son Richard M. Nixon. Could Be Erased California's choice will have nothing to do with Kennedy's victory since he already is assured of more than the needed 269 electoral votes without the state's big bloc of 32. Kennedy's margin in California--about 37.000--could be erased by the absentees, Re publican officials have been quick to predict. The other race that may be decided by absentees is in the Valley's 57th Assembly Dis teict where -complete semi official returns §how Republi can incumbent Gfcarles J. Conrad leading Democrat Charles Manfred by 275 votes. Registrar of Voters Benjamin Hite said 90,000 absentee ballots were sent out to county residents. Hite, however, said no breakdown is available on the number out in the 57th District since his office Continued on Page T«o Driver Uninjured Robert Lee Broivnfield 25, of Btrrbank, escaped injury when his auto left Riverside Drive west of Matilija Ave, and hit a parked car, chain link fence and a power pole, police reported The accident occuried early Thursday Francisco Sepohretk ..Poga 8-2 [Harbor. The only trace uncovered' ,was a still-buttoned jacket! worn by Ricky when he tumbled into the ram- \vollenj water as he tried to grasp a' toy boat released by a friend upstream. Authorities now theorize the. boy's body traveled down the channel into Long Beach List Complete Senii-Officia! Vote in County Here are complete semiofficial Los Angeles County returns in Tuesday's election for the major offices and propositions: PRESIDENT * 11,851 Precincts out of 11,851 Kennedy, Bern. 1,293,762 Nixon, Bep. 1,251,215 Decker, Proliib. 8,749 CONGRESS 21ST DISTRICT 1384 Precincts out of 3384 Hit-stand, Bep. 171,094 Brown, Dem. 124,067 22ND DISTRICT 944 out of 944 Corman, Dem. 101,615 Blanchard, Bep. 9G,OGT PROPOSITIONS SCHOOL MEASURES D--UNIFIED SCHOOL BONDS 5936 Precincts out of 5930 YES 784,362 NO 283,288 E--JUNIOR COLLEGE BONDS 6142 Precincts out of 6142 YES . 722,428 NO 318,544 STATE 11,851 Precincts out of 11,851 1--WATER BONDS YES 1,289,516 No 1,003,635 2--TERMS OF ASSEMBLYMEN NO 1,138,3S8 YES 938,110 ,V-DISABLED VETERANS' TAX EXEMPTION YES 1376,583 NO 354,710 4--TERMS OF OFFICE YES 1,272,658 NO 736,638 5--COMPENSATION OF LEGISLATORS NO 1,163.035 YES 839,038 6--ASSESSMENT OF GOLF COURSES YES 1.360,314 NO 871,385 7--CHIROPRACTORS YES 1,126,660 NQ 808,068 8--ELIGIBILITY TO VOTE YES 1,064,372 NO 970,554 Continued on Pdge Two 3-2 Vote Upholds Residents' Protest · The City Planning Commission yesterday voted to uphold protests of Syimar ·esidents against a proposed cemetery in their community, but the issue still appears to be anything )ut dead. ' After the narrow 3-2 denial by the planners, a spokesman for applicant Abraham Spie_el indicated an appeal probably will be made to the City Council. Applaud Action The commissioners accepted the report of City Planning Director John E. Roberts who recommended against establishment of a memorial paik on 137 acies northwest of the intersection of Laurel Canyon Blvd. and Hubbard St. Opposed to the cemetery were commissioners Milton J. Brock. L. M. K. Boelter Arthur L. Loomis. Voting in favor of the cemetery were Norbert B. Moffatt of Van Nuys and Ray S. Marvin. More than 100 Sylmar residents in attendance applauded the commission's action after earlier having had to be called to order several times. Brock Tells Opinion Brock introduced the motion to accept Roberts' recom- eaudlioij llictl tue request for a conditional use permit sought by Spiegel be denied. Spiegel Is the developer of the home tract from which most of the opposition to the cemetery developed. Brock said, "This could be very beautiful memorial Continued on Page Eight NEGOTIATIONS TO RESUME IN PHONE STRIKE Negotiations between the California Water and Telephone Co. and 1300 of its striking employes, 400 in the Valley, will resume today at 10 a.m. in the Elks Building in Monrovia. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers have been on strike since Nov. 1 over fiinge benefits, shorter working hours, insurance and vacation time. PUP IN BASKET SEEKS OWNER Racdy Miller 6, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Miller of 6430 Greenbush Ave., Van N holds remaining pup from litter of family dog, which is sadly looking for some new owners. Puppy's sentiments are expressed by note. It is 10 weeks old, female and not too closely associated with any breed. Interested persens I can call STate 0-8332 for information. n* y*n phot* STORES STAY OPEN, SCHOOLS CLOSE TODAY Governmental offices will be riosed today in observance of Veterans Day, but banks and biiisnes^rs in the T..II,,. ...Ill v~ -- ""* » «t*it » » * « n »^o \,*i 11. C iiy, county, state and federal officrs will close along ttith "ichooK, and i thnr will be no delivery , of mail except .special item-.. Only post offices open in Lo-, Angeles ·nill be the Terminal Anne-v, Alameda and Macy Sts., 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.; International Airport station, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m, and Air Force unit at 5771 W. 96th St., 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. YOU'll GET rip ROARING RESUITS When vou use tho classified adi in The NEWS GREEN SHEET "I co-!d hiv- * hA ran this ad · '59 Ford Cou-t-- .- S'"sn Ezdio. *atr, cruj-omat.e ~e^ tirc xiwr: ster-ire i brake*. T-B,rd npii*. Private party ST X-XT\X To p3sc« jour ad. simply tele- p v ',-ir one of oar three conrcnxmt I [' rr-i VAN NUYS ___ STare 6-7111 or TRiangle 3-2051 RESEDA Dicker,! 2-6101 CANOGA PARK . . . Diamond 0-0414 te A v. Si'APERf

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