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 - 12-B--Von Nuys (Cdlif.) NEWS* Thursday, July 3,...
12-B--Von Nuys (Cdlif.) NEWS* Thursday, July 3, 1958 Offer Hints to Owners of Pets on Independence Day July 4 is known as Incte-] And it may t a k e only one pendcnce Day, but it might i firecracker to send a terrified also quit* justly he known to [dog bolting even over a high et owners as "Lost Dog Day," fence. ate*. Following tht 4th, pounds and ihelters ire flooded with pet according to R i t a DelMar, observe the«e simple- rules president of Humane Affili- and save pets from harm: l_-Keep tag? on pets at a l l j " times, Including Identification ' tag. If there are no tags, lost dogs, many of which have,write owner's name, address and telephone number on ad-, hesive tape and wrap a b o u t ( j license last or collar. An u n - i never been outside their home yards before. Don May Bolt Of course firecrackers and tagged dog is seldom found explosives are forbidden in;by owner. Los Angeles and neighboring! 2-- Tf a dog is left alone on! communities; but in almost the Fourth, shut him in t h e j every neighborhood here is house or other well-ventilated!: one lawbreaker. |building when at all possible. Gets Too Hot * VALLEY Ram blings By AL CROWN VIDEO PIONEER Television got its start a= crowded picnics or other out- far back as 1SS3 when Paul ings. Nipkow, a Polish scientist, de | 4--Don't shut a dog in the signed a scanning disc con- car. Even with windows part- sisting of a fiat plate open, the temperature can openings in a spiral pattern."=nar to a killing 140 degrees. CORRIGANVILLE SETTING FOR FILMS 3--Don't t a k e a dog on Corriganville, the famous movie ranch in the Simi PANORAMA THEATRE 9110 VAN NUYS--EM 2-1167 Kiddit Matinee Today 12 Noon 2:30 COMEDY SCIENCE FICTION-"THE TWONKY" 4 COLOR CARTOONS Valley, employs a full-time researcher to delve into the past of the old west for facts and fancies and interesting episodes that help make Corriganville one of the last, true strongholds of the pioneer da3's. The 2000-acre ranch, situated in the beautiful Santa Susana hills, is a favorite of | the moving picture and tele- .vision industry for western location scenes because of its natural ruggedness and faith- fullness to today's concept of what the old west was to the hardy pioneer. As many as five companies per day shoot on location at PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRE SHOW STARTS AT DUSK EVERY EVE. THRU SUMMER KIDS FREE I All program» run Thur»day thru Tuesday DRIVE-IN el Canyen Blvd. --EM 9-25*« Kirk Douglcu--Tony Curtll "THE VIKINGS" --COMPANION FEATURI-- Gtorft Montgomery--B«v«rly Tyler "Toughest Gun in Tombstone" PICKWICK * DRIVE-IN IN W. /tawd*. West trf WetBfj W 2-5723--TH 2-5005 Andy Griffith--Myron MeCormlck "HO TIME FOR SERGEANTS" --COMPANION FIATUKI-- "BADMEH'S COUNTRY" RESEDA *^ DRIVE-IN tamw Renoa Blvds, Dickens 3-5550 Kirk Douglni--Tony Curtlt "THE VIKINGS" --COMPANION FEATURI-- G.qrj. Montgomtry--Btyirly Tyltr "Toughest Gun in Tombstone" DRIVE-IN Road (t ffiAon* --TN 2-5714 Elvis Presley "KING CREOLE" --COMPANION FEATURE-- John Stxton--Judy Meredith "SUMMER LOVE" DRIVE-IN 1127 Sepulvedi Blvd. STate 6 6520 Efvit Pretlty "KING CREOLE" --COMPANION FEATURE-- John S«xron--Judy Meredith "SUMMER LOVE" VAN 1 DRIVE-IN ROM** Blvd. bet. Van Nuyi ltlMi(iiliBl"ls.