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LAURENT-3 - Gamin or Glamor Girl, Any Part Suits Jackie...
Gamin or Glamor Girl, Any Part Suits Jackie Laurent HOLLYWOOD, March 7 (NEA) Talkietown is an oh - so - busy place for Mile. Jacqueline Laurent. She rush here, she rush there, taking ze lesson, making ze peectaire, doing as like now ze interview, having fixed ze haid, having fixed ze dress, going to ze night clop, learning ze Beeg Apple. The other day I had a 4 o'clock date with Mile. Laurent and she didn't show up. When Billy Grady, Metro's foreign talent supervisor, heard about it he swore volubly in all three of his languages, which are English, American and Broad - wayese. "These people," he said finally, "having a marvelous talent for forgetting things, and for not understanding things. I'm supposed to have their time from 9 in the morning until 6 at night. Well, Jackie Laurent will see you tomorrow at 4 o'clock, and i don't mean weather permitting." ' Next day, at 4 o'clock, Mile. Laurent arrived at a hard lope. "I am vereee bizeee," she panted. "It ees not moch time for ce Interview." "Mr. Grady," I said sternly "told me yesterday" "Ah, dear Bil - leee!" exclaimed theactress. "But of course I weel tell you what you want." She looked at me with exactly the cordiality of a sullen witness before a prosecuting attorney. "Wan Leetle Vamp" I looked at her and was bound to acknowledge that it was a nice view, what there was of it. Miss Laurent, who is quite small, wore slacks and some sort of silk shirt. Her unpowdered and unrouged face is not exactly beautiful, but piquant in the Rainer manner. It offers, marvelous opportunities to the makeup department, which can transform her to anything from a gamin to a glamor - girl. . Usually she i wan leetle vamp. Miss Laurent appeared in only two pictures in France, the second opposite Georges Rlgaud. Louis B. Mayer saw that one, and after meeting the actress in London suggested that she might like to try Hollywood. So she came here and for a tryout role is playing a campish ingenue in a B flicker called "judge Hardys Children." In it she will have to do the Big Apple with Mickey Rooney. ' A man from the publicity department almost swallowed his cigar when he heard Miss Laurent, who is represented m be ing 17 years old, tell me about quitting college to get married, and being divorced, and then going into the movies. Actually, though, she was married at 16, and the romance was a quickie. Until the time of her divorce Mile. Laurent never had planned to be an actress. She's Hardly Lonely Her father, Jacques Janin, is a song writer and has composed many tunes for pictures. One day she accompanied him to a studio and as they were walking on the lot a director asked her to work in his picture. In that one she appeared in four scenes and sang two bars of a song. Did so well, though, that she was cast with Rigaud in a North African story which mostly was filmed in Algeria. She came to Hollywood alone, but has not been in the least lonely. Always there are partees. Billeee Grady warned her that she was going out too much, but she figures that if she minds Bil - leee from 9 until 6 o'clock, her evenings are none of the studio's business. "Eet is not that I get thin said Mile. Laurent. "I have gain 10 pounds and most lose it to weigh again wan hundred. Las' week I go to a doctaire to lose weight and he said, 'Yqu crazy!'" "Weel you excuse me please now? Have I tol' you what eet Is that I am to say? I am veree buseee!" Mile. Laurent went out of there on a dead run. WEATHER HALTS HUNT FOR PLANE FRESNO, Calif., March 7 ff) Treacherous weather and the snow - filled chasms of the great Sierra Nevada range still shrouded the resting place of a passenger plane and its nine occupants tonight, six days after the ship vanished in a rainstorm. There was no new clue to where the big plane might be found; there was no new hope that the nine per sons might survive. Searching planes fanned out over an ever - widening area today until fog closed in and forced them to their tases. Ground crews, hemmed in by a storm, withdrew to camps. All awaited a turn in the weather that would permit searching parties to again take up the trail of the lost airliner. . There was no inclination to give up.

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  1. Reading Times,
  2. 08 Mar 1938, Tue,
  3. Page 15

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