-ST6-751P Andy Griffith--Myron MtCormiek "NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS" --COMPANION FEATURE-"BADMAN'S COUNTRY" VICTORY , ^ DRIVE-IN ffctaff it Coldwater Canyon STwtaj 7-4423 -- P O S 5511 Gory Coeptr-- Dian* Van! "TEN NORTH FREDRICK" --COMPANION FEATURI-- Clark Gable--Oorli Day "TEACHER'S PET" Corriganville d u r i n g t h e week, and the Ranch is open for public visitors on week ends. Corriganville goes beyond its physical reality in preserving the spirit and essence of the old west, and the researcher provides the fact=; for all lounge (called the Cypress Room), have all been smartly restyled in the authentic decor of the country manor . . . with "pecky" cypress woods brought in from the swamplands of the Louisiana bayous. The soft, muted lighting is the result of the leaded amber windows of the southern manse. Major domo of the Country Manor Restaurant is Hudson Cox, veteran restaurateur and former Air Corps pilot. Cox, who has styled, managed and - . . MANAGING DIRECTOR of famed Corrigan- ^^V^S'SS v m e m y j e ranch in Simi Valley just through pass north of Chatsworth is David X. Miller. As many as five companies a day are shooting- on location there and ranch is open to public Saturday and Sunday. Southland restaurants, brings with him to the C o u n t r y Manor his own "team," an ex- managerial s t a f f ranch. E a c h Saturday and Sundav. a stork companv of 30 capable actors and movie stuntmen re-, live the historic and legend( n n n e r was ary episode* of the past *ets and activity at the hearted by TMI Swindler, chef, and Bud Koenke, chief barman. At the opening. I enjoyed a mo=t delicious steak, and the n the fin- st m a n n e r possible by waiter restau- b e a u t i f u l and the huge, interested audience. I Ed Heaclington. On the famous Western| T " 1 ^. family style Street in Cornganville's "Sil-j rant ^ hoth vertown" thev bring to life 'comfortable and t m certain the stories of ""The O.K. Cor-i^t a t r i p there soon will be ral" in which Marshal AVyatt enjoyed by all. The Play's the Thing By CHAFPEE CASTLETON Rarp gained fame; the tragic episode that led to Billy the Kid becoming an autlaw; the, ^ a l ^ Playhouse is getting famous DalTon Brothers and reach ' for lts Jul - v n ,°P e "* n S "Hot Spell," a grim play their bank holdup at and an endless similar thrilling villf, Kan.: number of events. Corriganville is located five miles north of Chatsworth on Highway US. ATTENDED t h e s p e c i a l press preview last Friday eve ning at the new and beautiful Country Manor Restaurant in Studio City, along with many other representatives of the press. Hosting the party were Will ChapppI, Hudson Cox, R o y Beck, Charles .Tones, Roy Dolley and Robert O'Xeill. The Country Manor, as you know hv now. is the newest of the Valley's fine restaurants and is one of the most beautiful. THTD F I N K group out at'dealing with a philandering husband (Anthony Qulnn) and a dowdy ineffectual wife (Shirley Booth), is distinguished by fine acting. * Children of this suffering pair are Shirley MacLaine as of the great comedy "Mr. Roberts." I'm certain, after seeing their last production, that "Mr. Roberts" w i l l be an ex( Virginia, madly in love with cellent show. It will be done o u t d o o r s on a three-level stage, resembling a ship, and will be as authentic as pos sible. The theater is already sold out for the first week end, so be sure and call for reserva^ tions soon. By the by, actor-director Don Freed of the Valley Playhouse was recently selected out of 500 actors to play the role of Judas Iscariot in the famous Pilgrimage Play. * * * LONG - AWAITED opening of the International House of Pancakes in Toluca Lake will room take place next Monday. main r and the Garden Room, ...,,, a combiner! seat ins; capacityl n a n c a ^ c = : ' ^ le . of a p p r o x i m a t e l y 200, the har| s e r v c s 20 van a n d t h e o n t i r e l v new c o c k t a i l her summer beau, Wyatt (Warren Stevens); Buddy, played by Earl Holliman, who wants to break away from papa and start out on his own, and Billy, played by Clint Kimbrough, who is just a mixed-up growing kid. Scene worth the price of admission is one in which the wife (Miss Booth), hurt and BOND'S MARKETS NAME WINNERS IN BIG CELEBRATION Names of prize winners at Bond's Markets anniversary celebidtion have been announced. A complete set of prizes was given away at each of the three markets located at 12160 Ventura Blvd., Studio City; 7500 Lankershim Blvd.l North Hollywood, and 6 111 I Sepulveda Blvd., Van N'uys. | The following is a list of winners at the Van Xuys location: | Jan Nelson of 16327 Haynes St., Van Nuys, was winner of a French poodle given through the cooperation of Meisen Poodles of North Hollywood. An automatic rotisserie was won by Virginia Harvey of 15114 Hamlin St. Winner of the clock radio bewildered by her husband's was G. A. Crawford of 13548 infidelity, is taught how to smoke, drink and be "excitingly different" to Jure her wandering husband. Neighbor-friend who elects to teach these niceties is Ei- Wyandotte St., while Joseph Giannico of 4950 Sepulveda Blvd. was awarded bathroom! scales. Six others were grocery winners. They are Grace L. Jren Heckart. As you can Coulton of 6448 Blueher St.; Specializing in all types of imagine, this scene is scream- Mr?. Fred R. Fried, 5056 Kes-' - · "" ~ """"gly funny. 'ter Ave.; Mattie McGlaughhn, A n o t h e r u n f o r g e t t a b l e scene 1 ri ' or) NOT A PENNY DOWN! ! unset Pools " Maffi Lift Sftent. . TUltr-Mtfic Kttp: 7»*« Cbt* Payment* LESS THAN $50.00 PER MONTH III Dl 7-9630 -- ST 4-6474 Ask For: Les Maslan v r u p and five v a r i e t i e s of is in a d o w n t o w n poolroom.'^ockhart, 6S2/ DeCelis Rt ; w h e r e Papa Duval ( Q n i n n ) i- '" M - Jonot: ' 15fi23 Covello St., I n c l u d i n g .« t P a kViKlcvivonng to teach Bilh ' i n d L^0ala.=so, of 7011 Sepul- a n r l chicken, are p k n R\ a i l a ' n l p the farts of life, and one l i t t l e goodie d i = h Tm| T ' npn ne Rne ,. o f r lookintr forward to i.~ t h p = t r p p t to l o i n ' b n Danish pancake, which is new wlt )-, w hnm h l h p ))v ' Following bookings ichtd- ulid of time paper went to press, subject t» without notice. THEATRE GUIDE Thursday, July 3 Friday, July 4 Saturday, July 5 TEN NORTH FREDRICK plus "STAGE STRUCK" YOUNG LIONS" "FROM HELL TO TEXAS' Adults 75c -- Children 25c Independent to this country . * * * ri'RREXTT.V a p p p a r i n g nightly at Asior's in Studio Citv is the great Marrin and his Dixirland Band. A l s o j on hand for the Monday night' tarn session is S t a n l e y WriRhtsman and his group, with many famous musicians sitting in. !· A no-cover, n o - m i n i m u m , no-admission policv m a k e s this a nice spot to spend a few hours. * * * M A K I X G the scene at the p o p u l a r ^loon^atp Restaurant in Panorama City recently were Tom Grecmvay. Tji*a LII, who recently starred in "Tpahoii'if of HIP A n jt TI s 1 Moon" at the r.TsarJpna Play- housp, Carl KMiioml, Tjaur;i La Plantc, Dorothy Stone, /faris 1 ! Windsor and Earl Holliman) and DelorP,« Hart* * # That Al, '(11 next Florida in a jov -wagon. Moving hit H \\hpre his l o \ m g -\sife bids him good- yourself. 1 ' p a r a m o u r ^ n a n i P i Mann directed this' Ia . tP J-" CeS t0 ^""eenp^y written by ,famp.s| "'" POP- from a play by Lonnjp! Colpman. Hal duced. pro- 4954 VAN NUYS BLVD. SHERMAN OAKS PHONI ST 4-91l» THEATRE GUIDE E N C I N O 1634? VENTURE BIVO STate 4 - 8 2 3 3 PANORAMA 9110 V A N NUYS BLVO EMpire 2 - H 6 7 R E S E D A Stu-rmon Woy ot Rcsodo · D i c k e n s 4 0 1 5 3 I Thursday, July 3 Friday, July 4 Saturday, July 5 llri* Presley 'KING CREOLE' John Soxfon--Judy Meredith 'SUMMER LOVE' Saturday Mofm«» "SITTING BULL" "JOHNNY CONCHO" II THAT HAPPY FEELING' Gene Kelly--Natalie Wood MARJORIE MORNING STAR" "Color C*n**n" SHERMAN Walt Disnry'i "PETER PAN" in color Jamti $t«w*r(* "WINCHESTER 73" M*t. Dally. DOOM Ooon 12:4J--lar*ai« Pfie»i Until 1 p.m. Mon. ttira M. lor. Door\ Open 10:10 a.m.--Also Shown Set. Matinee VfNIUfU B I V O tr- 4 9 9 1 1 Admiiiion 60c Kidi FREI with Pertnrt ·Me:;, t!;?;. r,!. 2 C^.i.^iw^w SiiwnA Z.1Z ^.m. Cont. Sat. 1 P.M.--Sun. I Holidoyt 1 P.M. M. Brando, M. Cliff "YOUNG' LIONS Alec Guineit "ALL AT SEA" CHI. tr»m I p.m. July 4H| Saturday Matin** "INEMY f SPACE" I Ctrteoni -- 1 Store to Refund Parking Money With the opening of the new publicly owned Friar St. parking lot in Van Nuys, a ne\v policy has been initiated] at SK Market, according 1 t o j owner Lary Adler. Effective immediately the market will refund meter money to its patrons in order to facilitate their use of the I lot. Did You Know? . That The News Green Sheet ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE Servn tht Grsar San Fernando Valley . . . With a Total Population of Over a Half Million Including the Following Communltiei VAN NUYS WOODLAND HILLS RESEDA CANOGA PARK NORTHRIDGE ENCINO TARZANA^ SEPULVEDA PANORAMA CITY GRANADA HILLS For Information STore 6-7111 and Ratet SHERMAN OAKS Phone Al Crown Stanley 3-2050 Legion Post 193 Planning Annual Children's Show nri AP T-fo rtl^ ian of Van Nuys American Legion Post 193 has announced the Post will hold Itj an nual P'ourth of July children's show tomorrow at 9:45 a.m. in the Rivoli Theater, 6258 Van Nuys Blvd. Attending will h» fuests 'rom Nazareth House, McKiney Home for Boys and children of the area. A full-length feature Is scheduled plus comedies and cartoons. THE INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PANCAKES OPENING JULY 7th 4301 Riverside Driv* Burbank, Calif. Instructor at Meet Dell J. Rollins, agrirnltur* instructor at Van Nuys Hijzh ^'·hnol, was among somt 400 members VL' ll.e California Agricultural Teachers Association attending the CATA's 39th annual convention, on the home campus of California State Polytechnic College,, San Luis Obespo. Swiss Inn' (U'l Ilki comlM »· Ivit»«rten4) * American, Iwlii 4 6«rmo* Sptciiltitl HI48 Vtntur* live. IT 4-iMt (On* Milt Wait at Stcul'ldl) U E A K an* h.jP Hl'J'.r S T E A K S FROM PEPITO'S AUTHENTIC SPANISH FIESTA FOOD Cattrlnf Service for Private fatlin 4M4 V.n Nuyi llvd. ST 4-444* MOKATO'S CAVA D'ORO Italian Riitauront PIZZA--FOOD TO GO Excellent Italian Food 7301 VonNuyj Blvd. 1 ll«k No. of (T Sherman Way jl THE NEW VALLEY PLAYHOUSE PRESENTS "MR. ROBERTS" (The Original Uncut Hit) Opens July 11th 8:40 Sharp 20040 VENTURA BLVD WOODLAND HILLS Reservations: Dl 7-9262 Casa Escobar MOORPARK AT FULTON · SPANISH FOOD · STEAKS COCKTAILS · COMPETE D I N N E R S From $1.50 Up RAFEAL GAMA at the PIANO BAR Wednesday thru Saturday DANCING Thun., Fri., Sat. Sun. Continuous Entertainment Chlca fc Hn Singing Guitar Daily 4 p.m.-12 a.m. Private Banquet Roomi ST 4-0749 For a good Mexican Dinner, Don't go to Mexico, go to Casa de Sepulveda "WHer« Fritndi Meet f» lot" 8925 Sepulveda Blvd. EM 2-9916 (1 Block South af Nordheff) AS TOR'S 12047 Ventura Blvd., Studio City -- ST 7-2571 PRESENTS MARVIN ASH HIS DIXIELAND BAND No Cover -- No Minimum -- No Admision MONDAY NITE JAM SESSIONS: STANLEY WR1GHTSMAN HIS GROUP 8902 Woodman (el. NordhoM A Cho.e St. Panorama City Sandwiches and DONUTS -34 VARIETIES- FOOD TO GO EM 4-5087 OPEN 24 HOURS NOW AMERICAN LUNCHEONS 11:30 to 2:30 AHK'J MCRTAII. C«nt»nii* MOONGATE l E J T i U l A M T im VAN NUYS ILVP. Fguronta City EMpir. 2-114* Served in an Oriental Atmoiphtrt Bob Stephens cL ^3 Cantonci* Merchant Lunch Daily 11:30 to 2 a.m. Sunday 2 p.m. to 12 m. CORRIGANVILLE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS MOVIE RANCH Open Every Sat., Sun. and Holidoy Meet movie stars tee where movies are made-visit the sets where Rin Tin Tin and many, other TV shows ore filmed -- Fine Restaurant food -Snack Bart -- Free Parking -- Picnic Grounds -2,000 acres of scenic wonderland Fur) for Every* I "CRASH" CORRIGAN IN PERSON PLUS EXCITING MOVIE STUNTS fr MOVH SCENES FROM FAMOUS PICTURES. . Presented Hourly Every Sat., Sun. Holiday BIGGEST DOLLARS WORTH IN AMERICA" Thil ad admits ant child under 12 fr» With each P*id Adult V.N.N. AT THE FOLLOWING ^ BARGAIN RATES *" CHrttrioM: From Lei Artgclci go to San Ftrnanfa Valley -- Ranch ii I milti north of Chuttworth on Hi- w«y 111. ADULTS 90e CHILDREN 5Oc NO TAX THE BAIER PIT BARBECUE "W* all wy it'* tht belt dern barbecue in So. Col. No one leavei here hun- COME AS YOU ARI if rBU h«v*n't been in yet, 0ft , t t , f off a , , OPEN DAILY 11:10 A.M.-10 P.M.; CLOSED MONDAY 10825 Sepulveda, San Fernando EM 5-8642 S§ #0T GOOD ft'* Excellent! MEXICAN K5OO (J u ,t ,ff V«n Nuy Blvd.) I U N C H I O N » t l N N I f t C O C K T A t l l C H A R C O A L IROILED CHICKEN AND NWtliiY PtKtV FOt IM MfTftt FAMILY Iwndi M:M A.M. ta 1:M P.M. · Wmw 1*0 t. T 1 P.M. · Sunday Dinner 1:00 to »*o P.M. 1201Q VENTURA BLVD., STUDIO CITY p.»;;*» POptar 6- 4 I 4 NORA and BARNEY BROOKS at th« TWIN PIANOS Cypr*ii Cocktail Lovng* 9 P.M. To 1 A.M. EV SPA PERI SPA PERI

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